Rhinolast is an antihistamine nasal spray, manufactured by Meda. This treatment is used to relieve hay fever symptoms.

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One metered dose contains 140 micrograms of azelastine hydrochloride. This is sprayed once into each nostril, twice per day for a period determined by your practitioner.

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Rhinolast is an antihistamine nasal spray, manufactured by Meda. This treatment is used to relieve hay fever symptoms.

Here at Treated.com, you don’t need to book an appointment and you don’t need to wait in line. Order your treatment, take our short questionnaire, and once it has been reviewed by our qualified practitioner we will send your treatment with one working day.

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Rhinolast is a nasal spray for hay fever, made by Meda. It belongs to a group of medications called antihistamines. The spray is used twice per day, providing relief for up to 12 hours. How long you use this treatment for will depend on the severity and their frequency of your symptoms.

  1. Fast-acting medication
  2. Ideal for those who don’t like pills
  3. Durable relief for 12 hours

Hay fever affects roughly 10 million people in the UK. It is triggered by the presence of pollen or dust mites in the air, and causes an inflammatory, allergic response. This is characterised by swelling around the eyes and airways, sneezing, and irritation in the mouth and throat.

Why some people are more prone to hay fever than others is not entirely understood. It is thought that genetics play a part, and that you are more likely to have hay fever if it runs in your family. Environmental conditioning through childhood is also thought to be a factor, with those who are exposed to certain irritants, such as cigarette smoke during their formative years, having a higher rate of incidence.

The condition occurs when the cells in the body react defensively to pollen or dust mites. This is because the immune system wrongly interprets these irritants as an infection, and releases a chemical called histamine to rid the body of them. As a result, swelling and inflammation result, even though there is no real infection present.

Rhinolast contains an ingredient called azelastine, which works by inhibiting the effects of histamine on those receptors which trigger an inflammatory response. In blocking this chemical reaction, the drug helps to limit and prevent symptoms.

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Make sure you follow the instructions provided by our doctor when using this item, and that you have read and understood the guidelines in the patient information leaflet beforehand. This will help you to get the best possible results from your treatment, and marginalise the likelihood of side effects.

  1. Apply as directed.
  2. The typical dose is one spray into each nostril, twice a day.
  3. Space these administrations apart, so that you take one in the morning and one in the evening.
  4. Before use, blow your nose.
  5. Take off the cap.
  6. Prepare the spray by pumping until a fine mist appears.
  7. Carefully place the nozzle into your nostril and, without tilting your head backwards, press down on the pump.
  8. Wipe clean and replace the cap.
  9. Do not take more than the amount specified by your prescriber.
  10. If you miss a dose, take it when you remember. Never make up for a missed dose by taking double the amount at one time.

The directions provided here are intended only as a guide. More detailed instructions can be located in the supplied leaflet.

Download Rhinolast patient information leaflet

Page last reviewed:  Tuesday, Aug 22 2017
Side effects & Warnings

Side effects

It is vital to be aware of the potential side effects this product may induce, as some may necessitate immediate medical attention. Go to your doctor or hospital if you notice any indications of an allergic reaction, or anything else which causes you concern. Further guidance on this can be found in the patient information leaflet.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):

Unpleasant taste, particularly if you tilt your head backwards during use.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):

Slight irritation of the nose, sneezing or nosebleed.

Very rare (1 in 10,000 people or less):


The above is only a summary of the side effects associated with this product. Refer to the leaflet supplied for more.

Taking it with other medicines

Inform your doctor when taking our medical survey if you are taking any other treatments.

Conditions to look out for

Let your prescriber know if you have a history of any medical conditions before using this product.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Check with your doctor or pharmacist before using Rhinolast if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding.


Page last reviewed:  Tuesday, Aug 22 2017
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Rhinolast 0.1%


Can I still drink alcohol?

Yes. The function of this product should not be hindered by the consumption of alcohol.

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes. Rhinolast should not interfere with your ability to drive. However, do not drive if you get any side effects which may make doing so unsafe, and notify your doctor.

Can I take the medicine while pregnant?

The use of this product may not be suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Ensure you let your prescriber know if either of these apply to you during consultation, and they will advise you.

How should I store it?

In a safe environment, not below 8°C. Once opened, use within six months.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

This item contains the following: azelastine hydrochloride, hypromellose, disodium edetate, citric acid, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride and purified water.

Do not use Rhinolast if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is it available over-the-counter?

You can only buy Rhinolast in the UK if you have a prescription for it. This can be obtained by filling in our medical questionnaire. Our doctor will assess your case and if the medication you have chosen is suitable for you, they will issue a prescription.

Is it right for me?

It only takes a couple of minutes to find out. Fill in our health assessment, and once our doctor has approved your order, our UK-based pharmacy will dispense it for you. Shipping on all items is made by next-day parcel, so that you can begin using your treatment the following working day.


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