The benefit most closely associated with Spedra is the speed at which it works. Whereas most other tablet treatments taken on demand may take between 30-60 minutes to produce noticeable results in erectile dysfunction patients, Spedra is often reported to get to work within 15-30 minutes.

However, this is not the only advantage of using Spedra.

Why choose Spedra?

There are several tablet medications available for erectile dysfunction, and each has its own set of definitive characteristics.

Here, we’ll look at those associated with Spedra.

How quick is Spedra?

As mentioned above, Spedra is purported to work faster than any other on-demand ED tablet. Whereas the majority of other brands may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to work, those using Spedra may see results in as little as 15 minutes.

How effective is Spedra?

In clinical trials, the median and higher doses of the drug were effective in over half of recorded cases.

The percentages of successful intercourse attempts after taking each dose were as follows:

  • The 50mg dose had a 47 percent success rate
  • The 100mg dose a 58 percent success rate
  • And the 200mg dose a 59 percent success rate

Furthermore, in a ‘time to onset’ study, 24.7 and 28.1 percent of those using the 100mg and 200mg doses respectively achieved an erection sufficient for intercourse at 15 minutes following administration.

Is Spedra cheaper?

At some online pharmacies, Spedra may be cheaper than the other main brands, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

  • The cost of four median dose tablets of Spedra can be between £3-£8 cheaper than Viagra.
  • Compared to four starting dose Levitra tablets, Spedra can sometimes be between £6-£13 cheaper.
  • Measuring the cost of Spedra tablets against Cialis tablets isn’t as straightforward, as the latter works for longer.

However, the price of four starting dose Spedra tablets may be between £1-£11 cheaper than the same number of starting dose Cialis tablets.

Is Spedra a branded medication?

Spedra was released by Italian pharmaceutical specialist Menarini in 2014. This means that it will not be open to generic manufacture by other companies until 2029 at the earliest.

Branded treatments do tend in many cases to be more expensive than generic medications, but in situations where only one version of a specific treatment is available, it is in some respects easier to ensure you’re getting a genuine item when buying online.

Spedra tablets have a very distinct yellow appearance, and the packaging of Spedra will also be branded with the Menarini logo; so any Spedra tablets supplied in other colours, in a standard box or in a box with the name of a manufacturer you don’t recognise, are not genuine.

Is Spedra simple to use?

Yes. Spedra is a tablet treatment which is taken on demand. The user simply takes a pill roughly 30 minutes before they plan to have sex.

It doesn’t need to be taken at specific times on any given day, or with meals, so it’s not really possible to ‘forget’ to take it.

Spedra is also taken on a one-tablet basis, so the user does not have to remember how many tablets to take, or worry about reducing or increasing their dose in increments.

(If you do notice any side effects or suspect that the pill has not worked, however, you should notify your doctor, who may consider lowering or raising your dose.)

Compared to other medication forms such as injections or urethral devices, Spedra tablets are a discreet and convenient way of administering treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Are there several doses of Spedra available?

Spedra tablets are manufactured in three different dosages: 50mg, 100mg and 200mg.

This provides leeway to a practitioner if the user experiences a less than sufficient response when administering the starting dose; or if they note mild side effects.

If the 100mg version of the medication causes mild adverse effects, but an otherwise satisfactory erectile response, then a doctor may suggest that the patient switches to the lower dose (50mg).

Where it causes no side effects, but does not produce satisfactory results, then a prescriber may choose to increase the dose to 200mg in cases where they see fit.

More details on Spedra can be found on our information pages below.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018