Vitaros cream is a unique treatment for erectile dysfunction, unlike any other currently available for ED. So, how exactly does Vitaros work and how effective is it?

These are questions many men with erectile dysfunction may ask.

As well as speaking to their doctor, it’s typical now for men to conduct their own research on the various drugs available for ED. In doing so they may come across review websites where patients provide details of their experience of a particular medication.

Reading Vitaros reviews may help to provide someone with an idea of what to expect when using the medicine. But drug reviews can sometimes give a distorted view if they’re written by users with polarising views.

On this page, we’ll examine:

How reliable are online reviews?

Patients who share their experiences by leaving a Vitaros review online may genuinely intend to give an honest account of the drug. However, the information they choose to provide can be selective and not present the whole picture.

It is important to remember that the patients who take the time to relay their account are arguably likely to be those who had a stand-out experience, whether this be positive or negative.

Some websites use a verification process prior to publishing reviews online. This might include an IP check to make sure multiple reviews are not coming from one source. Some sites may employ medical professionals to moderate reviews and check that they don’t make outlandish claims.

Every patient’s circumstances are different, so sites that prompt the reviewer to provide as much information as possible may be more useful.

What do the clinical trials say?

Clinical trials are a more reliable source of statistical information for patients seeking to find out how effective a treatment is. These are carried out in controlled settings, and require the medication to taken in proper accordance with the instructions, so there is less room for user error.

The summary of product characteristics (SPC) provides information, gained from clinical trials, on the potential side effects and efficacy of a drug.

The SPC for Vitaros states that during two phase-three studies it offered ‘statistically significant overall improvement’ for erectile function when compared to a placebo. (Vitaros, according to Urologia Journal, has demonstrated a global efficacy in trials of up to 83%.)

The SPC also notes that Vitaros can provide users with the ability to maintain an erection for between one to two hours after application.

Speak to your doctor

It’s understandable that men may wish to gain perspective on a medication before buying it. Taking the time read Vitaros reviews can provide you with insight into how the drug works, but reading the data from clinical trials may give you a more accurate picture of how likely the drug is to be effective.

That said, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. In any case, if you experience erectile dysfunction, you should speak to your doctor before trying treatment of any kind. They will be able to determine, with the help of tests, if there is any underlying cause, and point you in the direction of suitable treatment where required.

Page last reviewed:  27/07/2018