MUSE is a prescription only treatment for erectile dysfunction, and therefore not available to buy over-the-counter.

MUSE is available to some men on an NHS prescription, but isn't what most men will be offered in the first instance.

You can buy MUSE on a private prescription from your local or high street chemist, but you can also get it online.

On this page, we'll discuss:

Why MUSE isn’t available over the counter

There are a few reasons why you can’t buy MUSE off the shelf in your local pharmacy. Firstly, MUSE contains alprostadil, which is not suitable for some men with certain medical conditions, or taking other treatments (such as for high blood pressure); so a doctor will need make sure it is suitable.

Secondly, it isn’t the first-line medicine for erectile dysfunction; oral treatments are the go-to option for most men with ED (which we’ll discuss in more detail shortly).

Another important reason why MUSE is prescription only is its administration method; it’s not quite a simple to use as tablet treatments, so a doctor will need to make sure you’re comfortable using it beforehand.

So any provider offering to sell it to you without a prescription should be treated with caution. It’s illegal in the UK for a pharmacy to sell prescription medicines without either asking the patient to supply a prescription, or providing a means for a prescriber to issue one.

Getting MUSE from your NHS GP

It is possible to get MUSE from your GP, but it isn’t usually the first erectile dysfunction treatment offered by them. Where treatment is required, they will tend to recommend Sildenafil (the generic version of Viagra) first. However, in cases where someone can’t take Sildenafil, or if someone has taken it before but it hasn’t worked, MUSE may be considered.

During consultation, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your general health to assess whether using MUSE for ED is suitable for you. You will also be asked whether you have taken other forms of ED treatment before.

As mentioned above, MUSE requires penile administration, so a doctor will need to show you how to use it before you start treatment with it. They’ll likely either do this during your consultation, or arrange for you to do it with someone else (such as another doctor or a nurse) at a different appointment. Once your doctor satisfied MUSE is suitable, they will issue a prescription for it.

As a branded treatment, MUSE isn’t widely available on an NHS prescription, which means that you might have to pay a private prescribing fee for your doctor to issue it, and pay the market rate for the drug when having your prescription filled at the pharmacy. This tends to be higher than the NHS levy.

Men with certain medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or spina bifida, are entitled to treatment on the NHS for erectile dysfunction. If they’ve tried using oral treatments and these have been unsuccessful, a doctor may suggest MUSE if it is suitable (in which case, the treatment would be subsidised for by the NHS).

Getting MUSE online

MUSE is also available to buy privately online. This will again involve a consultation with a doctor, but does not have to be completed in person.

When buying MUSE online, the patient will complete an online health assessment, which is then reviewed remotely by a GP. This might consist of a questionnaire, or a video consultation. Again, the patient will typically be asked what treatments they tried before, and to provide information about their overall health, so the consulting doctor can decide if MUSE is appropriate.

Some online doctor services, such as those offered by, are attached to pharmacies who can also fulfil a prescription for MUSE and dispense the treatment. This is then delivered by tracked parcel.

It’s important to make sure you’re using a registered pharmacy site when buying MUSE online. You read more on our page on how to avoid buying fake MUSE.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018