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Female health treatments on Treated.com include hormonal contraceptives in various forms, period delay, and treatments for heavy periods and period pain.

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  • Combined Contraceptive Pills

    The pill is the more popular name given to combined hormonal contraceptive tablets. They are a widely-used method of preventing pregnancy.

    1. Reliable one-a-day tablet
    2. 99% proficient at stopping pregnancy
    3. Can also be helpful in reducing period pain
  • Mini Pills

    The minipill is an oral contraceptive tablet. It is a single-hormone treatment, which provides a lower-risk alternative to the combined pill.

    1. For those who are oestrogen sensitive
    2. Lower likelihood of side effects
    3. Still highly proficient at preventing pregnancy
  • Contraceptive patch

    The contraceptive patch is an alternative to the combined pill. It is applied to the skin and replaced on a weekly basis. Like the pill, it provides 99% effectiveness.

    1. Discreet patch easily hidden under clothing 
    2. Same rate of effectiveness as the pill
    3. Convenient alternative to daily tablets
  • Contraceptive ring

    Contraceptive rings are small, pliable, vaginally-inserted devices. They contain the same hormones as the pill and prevent pregnancy in a similar way.

    1. Same 99% rate of effectiveness as the pill
    2. Replaced every three weeks
    3. Favourable for those who don’t like daily tablets
  • Contraception

    There are a range of options open to those looking for hormonal contraception, including the combined pill, the minipill, and the contraceptive patch.

  • Hirsutism

    Hirsutism is the name given to cases of excess facial or body hair in women. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance, and can sometimes cause feelings of distress.

    1. Affects 1-3 women out of every 20 
    2. Can be a source of frustration and difficult to manage 
    3. Easy to treat with Vaniqa
  • Menopause (HRT)

    The menopause is characterised by a series of natural changes in a woman’s body, most typically taking place during her mid-late 40s or early 50s.

    1. Natural part of the ageing process
    2. Cause of oestrogen deficiency
    3. Symptoms can be treated with HRT
  • Heavy or painful periods

    Heavy periods (menorrhagia) and period pain (dysmenorrhoea) are common problems which can occur during menstruation.

    1. Common conditions
    2. Many cases have no underlying cause
    3. Treatable with medication

  • Thrush

    Thrush is an infection which can cause irritation and soreness in the mouth, throat, or the vagina. It is a common condition thought to affect most women at least once throughout their lives.

    1. Caused by the presence of a fungus 
    2. 80,000 estimated new cases every year in the UK
    3. Simple to treat with prescription antifungals
  • Urinary Incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is a condition characterised by the leaking of urine from the bladder. It is thought to affect between 3 and 6 million people in the UK.

    1. Can occur in both sexes
    2. More common among women
    3. Treatable with medication
  • Urinary Urgency

    Urinary urgency is a condition characterised by a sudden and very desperate need to pass urine. In many cases, urine may be discharged before a person can reach the toilet.

    1. Often accompanied by increased frequency
    2. Can be caused by other conditions
    3. Effective treatment is available
  • Period Delay Tablets

    Period Delay is a hormonal treatment, given in the form of a pill. As well as helping to suspend menstrual bleeding, it can also relieve period pain.

    1. Simple three a day pill
    2. Effective delay medication
    3. Also useful at reducing discomfort

Hormonal contraceptives come in many different forms, and after determining which product works best for you, they can provide a very effective means of preventing pregnancy. There are several different versions of the combined pill; whereas the minipill is a progesterone-only version of the pill, which is suitable for women who are sensitive to oestrogen. In addition to this, the dermally applied contraceptive patch provides a means for those who prefer not to take a tablet every day to stay protected.

Intrauterine devices available from your GP or family planning clinic include the contraceptive ring, and the ‘coil’.The morning after pill is also available from your local family planning services, in cases where a primary method of contraception is suspected to have failed.

The menopause is something which every woman will go through, and coping with the associated physical and emotional effects isn’t always easy. Hormone replacement therapy is an effective way of maintaining a balance in the body, and reducing menopausal symptoms. However we do not currently offer HRT through our service.

Hormonal medicines are also useful for those who want to delay their period (which might not be convenient during times of intense study, or when undertaking a sporting event) or find relief during episodes of heavy or painful periods.

Here at Treated.com, we offer treatments for more intimate conditions, such as urinary incontinence, urinary urgency or vaginal thrush. We also provide treatment for excess facial hair (hirsutism). You can find out more about these by clicking the icons above.

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