Like any other erectile dysfunction treatment, reviews that you may come across while researching MUSE will differ greatly, as the experience is personal and the way that each person reacts to a drug is not uniform.

ED is quite a common condition, so there is undoubtedly a lot of information online to look at from other people who have used one of the many types of ED treatment that exist. Many of these reviews will talk about the accessibility, effectiveness and any side effects.

On this page we’ll discuss MUSE user reviews in more detail, how drug reviews compare to clinical trials, and why it’s always crucial to speak to your doctor.

Can you trust online MUSE reviews?

Reviews can sometimes provide a helpful, anecdotal insight into how well MUSE works.

But it’s not recommended that you use an online review as your entire basis when considering whether to buy MUSE online. Obviously a sample of reviews can give you a good idea of what to expect, but each person’s experience will be different. It is also worth bearing in mind that reviews will be polarising as most people will only leave a review if they have had a particularly positive or negative experience.

For example, most of the MUSE user scores we found on a prominent medicine review website were either particularly low (1 or 2 out of 10) or particularly high (9 or 10 out of 10). 

Even those people who simply want to share a more balanced account of how they found using MUSE may not always include certain particulars (such as milder side effects for instance) and leave out crucial information that could be useful.

Most websites that act as a forum for posting reviews on drugs will have a standard verification process, before allowing users to publish a review. This stops one account posting multiple reviews (which would suggest that they are not genuine reviews).

You can usually gauge how credible a website is by how stringent their process of verification is. For example, some review sites may ask for proof of purchase, to make sure that the review is not being fabricated. More credible websites will also have their reviews moderated by medical professionals.

How do MUSE reviews compare to clinical trials?

If you are taking the time to research how effective MUSE is, then looking at the outcome and notes from clinical trials is a much more reliable way of finding out the effectiveness of the drug.

Clinical trials take a sample of patients using a drug and report statistics relating to the success rate and reported side effects. These are measured when administration instructions have been correctly followed in a clinical setting. These tests are done under the supervision of medical professionals, meaning that there is little to no user error during the administration of the drug; if there is, the error is taken into account in the data.

The Electronic Medicines Compendium is a good resource to use to find a summary of product characteristics (SPC). It tells you what the side effects of a drug are, how it should be taken and any contraindications to be aware of; but it also often has data from clinical trials.

One potential disadvantage of reading clinical reports is that they aren’t always written in lay-friendly language. So for those who are not familiar with statistical terminology (means, confidence intervals and so on) this information may not be accessible as anecdotal user reviews.

Why you should speak to your doctor about MUSE

Whilst it is true that online reviews can give an insight into user experience, and clinical trials can provide valuable statistical perspective on a particular drug, they should never act as a substitute for seeing your doctor. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you, due to your individual medical profile and symptoms.

So it’s always better to speak to a doctor if you’re unsure about how effective a treatment is, and whether it could be suitable for you. They will be able to break the available information down for you, and provide tailored guidance.

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