Eye Infections

Eye infections are usually distinguished by red or inflamed eyes. Most cases of bacterial conjunctivitis are caused by the presence of a germ, commonly found in coughs and colds.

  1. Caused by bacteria
  2. Identified by red or pink eyes
  3. Easily treated with antibiotic eye drops

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  1. Fast-acting three day course
  2. Widely prescribed antibiotic
  3. Treats both bacterial and trachoma conjunctivitis
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Bacterial conjunctivitis is the most common type of eye infection. It occurs when certain strains of bacteria invade the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane which covers the white of the eyes. The presence of bacteria makes the conjunctiva inflamed and appear red or pink. The eyes can feel gritty, uncomfortable and produce a sticky discharge that lines the eyelashes, often found in the morning. The irritation may cause the eyes to become sore or itchy.

The bacteria that causes conjunctivitis is often the same as that found in common coughs and colds. The infection is not usually serious but it is highly contagious. Therefore, good hygiene practices are important as they can help limit the spread of infection. For instance, you should ensure that you wash your hands regularly and avoid sharing any towels or pillows.

The infection is quite common and can affect anyone. There are certain groups of people who can be more vulnerable to eye infections due to their circumstances or predetermined illnesses. These include children, the elderly, those with diabetes, blepharitis, those who have recently contracted an upper respiratory tract infection or those taking corticosteroids.

Less severe eye infections can resolve on their own but antibiotic treatment can be used to quickly and successfully send the symptoms into remission. The infection does not normally cause any lasting health problems but it can spread to other parts of the body if left untreated.

Azyter antibiotic eye drops, manufactured by Thea, offer a twice daily, three-day course to kill the bacteria that causes the infection. Upon application the eye drops work to stop the bacterial cells from creating a vital protein used in their reproduction. Once the germ cells are lacking in this protein, the body’s natural immune system is given the opportunity to infiltrate the bacterial cells and kill them off.

Here at Treated.com you can buy Ayzter eye drops through our UK-registered pharmacy. Simply complete one of our doctor-reviewed health questionnaires. Once approved by our registered clinicians, you can expect to receive your medication within one business day.

Types of Treatment

Bacterial infective conjunctivitis can be combated with antibiotics. Azyter eye drops, manufactured by Thea, offer a convenient three-day solution.

How do they work?

Antibiotic eye drops work by killing the bacteria causing the infection. The active ingredient, azithromycin dihydrate, stops the bacteria from producing an essential protein which is used in their reproduction. Without the protein the bacteria becomes susceptible to the body’s natural defence system, allowing it to kill the germ cells.

What are the side effects?

All medications come with potential side effects. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the details outlined in the patient information leaflet before commencing treatment. Should you experience any side effects when using this product, seek medical advice immediately. Commonly experienced reactions include an itching or burning sensation; blurred vision; sticky eye or a feeling that there is something in your eye.

Can I take them with other medications?

It is important that you fully disclose any other treatments you are currently taking or have recently taken during consultation. If you are using other eye medication you should use that first and wait for 15 minutes, before administering Azyter eye drops.

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What’s the difference between the medications?

Azyter is the branded antibiotic treatment prescribed for bacterial conjunctivitis. One drop is administered twice daily to the infected eyes for three consecutive days.

Should I take Azyter?

The active ingredient in Azyter eye drops is a widely used antibiotic, but our doctors will still need to review your medical profile in order to establish whether it is suitable for you. Please refer to the product to find out more information.

Are there different side effects?

Yes. Not everyone will experience side effects when using this product. However, it is important to be aware of them. The most frequently reported side effects include an itching or stinging sensation upon application and feeling as though there is something in your eye.

Is it right for me?

Our online clinic service allows you to quickly establish whether this treatment is suitable for your condition. A qualified physician will review your case and, if it is safe to do so, your medication will be shipped to you within 24 working hours.

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