An infection is defined as an illness caused by one or more foreign or latent organisms, such as a virus, a bacteria, or a fungus. Parasites can also cause infections too.

Infections can affect just about any part of the body, and cause a range of symptoms. How it is treated will depend on the nature of the illness. Antibiotics can cure bacterial infections, while viruses will require different treatment; antiviral drugs tend to work by assisting the immune system to send them into remission.

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  • Eye Infections

    Eye infections are usually distinguished by red or inflamed eyes. Most cases of bacterial conjunctivitis are caused by the presence of a germ, commonly found in coughs and colds.

    1. Caused by bacteria
    2. Identified by red or pink eyes
    3. Easily treated with antibiotic eye drops
  • Nose Infections

    Nose infections are initially characterised by pimples inside the nostrils, but more serious instances may lead to boils or even cellulitis. Infections of this type are typically caused by staphylococcus bacteria.

    1. Type of staph infection
    2. Can develop if left untreated
    3. Medicated with antibiotic ointment
  • Mouth Infection

    Oral thrush is a fungal infection found in the mouth caused by the yeast germ, Candida. Small numbers of the fungus are usually found on the skin and in the mouth. However, certain conditions can cause the Candida to multiply and result in a mouth infection.

    1. Caused by excessive amounts of a fungus
    2. Can be prevented by good oral hygiene
    3. Successfully treated with antifungal medication
  • Fungal Infections

    Fungal infections can take on a number of forms, and cause a range of symptoms. Those affecting the skin include athlete’s foot and ringworm.

    1. Most often causes a rash
    2. Can cause skin to harden and flake off
    3. Treatable with antifungal drugs
  • Fungal Nails

    Fungal nail infections cause unsightly, thickened and discoloured nails. They are more prevalent in toenails and can sometimes become painful.

    1. Fighting infection can prevent it from spreading
    2. Affect people of all ages
    3. Treatable with prescription antifungal
  • Influenza

    Influenza is a virus which affects most people at some point in their lives. Outbreaks are more common in winter, but they can occur during warmer periods too.

    1. Very common seasonal illness
    2. Spread via coughing and sneezing
    3. Preventable with medication
  • Cold Sores and Shingles

    Cold sores are oral blisters which are caused by the herpes simplex virus; while shingles is caused by the same viral strain responsible for chickenpox. Both can be treated with Zovirax.

    1. Both conditions are caused by reactivation of a virus
    2. Acting fast can help to reduce severity of symptoms
    3. Get access to effective treatment online
  • Cystitis (UTI)

    Cystitis is a condition which affects the bladder. It occurs when the urinary system becomes inflamed due to infection, typically by certain bacteria which can be carried in urine.

    1. Nearly all women will get Cystitis at least once
    2. One in five of those will see repeated infections
    3. Effectively treated with antibiotics
  • STI

    Sex plays an important role in our lives, but the fact remains that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a common problem in the UK. Around 400,000 new cases of STIs are reported to the NHS every year. These can take on a range of forms, including gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes, genital warts, bacterial vaginosis (BV) and trichomoniasis (TV)

  • Conjunctivitis

    Conjunctivitis is a condition characterised by the inflammation of the conjunctiva in the eye, and can be caused by an allergy, or a bacterial infection.

  • Threadworms

    Threadworm infections can be easily picked up and cause uncomfortable itching around the anus.

    1. Affects adults and children 
    2. Can disturb sleep 
    3. Combatted with Vermox treatment

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  • Ear Infections

    Ear infections are often caused by bacteria, but they can sometimes be a bi-product of viruses too. Persistent or severe cases may be treated with antibiotic medicine.

    1. Result of a mucus build-up
    2. Symptoms include pain and loss of hearing
    3. Not difficult to treat

STIs can manifest in various forms. Gonorrhoea and chlamydia are among the more common bacterial STIs; whereas viral types include genital warts and herpes. It can be tough to seek treatment for conditions of this sort in person, but getting a diagnosis and taking action to eradicate them remains important. Left untreated, STIs do have the capacity to cause serious complications, and can easily be spread to others.

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Metronidazole Price includes your prescription, your medicine and 24hr delivery.

This tablet contains 200mg of Metronidazole. For bacterial infections, a course may be a dose of 4 tablets, followed by 2 tablets every 8 hours for a specified period.

Flagyl Price includes your prescription, your medicine and 24hr delivery.

For bacterial infections, a doctor may prescribe a one-off dose of 4 tablets, followed by 2 tablets every 8 hours for a certain period.

Azithromycin, Suprax Price includes your prescription, your medicine and 24hr delivery.

Take as prescribed. The typical dose for the treatment of gonorrhoea infections is 400mg of Suprax and 1000mg of Azithromycin (2 of each tablet), as a one-time application.

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Aldara topical cream is available from our pharmacy in one strength. This will typically be applied before going to bed, on three alternating days. This comprises a one-week course.
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