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Heartburn is a symptom often caused by a condition called acid reflux. It is typified by a painful, or burning feeling in the chest.

  1. Caused by stomach acids
  2. Lifestyle factors can induce symptoms
  3. Effective treatments are available

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  1. Proficient at relieving heartburn
  2. Easy to swallow capsule
  3. Reduces stomach acid
Zoton FasTab

Zoton FasTab

  1. Fast acting
  2. Easy to take dissolvable pill
  3. Prevents heartburn and acid reflux


  1. Available as granules and as tablets
  2. Effective remedy for heartburn
  3. Commonly prescribed treatment


  1. One tablet taken daily
  2. Provides relief from symptoms
  3. Available in 20mg and 40mg doses



  1. Easy to use capsule
  2. Sold in a range of doses
  3. Proficient at reducing heartburn


  1. Branded AstraZeneca Product
  2. Sold as capsules or easy to take pellets
  3. Effective medicine for heartburn


  1. Available as tablet or syrup
  2. Mint flavoured syrup
  3. Effective at fighting heartburn


Heartburn is a condition which is characterised by burning pain in the chest. When it persists, it can be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GORD. Heartburn is also sometimes referred to as acid indigestion or gastric reflux. Many people will experience heartburn at some point in their lives. For the most part, heartburn will only occur infrequently. However, those instances which persist may require prescription treatment.

The oesophagus is the pipe which connects the mouth and throat to the stomach. At the base of this is a series of muscles, which make up the oesophageal sphincter. This group of muscles open to let food into the stomach, and then close again to seal in digestive stomach acids.

In the majority of cases, acid reflux is caused by the improper function of these muscles. When they do not close properly after letting food through, acid can escape upwards into the oesophageal tract, and irritate the tissue lining it. This then causes the burning sensation we know as heartburn.

Heartburn can also often be accompanied by feelings of bloatedness and nausea, trapped wind (hiccups and belching) and bad breath.

There are several potential instigating factors when it comes to acid reflux, and heartburn. Among these are excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drinking too much coffee or eating too much chocolate, or fatty or spicy foods. In general, being overweight can affect the way the oesophageal sphincter works, due to increased pressure on the muscles. Many people may also run into symptoms after eating a large meal, as when the stomach is too full, the oesophageal sphincter may subjected to added pressure.

One of the first measures a doctor may take in treating heartburn is to address those habits which may be contributing towards it. For instance, they may advise a patient to make adjustments to their diet, or adopt other approaches to help them lose weight. These methods may not always be sufficient in reducing symptoms however, and in such cases, medicinal treatment may be necessary.

The main aim of drugs for heartburn is to limit the production of stomach acids. They do this by interfering with the function of cells in the stomach lining which generate these acids, and this helps to decrease the presence of heartburn. These treatments are available in a variety of forms, including gastro-resistant capsules, syrup, orodispersible tablets, or Multiple Unit Pellet System tablets, also known as MUPS capsules.

Getting fast access to the relief you need doesn’t have to be hard. You can buy your regular prescription heartburn treatment from our UK pharmacy by taking our simple questionnaire. Following completion of this, a doctor will assess your case and issue a prescription for your item if it is suitable. Your order will then be sent electronically to our dispensing pharmacy, and shipped to your home. Delivery on all items is made by 24-hour parcel, so that you don’t have to wait more than one working day to receive it.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Whether prescription medication is needed for heartburn depends on its frequency and severity of incidence. Most people will encounter symptoms at least once at some point throughout their lives, and find that they pass without causing too much discomfort.

In cases where heartburn or acid indigestion persists, treatment may be advised. Measures such as reducing fat and alcohol intake can help, as can reducing portion sizes. However, these approaches alone may not always be sufficient.

If you are experiencing heartburn symptoms for the first time, make an appointment with your GP. 

Here at Treated.com, we provide two types of drug for the treatment of heartburn: proton pump inhibitors and H2 receptor agonists. We only provide these to patients on a repeat basis, who are already taking these medications on the advice of their doctor.

These are supplied in the following forms: gastro-resistant capsules; MUPS tablets (multiple unit pellet system) which contain smaller pellets that can be swallowed or dissolved; syrups; and orodispersible tablets.

How do they work?

Proton pump inhibitors such as Zoton and Losec work by limiting the function of proton pumps found in the cells of the stomach lining, which are responsible for generating stomach acid.

H2 receptor agonists such as Zantac also inhibit the production of acid, but they do it by blocking the effects of histamine on cells found in the stomach.

What are the side effects?

Some more common side effects of these products are headache, flatulence, and stomach pain. However, other side effects may vary according to each individual treatment. Refer to the product pages for more information.

Can I take them with other medications?

It depends on which other treatments you are currently using. They may interact with a number of drugs, including those used in fungal infections, epilepsy, or viral infections such as HIV. Read the page for each product for more, and disclose any information pertaining to other medicines you are using when taking our medical questionnaire.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

They all perform more or less the same function, in that they work to decrease the amount of acid produced in the stomach, and prevent gastric reflux. The only difference in their function is their slightly varying method of action; proton pump inhibitors and H2 receptors agonists achieve a similar end result, but do so in different ways.

However, these products do differ greatly in their applicatory form. Zoton FasTab is an orodispersible tablet. Omeprazole is a generic treatment issued as a tablet and a gastro-resistant capsule. Zantac is also available as a syrup. Lansoprazole is a generic gastro-resistant capsule. And Losec is available as a MUPS tablet.

Should I take proton pump inhibitors, or H2 receptor agonists?

If you have never taken prescription heartburn treatment before, your GP will help you decide. They will take into account your symptoms and medical history when recommending a treatment.

Are there different side effects?

Yes. More common side effects which are fairly consistent across most of these items include stomach pain, constipation and headache. However, you should refer to the information supplied for each for further guidance.

Is it right for me?

The heartburn medicine you use will be determined by your regular GP. They will advise you on which product is the most suitable.

To order your repeat medication from our online pharmacy, complete our simple health assessment. It only takes a couple of minutes on average, and each case is reviewed by a practising doctor. Once your treatment is confirmed as safe for you, a prescription will be issued and sent to our pharmacy, where your order will be dispensed and shipped direct to your home.


Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022

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