Not everyone is entitled to Vitaros cream on an NHS prescription. However, as we’ll explain, men with certain medical conditions might in some cases be entitled to it (for free or at the levy rate) on a prescription from their NHS doctor.

Men who aren’t entitled to Vitaros on NHS prescriptions will need to buy it privately. NHS doctors can issue private prescriptions. But there will usually be a charge for them to do so.

You can buy Vitaros in the UK online from registered pharmacies. If you do not have a prescription, some trusted pharmacies may also offer remote consultations, where a doctor can issue an e-prescription after assessing a patient online. You should only ever use pharmacies regulated by the GPhC, and it is also advisable to use CQC-approved doctor services.

At present Vitaros is prescription only. This means that you cannot buy Vitaros over the counter. You will always need to consult with a doctor before the treatment can be dispensed.

Here, we’ll explain:

Who can get Vitaros on the NHS?

Men with certain medical conditions can get Vitaros on the NHS (by ‘on the NHS’, we mean on an NHS prescription subject to the levy rate, or for free).

This might be in cases where a patient has, or has had previously:

  • polio
  • diabetes
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • prostate cancer
  • a severe pelvic or spinal injury
  • a single gene neurological disease
  • spina bifida
  • dialysis treatment for renal failure

or if the patient has had the following surgery:

  • prostatectomy
  • radical pelvic surgery
  • renal transplant

Men whose erectile dysfunction is causing them severe distress may also be entitled to branded treatments such as Vitaros on an NHS prescription.

However, sildenafil tends to be the treatment more widely offered on the NHS currently. As patents on branded treatments expire and more generic ED medicines do become available, these may be added to their prescribing guidelines.

As it stands, men who have not been affected by the above conditions are more likely to require a private prescription for Vitaros.

NHS doctors are able to issue private prescriptions, but may charge a nominal fee.

Is Vitaros available OTC?


In the UK all ED medication is currently prescription-only. This means that you cannot buy Vitaros or any other ED treatment without consulting a doctor first.

Your doctor needs to check that Vitaros is suitable for you prior to use, and that you do not have any medical conditions or take any medicines that may make using Vitaros less safe.

Pharmacies offering to sell Vitaros with no mention of a prescription or on a ‘no prescription required’ basis cannot legally do so. They either need to be provided with a prescription to fulfil it, or provide you with a means to issue one (such as through an online doctor consultation).

How can I get Vitaros in person?

There are several ways.

You can see your regular GP to be prescribed Vitaros. During consultation, they will ask you questions about your erectile dysfunction, and likely others about your health in general.

They may then issue a prescription either privately, or through the NHS service they offer, depending on whether you meet the criteria outlined above.

You can then take this prescription to a high street pharmacy or local chemist to be fulfilled. If you don’t have an NHS prescription, you’ll pay the market price for the medicine, which is likely to be more than the levy rate.

High street chemists and supermarket pharmacies might also offer an in-house consultation service. This is where a prescriber assesses you during a consultation, and issues a prescription for treatment where suitable. Once more, there may be a charge for these services, and if you aren’t entitled to treatment, you’ll need to pay the market price for your prescription.

Some men may prefer to pick up their medication in person, and one of the advantages of doing so is that you won’t have to wait for your medication to be delivered.

How can I buy Vitaros online?

Some online pharmacies fulfil NHS prescriptions. This means that you can send them your e-prescription, and your medicine will be dispensed and shipped to your home, or to an agreed pick-up point.

You can also obtain a prescription and buy Vitaros online privately. Pharmacies or online doctor sites staffed by prescribers can assess your Vitaros request via remote consultation, and issue a prescription where appropriate.

It’s a good idea to check the price you’re paying first. Some pharmacy sites may charge separately for the price of the medicine itself, the cost of consultation or the price of delivery.

(On our site, the cost of consultation and delivery is included in the displayed Vitaros price.)

For many men who use erectile dysfunction treatment, buying online can provide a simple and discreet method of purchasing medication.

But you should always exercise caution when doing so. Make sure the site you’re using is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and carries the following logo:

Checkout Image 1

Clicking on this should take you to the pharmacy’s entry in the council register.

If you’re using an online consultation service, it also recommended that you use one regulated and monitored by the CQC.

You can read more on our how to buy treatment online safely page.

Page last reviewed:  28/10/2019