When comparing treatments for ED, a big factor for many men is price. Below you can compare all the different ED treatments and the prices you can expect to pay on our site. 

Why are some ED tablets cheaper than others? 

A general rule of thumb is that if there is a generic treatment available, it will most likely be cheaper than its branded counterpart. The generic drug manufacturers are able to sell their drugs at a lower price point because they do not need to cover the high costs of developing and patenting the drug. 

When it comes to ED medication Viagra is a trusted brand that can be bought from many pharmacies. This wide availability has, in recent years, driven down its price. Viagra Connect is the pharmacy-line (P-Line) version of Viagra. It does not require a doctor’s prescription and is only sold in packs of four or eight. This gives the product a cheaper price and an easy access point for those looking for treatment. 

Cialis appeals to some men because it allows for sex to be enjoyed without interruptions. The longer lasting effects of Cialis, deeming it the ‘weekend pill’, tend to place it at a slightly higher price point than some of its competitors. 

A more recent addition to the market is Spedra, a tablet which gets to work in the body from as little as 15 minutes.

Should I trust the sites selling cheap ED drugs? 

It depends. Some legitimate sites do offer ED drugs fairly cheaply, but if a price seems much lower than everywhere else, it's better to be cautious. Online pharmacies need to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council of England (GPhC) and Care and Quality Commission (CQC). This regulation helps to ensure that they operate to a degree of safety and security. 

Treated.com is registered with both of these organisations. Our processes are overseen by GMC-registered doctors and GPhC-registered prescribers. 

If you come across a website where trusted ED medication is selling for cheap prices, then the chances are what is being offered is probably too good to be true. The majority of ED treatments are prescription medications and therefore require input from a doctor. Sites that choose to omit this important step are taking dangerous and illegal risks and should be avoided.

Page last reviewed:  01/02/2021