If you were to ask people how erectile dysfunction is treated, most would likely say that you take a pill or tablet to tackle symptoms. This is totally understandable, as pills and tablets are the most standard treatments for the condition. 

There are however different forms of treatment for ED besides tablet medications, ranging from creams, injections and natural alternatives to pumps, implants and surgery. 

If you’re looking for an ED tablet, but are struggling to decide which one might be most suitable for you, we’ve compared different ED tablets, weighing up their pros and cons. 

Tablets for erectile dysfunction can be further split into branded and generic ED treatments. Branded products are trademarked, and tend to be more expensive than generic forms, having established themselves more firmly as recognised and popular products. 

ED pills don’t suit all men. If you have low blood pressure or angina, for example, or are allergic to any of the ingredients in the likes of Viagra or Cialis, an alternative treatment may be the solution. 

Injections for erectile dysfunction

Injections are a highly effective medicine, and are faster-acting than tablets, kicking in from five to 15 minutes. They are active in the body for considerably less time than pills, however.  

Topical creams for ED

If the prospect of injections is a little daunting, creams, like injections, are localised, which means that they too become active in the body very quickly (from five to 15 minutes). Like injections, creams have a slightly shorter longevity in the body (between one and two hours at most).

Viagra for women

There has been a significant amount of speculation in the media about ‘female viagra’, but the reality is that it isn’t a legitimate or licensed drug. There is a treatment called Flibanserin (branded as Addyi) which is believed to have a positive effect on parts of the brain tied in with arousal amongst women, but it doesn’t have a physical benefit. 

You can find more on our information page about ‘female viagra’ and Flibanserin. 

Why you need to avoid counterfeit ED treatment

Given that the market for ED is so vast, it’s unsurprising that there are fake and illegal forms of ED treatment being sold to customers - often online. Kamagra, for instance, is not a licensed product in the UK or EU, and is in some cases a counterfeit drug. You should always check to see that an online pharmacy has registered pharmacy logos on its website. 

Herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction and evidence

In addition to prescription medication for ED, there are natural alternatives available for purchase. You may have tried prescription treatments and found them unsuitable, or ineffective. Some doctors are advocates of the benefits of natural medicines, while others may be more tentative. This is often due to these treatments not being subjected to rigorous clinical testing. So not much information about natural alternatives to prescription ED treatments is currently available. 

Options when ED treatment hasn’t worked

Pumps, implants and surgery are not as well recognised as other forms of treatment for ED, but they can be very effective for men who may not have had much success with pills, injections or other forms of prescription medication. 

Surgical implants, especially inflatable implants (or prostheses) have shown favourable results amongst men, while pumps can also prove to be strong and worthwhile investments.

Page last reviewed:  28/07/2020