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Thrush is a fungal infection which causes irritation and soreness around the genitals. It tends to be more common in women (vaginal thrush) but men can develop the condition too, on or around the penis.

  1. Caused by the presence of a fungus 
  2. 80,000 estimated new cases every year in the UK
  3. Simple to treat with prescription antifungals

Due to its private nature, thrush can be an uncomfortable issue to seek treatment for in person; but our discreet online service enables you to find the medicine you need fast.

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Fluconazole Tablets

Fluconazole Tablets

  1. One a day capsule
  2. Reliable treatment for fungal infections
  3. Versatile range of uses


  1. Treats thrush
  2. Single-dose treatment
  3. Popular brand made by Pfizer


  1. Antifungal cream
  2. Used in ringworm, jock itch and thrush
  3. Topically applied 2-3 times a day


  1. Pessary alternative to oral tablets
  2. Straight-forward application
  3. For vaginal thrush
Diflucan Suspension

Diflucan Suspension

  1. Reliable relief from infections
  2. Simple to take
  3. One-a-day administration

Thrush is an infection, caused by the abundance of a certain type of yeast fungus, called Candida albicans. It can occur in men and women, but tends to be much more common in women.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might develop thrush. The condition can be passed on through sex, but this may only account for a portion of instances. The use of antibiotic medicine, certain soaps, or wearing tight-fitting clothing may also lead to thrush symptoms.

The NHS sees around 80,000 new cases of thrush reported every year. It can affect anyone of any age, but it is believed that pregnant women, and people with a weakened immune system or diabetes may be more susceptible. In women, symptoms include raw feelings of irritation around the vagina, pain during sex or urination, and occasionally odourless, thick white or watery discharge.

The most common symptom in men is redness and inflammation at the tip of the penis, making it difficult to pull back the foreskin. Penile thrush might also cause white-coloured discharge to develop under the foreskin.

What causes thrush?

The body contains a number of natural fungi, and Candida albicans is one of them. It can survive in the vagina, on the skin and even in the digestive system, and is harmless in small amounts. The body’s natural defences work to keep the yeast under control. However, under certain conditions, Candida levels can rise, upsetting the fungal equilibrium of the body. This is when thrush can develop and cause the symptoms described above.

Often thrush is easy to treat. A doctor will in most cases issue a course of antifungal medicine to assist the clearance of symptoms. The active ingredient in medicines like Canesten, Gyno-Daktarin and Diflucan work by helping to restore fungal balance.

How do thrush treatments work?

Gyno-Daktarin contains miconazole, while Diflucan contains an active ingredient called fluconazole. Canesten Thrush contains clotrimazole (as does the generic version of this medicine). These agents work by stopping fungal cells from producing a substance called ergosterol. Ergosterol is vital for these cells, as it enables them to maintain secure membranes, and stops their contents from leaking out. By inhibiting the development of this sterol, the medicines disable the fungal cells’ ability to remain intact, and they eventually die. This reduces symptoms and cures the infection.

Our confidential service can you buy thrush treatment online. All you need to do is find the medicine you need, and take our short questionnaire. One of our doctors will assess the answers you provide, and issue a prescription if they are satisfied it is safe for you. After successful confirmation, your order will be shipped to you inside one business day.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Thrush is a yeast infection, treated using antifungal medicine. This may be issued in various forms, depending on the sex of the person who has thrush, and where the infection is.

Thrush in women can occur internally (inside the vagina) or externally (around the genitals). Pessaries and stronger creams (such as Canesten Thrush 10% Cream) are intended for use in internal vaginal thrush, whereas less potent creams (Canesten 1% or 2%, or Clotrimazole 1%) are used externally. Gyno-Daktarin is an example of a treatment that can be used in either case (it comes with a plunger for internal use, or can be applied topically).

In some cases, symptoms may be present both inside and outside the vagina, and a combination treatment may be recommended.

Where the above options have not worked, oral capsules such as Diflucan might be suggested. This is typically issued as a one-off dose.

On Treated.com, we offer Clotrimazole 1% and Canesten 2% Creams for male thrush.

How do they work?

Fungal infections occur when the fungal balance in a person’s body becomes upset. Candida albicans is the main cause of thrush, although this fungus is naturally present on the body. Infection tends to happen if the presence of this fungus rises above a certain level.

Fluconazole (which is the main agent in Diflucan), miconazole (the active ingredient in Gyno-Daktarin), and clotrimazole (in Canesten) tackle the infection by killing the overactive fungus responsible. They do this by interfering with fungi’s ability to maintain stable cell membranes. As soon as holes appear in these, the fungal cells begin to expire and symptoms dissipate.

What are the side effects?

Not everyone using these medicines will experience side effects, but it is still important to be aware of them so that you can seek advice if they occur. The nature of side effects differs between each. Diflucan may cause headaches, diarrhoea or abdominal pain; while those using Gyno-Daktarin may feel vaginal itching or irritation. The information provided here is not comprehensive. More detailed information can be located in the patient information leaflet for each medicine.

Can I take them with other medications?

As antifungals can interact with other medicines, it is important to ensure you notify your doctor of any treatments you are currently using.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Each treatment contains an antifungal agent, but they’re used in different cases.

Canesten Thrush 10% Cream is for internal use in vaginal thrush. Canesten Thrush 1% and 2% Cream can be used in external female or male genital thrush. Gyno-Daktarin can be used to treat both internal and external vaingal thrush (a plunger is supplied for intra-vaginal use).

Diflucan, an oral tablet treatment, may be recommended if topical solutions haven’t worked.

Should I use Diflucan, Canesten Cream or Gyno-Daktarin Cream?

It depends on your symptoms, and if you’re a man with genital thrush or a woman with vaginal thrush. Have a look at our individual product pages to find out more about which treatment may be suitable for you.

Are there different side effects?

Despite the fact that these medicines are part of the same class, they may not be identical in terms of the potential side effects they may cause. Side effects associated with Gyno-Daktarin include localised irritation in the vaginal region; while those associated with Diflucan include headaches, dizziness and abdominal pain. This is not a comprehensive list. You can learn more by consulting the relevant pages for each product.

How can I get thrush treatment online?

Select the item you need and take our online assessment. Once a doctor has reviewed your responses and given their approval, your treatment will be dispensed at our UK-based pharmacy and delivered to your door in just one working day.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022

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