Spedra 50mg may be issued in cases where an erectile dysfunction patient has the potential to be sensitive to the strength of a median or higher dose, or has tried the median dose and experienced mild side effects.

Generally, otherwise healthy patients with no pre-existing conditions, and who are not taking medications that may cause interactions with Spedra, will commence treatment at the manufacturer's recommended 100mg. This can be adjusted downwards to 50mg by a prescriber if necessary.

For first-time users ordering from Treated.com, our policy is to recommend the 50mg dose an introductory starting point.

Will a 50mg dose of Spedra work as well?

Spedra 50mg should produce an erection as sufficient for sexual intercourse as the median dose.

In clinical trials, where Spedra was issued to what the authors defined as the ‘general population with ED’ (meaning those who did not have diabetes or had not previously had bilateral nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy), the mean percentage of ‘successful intercourse attempts’ was measured, to provide the following results:

  • the 50mg dose had a 47 percent success rate
  • the 100mg dose produced a 58 percent success rate
  • and the 200mg had a 59 percent success rate

A lower dose may also be issued to those who found the median dose to produce too strong an effect. In such cases, the lower dose should be adequate in providing erectile results as satisfactory as the median dose.

However, if for any reason Spedra 50mg doesn’t work, then you should notify your practitioner, who may choose to reassess your condition and treatment.

How do I know which Spedra tablet to choose?

It depends on what you’ve used before, and how effective it was.

Those who have no pre-existing medical conditions that affect their capacity to use Spedra and have not taken the medicine before will ordinarily be advised to use the 100mg dose.

For first-time Spedra users ordering from Treated.com, our policy is to offer the lowest dose option to begin with. With all medicines, it is generally recommended that you take the lowest dose possible, which is known to be effective, in order to minimise the risk of side effects. Should Spedra 50 mg not work effectively for you, but you tolerate the drug well, then a doctor may prescribe a higher dose.

If Spedra 100mg has produced a desirable erectile response but has been accompanied by mild side effects, then a doctor may choose to issue the 50mg dose.

Examples of mild side effects may be a headache, or a stuffy nose.

The lower dose Spedra tablet is taken in exactly the same way as the higher doses.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018