Presently, there is no generic version of MUSE. So if you see a website offering to sell ‘generic MUSE’, then there is a high possibility that the site is offering a counterfeit medicine.

MUSE is a brand name for a urethral treatment containing alprostadil. There are other licensed treatments for ED which also contain alprostadil, such as Vitaros and Caverject. However, none of these medicines use the same application system as MUSE.

When you buy MUSE online, it is vital to ensure that you do so from a registered pharmacy. On this page, we’ll provide an insight into how to stay safe when getting this medicine over the internet, and answer the following questions:

How common is fake MUSE?

MUSE is not as commonly faked as other medicines for erectile dysfunction, such as tablet treatments; perhaps because it is not as easy to counterfeit as a tablet.

However, counterfeit medicines remain a significant issue. The World Health Organisation (WHO) once estimated that around 50% of drugs being sold online are counterfeit. Because they are not subject to clinical testing, and may contain ingredients that are not fit for human consumption, fake medicines are also a major public health risk.

Why are ED drugs so commonly faked?

Erectile dysfunction treatment ranks amongst the highest in terms of illegal drug sales online, and is thought to be a lucrative market for counterfeiters. According to reports from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, £55 million in fake impotence medicines were seized in the last three years.

There are several reasons why erectile dysfunction medicines are subject to these practices much more than other medicines.

One is the demand; Pfizer reports that over 20 million prescriptions have been issued for Viagra since the medicine was released. This presents a large market for illicit sellers.

Second is the nature of the condition the medicines treat. Some men may feel embarrassed about their symptoms, and try to get an ED drug from a street seller rather than through the usual channels.

Thirdly, many people may not know what to look for when buying from an online pharmacy, to ensure that the site they are using is registered with the authorities and safe to use.

How to make sure you’re getting genuine MUSE

MUSE is a licensed erectile dysfunction treatment, available in 125, 250, 500 and 1000mcg preparations with the active ingredient of alprostadil. It was not available in other doses at time of writing.

Generic MUSE is not available in the UK or EU, so if you see a version that is advertised as ‘generic MUSE’ then it is likely to be unlicensed and counterfeit.

MUSE requires a prescription; so any site offering to supply it without asking you to present one, or providing a means for doctor to issue one, should also be treated with caution.

Every pharmacy in the UK must be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC):

Properly registered pharmacies and healthcare practices will have this logo on the website, usually at either the top or bottom of the page. Clicking on it will link to the company’s details being held by the regulators.

If you order MUSE, when you receive it, it should arrive in branded packaging like the one shown below (using the 1000mcg dose as an example):

Packaging designs can sometimes change; if you have any suspicions that the product you have received is not genuine, speak to your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

For more information getting medicine online safely, head over to our buying ED medicines safely online page.

Page last reviewed:  26/09/2018