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Hydrocortisone/Cinchocaine Hydrochloride

Proctosedyl is a medicine indicated for haemorrhoids. Contained in it are a local anaesthetic and a corticosteroid, which relieve symptoms and reduce inflammation.

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This suppository tablet contains 5mg hydrocortisone and 5mg cinchocaine hydrochloride. It is taken in the morning, at night, and once after each bowel movement, for a total of no more than seven days.

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Proctosedyl Ointment0.005

In this ointment is 0.5% cinchocaine hydrochloride and 0.5% hydrocortisone. It is distributed as a thin layer over the affected skin, twice a day and once after each time the bowels are opened, for a week or less.

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Proctosedyl is a medicine indicated for haemorrhoids. Contained in it are a local anaesthetic and a corticosteroid, which relieve symptoms and reduce inflammation.

It’s simple finding the haemorrhoid solution you need online. Take our medical questionnaire today, and we’ll ship your treatment to your door in one business day.

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24 August 2021
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Product information

Proctosedyl is a combined treatment for haemorrhoids, marketed by Sanofi. The ingredients are a corticosteroid, called hydrocortisone, and a local anaesthetic known as cinchocaine hydrochloride. It is available in two forms, as an ointment and as a suppository. The standard course of application is twice a day, plus once more after each time the bowels are opened. Neither medication is intended to be used for more than seven days.

  1. Supplied as a suppository or an ointment
  2. Developed by a well-known brand
  3. Provides relief from piles

Haemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles, are characterised by varicose veins in the anal or rectal region. This leads to often uncomfortable swelling and irritation in the affected area, which may be more noticeable when sitting on hard surfaces or upon passing stools. They are the result of high blood pressure in those vessels surrounding the back passage, for which there could be a number of possible causes. These might include being overweight, or having constipation for a long time. Conversely, diarrhoea can also be a contributing factor.

Some cases of haemorrhoids may present blood when the bowels are opened, which might appear on tissue. This may only be slight, nonetheless, if you do experience any blood loss when going to the toilet, you should let your doctor know as soon as you can.

Many cases of piles will clear up on their own without the need for medical intervention. Certain, non-medicinal measures can also help to reduce the severity of symptoms, such as losing weight, or adjusting dietary intake to increase fibre, and reduce constipation.

Treatments can however, alleviate discomfort caused by haemorrhoids while they are active, and tackle more serious cases. Proctosedyl is one such example, and is available to buy from our UK pharmacy as a suppository or as an ointment. The suppository is inserted into the rectum, one in the morning, one in the evening and one after each bowel movement, usually up to a daily total of four doses; whereas the ointment is spread as a thin layer over the affected area, but with the same frequency. For internal haemorrhoids, a screw-on applicator nozzle is also supplied for the ointment version.

In these treatments, there are two active components: cinchocaine hydrochloride and hydrocortisone. The former is an anaesthetic, which alleviates discomfort by dulling the transmission of pain signals from the affected area along nerve channels; while hydrocortisone is a type of drug called a corticosteroid, which decreases levels of inflammation around the sore region.

Getting access to the piles solution you need has never been more simple. To buy Proctosedyl ointment or suppository tablets online, take our medical assessment and a doctor will screen your case. If suitable, they will draw up a prescription for you and send this electronically to our UK-based dispensing pharmacy. Delivery on all items is made by secure, express courier.

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Page last reviewed:  24/08/2021


Carefully follow the directions issued by your prescriber when using this treatment, as this will help you to get the best possible results. Please also familiarise yourself with the instructions outlined in the patient information leaflet before you start the course, as this will restrict the likelihood of potential side effects.

  1. Apply as directed.

For Proctosedyl Suppositories:

  1. The typical dose may be one suppository inserted in the back passage, once in the morning and once in the evening, and once after each time the bowels are opened.
  2. Make sure you wash your hands after use.
  3. Your prescriber will advise you of the maximum daily dose.
  4. Do not compensate for a missed dose by taking double the amount. Provided your next dose is not due, you can take it as soon as you remember. If your next dose is due, skip the one you have missed and carry on the course as normal.

For Proctosedyl Ointment:

  1. Administer directly to the back passage once in the morning, once at night, and again after each bowel movement.
  2. Use a small amount and distribute it as a thin layer with your fingertip, over the sore.
  3. For internal use, a nozzle is provided. This is screwed onto the tube, and inserted carefully into the back passage. Gently squeeze the tube while bringing it out slowly, then try not to move for around one or two minutes.
  4. Thoroughly wash your hands after use.
  5. Do not apply double the amount to make up for a missed dose. If you forget to use it, do so when you remember. If your next dose is due, simply skip the one you have missed and continue the treatment as before.

For both application types:

  1. Do not use for more than seven days.
  2. If symptoms persist beyond your specified treatment period, or if at any point you notice blood when passing stools, speak to your doctor.

The directions listed above are provided only as a summary. More detailed instructions can be found in the leaflet supplied.

Download Proctosedyl Suppositories patient information leaflet

Download Proctosedyl Ointment patient information leaflet

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Proctosedyl 5mg/5mg

Proctosedyl Ointment 0.005

Side effects & Warnings

Side effects

It is crucial to be aware of the side effects this product may induce, as some of them may require that you seek immediate medical advice.

When using the suppositories, let your doctor know if you experience any prolonged itching or burning in the back passage. Similarly, if using the ointment, tell your doctor if you get a rash or notice your skin becoming thinner.

Extended use has resulted in occasional cases of adrenal suppression, which can cause stomach pain, weight fluctuations, loss of appetite, feeling or being sick, anxiety and fits, or lack of concentration.

The above does not constitute a complete list of the side effects associated with this item. For more information, refer to the patient information leaflet supplied.

Taking it with other medicines

Let your prescriber know when completing our questionnaire if you are using any other prescription, non-prescription or remedial products, so that they can accurately assess the risk of any interactions.

Conditions to look out for

It is not suitable for those who have an allergy to anything contained in it, or are experiencing an infection of any kind.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Talk to your doctor prior to using this medication if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive.

Page last reviewed:  24/08/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Proctosedyl 5mg/5mg

Proctosedyl Ointment 0.005


Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes. It is unlikely that this medication will be affected by the consumption of alcohol.

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes. However, if you notice any side effects which you think might make driving dangerous or unsafe you should not drive and contact your doctor.

Can I take the medicine while pregnant?

It is important to inform your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or trying for a baby.

How should I store it?

Keep the ointment at a temperature below 25°C. The suppositories should be kept at a temperature between 2 and 8°C. In either case, the medication should be stored so that it is safely out of the reach of children, and away from sources of excessive moisture or light.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

In Proctosedyl ointment are the following ingredients: cinchocaine hydrochloride, hydrocortisone, wool fat (lanolin), liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin. The suppository tablets contain: cinchocaine hydrochloride, hydrocortisone and hard fat.

Do not use either of the above if you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in them.

Is it available over-the-counter?

You will need a prescription in order to be able to buy Proctosedyl ointment or suppositories from our UK pharmacy. This can be obtained via our easy-to-use consultation facility, which is staffed by medical professionals.

Is it right for me?

Going to the doctor in person to get prescription haemorrhoids treatment isn’t always convenient. Our secure online service enables you to find out whether this product is suitable for you, by putting you in touch with a qualified physician. Following successful review, your prescription will be drawn up and sent to our pharmacy, where it will be dispensed and shipped to your door by 24-hour delivery.

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