What is Cialis?

Cialis is an erectile dysfunction medication prescribed to men to treat the condition.

What forms of the drug are available?

The treatment is available as a tablet, which should be swallowed with water. It can be consumed either with or without food, but it may take effect more slowly if taken with a large meal.

A range of doses can be purchased: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The 2.5mg and 5mg doses (Cialis Daily) are taken daily, and allow you to engage in sexual activity at any point, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The 10mg and 20mg doses function somewhat differently; they are active in the body for up to 36 hours and are typically termed as a ‘weekend pill’.

Which dosage should I choose?

Your doctor will be able to help you to determine the best dose for you, in accordance with whether you have used the treatment previously, and if so, whether that specific dose gave you the results you were looking for. 

Is Cialis an effective treatment for impotence? Can it cure ED?

Clinical trials have shown that Cialis is successful in addressing ED in the majority of instances. The 10mg dose enabled 73 percent of men on average to develop erections sufficient for intercourse, while the 20mg dose had an 81 percent success rate in this regard. 

The trials also found that 59 and 71 percent of men were able to sustain erections long enough to complete sexual activity in the 10mg and 20mg doses respectively. 

It’s a treatment that doesn’t categorically ‘cure’ ED, but it can tackle symptoms effectively.

How does Cialis work?

Cialis has a similar functionality to Viagra and Levitra; it increases blood flow to the penis by expanding blood vessels at the base. 

Like Levitra and Viagra, Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is an enzyme which can make blood vessels in the penis become narrower, and therefore restrict blood flow. Cialis helps to prevent this from happening.

How often should I take Cialis? How long does it last for?

Cialis Daily should be taken once a day, on a daily basis, at the same time each day. It’s suitable for men who are looking to have intercourse twice or more per week, and it’s active in the body for 24 hours a day.   

If you’re using the 10mg or 20mg dose, you should consume the tablet 30 minutes prior to sex. The treatment is usually active for up to 36 hours, and it should be taken only once within this period.

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How long does it take for Cialis to kick in? 

Cialis typically becomes active in the body within 30-60 minutes. The daily version, if you take it every day according to the instructions, is essentially effective immediately.

A faster-acting on-demand treatment for ED is Spedra, which kicks in from 15 minutes.

Who is Cialis made by?

It’s manufactured by Lilly pharmaceutical company. 

Is it safe to use Cialis? Does it have any side effects?

Provided you purchase the drug from a registered online pharmacy, and it is authorised for your use by a doctor on prescription, Cialis is safe for consumption. 

The drug may cause side effects. Headache, muscle pain, flushing, nasal congestion, indigestion and reflux are commonly reported. See the patient information leaflet for further information. 

Can Cialis result in stomach pain?

Yes. On rare occasions, Cialis can cause stomach pain. This is stipulated in the product information for Cialis.

Should I choose Cialis or Viagra? 

It’s a question of when and how you wish to use the treatment. Both medications are effective in tackling ED, but Cialis may suit certain men more due to its longer lasting activity in the body. 

Is Cialis safe to use alongside other medications?

You should consult your doctor as to whether there are any interactions between Cialis and medication that you may be currently using. Your doctor will also take into account your medical history, including any treatments you’ve taken previously. 

Can women take Cialis? 

Cialis is not suitable for women. It’s prescribed for men with erectile dysfunction.  

Is it safe to purchase Cialis online? 

Yes, but only from registered online pharmacies. You should ensure that the website you buy Cialis from is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, and that the logo is visible on the site. 

It is illegal to sell the treatment without a prescription, and any sites which are offering this service should be avoided altogether. 

Is there a generic version of Cialis on the market? 

Yes. The generic form of the drug is Tadalafil, which became available to buy in 2018. It consists of the same active ingredient as Cialis, and therefore should have the same functionality. Tadalafil can however be produced by other manufacturers besides Lilly, and it’s likely to cost less than the branded version. 

What if the Cialis dose I’ve bought doesn’t work?

If the dose prescribed is not working, discuss this with your doctor. They may suggest that you try a different dose, or explore alternative treatments with you. 

Is there a herbal form of Cialis available?

No. Cialis is a prescription only medication. In the event that Cialis is unsuitable for you, you should consult your doctor before using natural alternatives. You should also note that herbal remedies do not undergo the same safety testing as prescription medications.

What ingredients are contained in Cialis?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis. It also contains: lactose monohydrate, hydroxypropylcellulose, croscarmellose sodium, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium laurilsulfate, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, triacetin, iron oxide yellow E172, titanium dioxide E171 and talc.

Does alcohol interact with Cialis?

One glass of beer or one glass of wine isn’t unlikely to impair the effects of Cialis. However, any heavy drinking should be avoided, as this can make achieving an erection more difficult. 

Can I drink grapefruit juice when using Cialis?

Grapefruit juice may impact on how the body metabolises medicine, and subsequently make you more susceptible to side effects. You should therefore refrain from drinking it when using this treatment. 

Are there reviews for Cialis available online?

Yes. But you should be mindful that some Cialis patient reviews online may not provide reliable accounts of the drug. Posts on forums which have not been authorised or checked by a qualified medical professional first may not contain correct or valid information.

Conversely,  if the website has a verification process in place, with a clinical professional reviewing posts prior to them being made available online, you can be more assured that the information is legitimate. 

Clinical trials are more likely to provide authentic insights as they entail the product being tested on a considerable number of patients, with each patient providing feedback on the drug. However, the medical jargon sometimes used in the results may not be easy to interpret for lay readers.

If you’re looking to use Cialis for the first time, it’s advisable that you have a discussion with your doctor initially. They can inform you as to the potential side effects of the treatment and put the drug into the context of your medical history, in assessing how suitable it may be for you. 

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Page last reviewed:  28/07/2020