Spedra is one of the more recent drugs to be released for erectile dysfunction. It became available in 2014, and is particularly noted for its quick response time.

The drug has similar characteristics to other ED medicines such as Viagra and Levitra, in that it contains a PDE5 inhibitor (in this case avanafil), and is taken on-demand. Avanafil is the fourth medicine of its kind to be released after sildenafil (Viagra and Nipatra), vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis).

Perhaps because it has only entered the market relatively recently, Spedra has not yet reached the same level of name recognition as its older and more established counterpart Viagra.

With a growing choice of tablet medicines for erectile dysfunction now becoming available, many men seeking treatment (and particularly those who have not used medicines of this type before) may look to online patient reviews for Spedra when considering which treatment might be best for them.

Reading reviews can be a helpful exercise for someone who has not tried a product before. They may help to assuage concerns a person may have relating to how well the product works, or the side effects it might cause.

But there are some important things to keep in mind when reading online Spedra reviews, or when reading medicine reviews in general.

Undoubtedly the most crucial factor to remember is that reading reviews for medicines online is not a viable alternative to speaking with your doctor about them in person.

  1. Should I trust review websites?
  2. How reliable are Spedra reviews?
  3. When should I speak to my doctor?


Review websites

If you do decide to look at medicine reviews online, it is first of all crucial to look at the website hosting the review. How established is it? What is the posting process? Are there medical professionals curating and monitoring posts?

Sites can take steps to verify the authenticity of reviews, such as by checking the IP address of the poster to ensure against multiple posts. It’s also a better indicator of a medical review site if there is an editorial or screening process overseen by someone with a clinical background. This can help to filter out any reviews which aren’t helpful or those which might make misleading claims.

Sites can also help users to be more comprehensive in giving their accounts by providing prompts. They might do this by asking the patient to give a rating in different categories, such as efficacy or ease of use. They might also ask the patient to explain what dosage they used, and whether there were any factors which may have caused the drug to be more or less effective.

How reliable are Spedra reviews?

How reliable online user reviews are for medicines is a subject of ongoing discussion.

To get a picture of what to expect when taking a medicine, user reviews may help to provide an informative insight.

However, online reviewing is a voluntary process; and it’s important to remember that not everyone taking a certain drug will feel the need to go online and leave a review. Certain factors, such as a particularly positive or a particularly negative experience, may motivate someone to share their experience more than a middling or unremarkable experience.

It is unlikely then that online reviews will give as statistically accurate an impression as a clinical trial.

Clinical trials are carried out in controlled settings, and measure the performance of a drug in terms of efficacy, side effects, and various other indicators. All participants are asked to provide feedback in a structured manner, sometimes using scoring systems, and this is collected and published in a report. This model then is more likely to capture and record cases which produced average or expected results.

But for a patient seeking information on a medicine, one of the disadvantages of reading reports of clinical trials is that the information is not always presented in a manner which is easy for a layperson to digest. Sometimes, the literature may use medical or mathematical terminology which makes interpreting the results something of a task.

Talking to your doctor

Choosing to read Spedra reviews online can give you an account of what other users have experienced when taking it. And clinical trials can provide a good statistical analysis of how effective a medicine is.

But if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and considering treatment, the ideal place to start is with your doctor. They will be able to offer bespoke information which applies to your individual situation, taking into account your medical profile and overall health.

They will also have at least some insight into the general consensus on a drug, and be able to discuss with you how effective it is considered to be in medical circles.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2018