The highest dose of Spedra is 200mg, and a doctor may issue this in those cases where a man has used the 100mg version and tolerated it well, but it has not produced a strong enough result.

It is not intended for men who are using Spedra for the first time.

Those who have used a lower dose and found that the medicine works well should not take the higher dose; a doctor will try to issue the lowest possible effective dose.

How well does Spedra 200mg work?

In a clinical trial assessing the efficacy of the maximum dose of Spedra, the drug produced an erection potent enough for successful intercourse in 59 percent of attempts made by those taking it.

In the same study, the 50mg and 100mg doses produced 49 and 58 percent success rates respectively.

Will it work twice as well as the regular dose?


Spedra 200mg will not produce ‘double the effect’ of the 100mg dose (or ‘quadruple the effect’ of the 50mg dose), by working more potently or working faster.

Those who find lower doses sufficient should not increase their dose.

Who should take Spedra 200mg?

Men who:

  • have ED and have consulted with a doctor about treatment
  • have used the median dose but have found it produce a less than sufficient result
  • have not experienced adverse reactions when using a lower dose, or another type of PDE5 inhibitor
  • do not have any medical conditions that could be affected by the use of this medicine

In which cases is the Spedra maximum dose unsuitable?

Spedra 200mg is not suitable for use by any man who:

  • doesn’t have erectile dysfunction
  • has one or more conditions restricting them from using the treatment
  • has experienced a sensitive reaction or severe side effects when using other PDE5 inhibitors in the past
  • is taking another medicine which might be affected by (or affect the use of) Spedra
  • is successfully using a lower dose to treat their erectile dysfunction

You can find out more about who shouldn’t use Spedra by referring to our product information.

How do I know which Spedra dose is right for me?

Generally, doctors will try and prescribe the lowest dose of a medication, provided that it is working effectively., to minimise the risk of side effects.

For first-time users buying ED treatment online at, we will recommend starting on the lowest dose (50mg) as an introduction.

Patients who commence Spedra treatment at the manufacturer’s recommended median dose of 100 mg but produce a mild sensitive reaction may be advised to try a lower dose. The higher dose of 200 mg might be issued if the median dose has produced a result which isn’t sufficient enough for successful intercourse, and has also produced no side effects.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018