Edex contains the active ingredient alprostadil, it is an injectable drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It can help men to produce an erection within 5-20 minutes of administration. 

Edex is not available to buy in the UK, however, you can buy Viridal Duo which is a suitable alternative. 

If you have been shown by a nurse or doctor how to use an alprostadil-based injectable treatment for erectile dysfunction (such as Caverject) then you can look to buy Viridal from our UK based pharmacy. 

If you have not used Edex, Caverject or Viridal before and you are interested in injectable ED treatments, you should speak to your doctor. 

What is Edex used to treat?

Edex is an injectable medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This type of treatment is usually prescribed to men when oral treatments such as Viagra or Cialis, have not worked sufficiently. 

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition and most men will experience a form of ED at some point in their lives. 

Experiencing erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating and difficult time but there are lots of treatment options now available. It’s important to speak to a doctor if you experience ED as there can be various potential causes. Health conditions such as diabetes, or anxiety as well as alcohol consumption to name but a few. 

Men of any age can experience erectile dysfunction. The condition is more common in older men, this is often linked to health and lifestyle factors caused by the ageing process, this includes high blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, younger men can experience ED too. For men in their 20s or 30s, ED can be linked to mental load perhaps related to a demanding job, or feeling the need to perform well sexually, which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and thus impede erectile potency. 

ED treatments range from talking therapy, to PDE5 inhibitors in the form of tablets (such as Viagra and Cialis) through to injectable medication seen here like Edex, Caverject and Viridal.  

How does Edex work?

Edex uses the active ingredient called alprostadil. The drug works in a similar way to a natural hormone found in the body known as prostaglandin E1 (PGE1). This particular hormone plays an important part in the dilation of blood vessels. For men with ED, restricting blood flow through to the penis can impede erectile performance. 

When Edex is injected into the penis, the active ingredient sets to work to dilate the blood vessels leading to the penis, to allow for better blood flow into the area and thus a stronger erection. This function associated with alprostadil should only occur when sexually stimulated. 

Which Edex dose should I use?

Edex is supplied in doses of 10 mcg, 20 mcg or 40 mcg vials. Viridal Duo is also prescribed in these dosages. Your doctor will decide which dose to prescribe you. 

Edex and Viridal are prescription treatments and should only be used by those who have had a doctor or nurse show them how to administer them. 

You should only administer the dosage that has been prescribed by your doctor. 

If you have not used Edex, Caverject or Viridal before, you should speak to your doctor before you look to buy them online. 

How to use Edex

Edex is used in the same way as Viridal Duo and Caverject. This type of ED treatment is injected into the penis and needs to be administered in a specific way in order for it to safely perform its function. For this reason, all users should receive training from either a doctor or nurse or healthcare professional before commencing treatment. You should also refer to the patient information leaflet to make sure that you follow each step carefully. 

How can I buy Edex online? 

As mentioned earlier, Edex is not available for purchase in the UK. Instead the brand available on the UK market is known as Viridal Duo and is a suitable alternative. It contains alprostadil, the same active ingredient and is administered in the same way. 

You can buy Viridal Duo safely and securely through our UK-based online pharmacy. 

When you buy your ED treatment from our GPhC-registered pharmacy, you will need to answer a short questionnaire. Your answers to the medical questionnaire are then reviewed by one of our GMC-registered doctors or UK pharmacy prescribers. Once your order has been approved, your prescription will be electronically sent to our pharmacy so that it can be dispensed and then shipped by secure courier directly to your address. 

Page last reviewed:  04/05/2021