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Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is something which will affect everyone at least once in their lives. There are several conditions which can trigger it, including eczema and contact dermatitis.

  1. Otherwise known as pruritus
  2. Almost everybody will experience it at some point
  3. Simple to relieve with topical cream

If you have itchy skin, we recommend that you see your doctor in person, so that they can determine the cause and issue a suitable treatment if necessary.

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Eurax Cream

Eurax Cream

  1. Treats a range of itchy skin conditions
  2. Prevents and stops irritation
  3. Easy to use

Itchy skin may occur in response to a variety of factors. These can be caused by certain conditions such as allergies, eczema or contact dermatitis. Skin irritation can also be triggered by bites or stings from insects. Medicines are available to buy which you can use to treat skin irritation, such as Eurax Cream. This is a topical agent applied to the affected region two to three times per day, and it is made by Novartis.

Skin irritation, although it is common and will be experienced by everyone in their lives at least once, can be a frustrating phenomenon to endure. It encourages the person experiencing it to scratch, which can of course lead to further irritation and make symptoms worse. There is no one specific area on the body which skin irritation is limited to; it can occur anywhere, often in multiple places at once.

Medical conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis are examples of illnesses which may induce an episode of itching. Symptoms may also occur as a result of an allergic reaction. In such cases, the body’s defences mistakenly interpret a foreign substance as a threat, and releases inflammatory chemicals to the affected body part. This causes skin irritation, redness and often itching.

The majority of pruritus outbreaks will pass without the need for medical attention from a healthcare professional, but more severe or persistent cases will usually necessitate treatment, sometimes in the form of a topical cream. Eurax contains an ingredient called crotamiton. This is applied to the affected region two or three times daily.

If you have itchy skin, talk to your GP. After identifying the underlying cause, they will initiate a treatment for you if required, to help reduce irritation and other associated symptoms.


Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018
Types of Treatment

How itchy skin is treated will depend mostly on what the cause of it is.

If an underlying condition is present, such as an allergy, and particularly if it causing other symptoms besides itchy skin, then a doctor will take measures to treat that particular condition.

Where symptoms are caused by a reaction to an irritant such as a type of fabric or detergent, then a doctor will usually suggest trying to limit contact with that particular trigger.

However, this isn’t always possible and consequently, they may suggest treatment to relieve skin irritation in those cases where symptoms persist.

How do they work?

Eurax contains crotamiton, which is an antipruritic drug. It isn’t fully understood how it works, but when applied to an area undergoing symptoms two to three times per day, it is effective at relieving itchiness.

What are the side effects?

Most commonly skin irritation, but this may in most cases be a result of the condition being treated and not the treatment itself.

Can I take them with other medications?

Tell your prescriber which, if any, other treatments you are using. Some may be unsuitable for use in conjunction with this item.

Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Other treatments specifically for the different potential causes of itchy skin such as eczema and allergies are available, but these work by preventing the reactions which take place in the body and cause a range of symptoms.

Eurax is for use on itchy skin itself, due to a range of causes.

Should I take Eurax?

Your doctor will be able to suggest a suitable medication for itchy skin, if required, after assessing your symptoms.

Are there different side effects?

The most commonly reported side effect of Eurax is skin irritation. Refer to the relevant product page for more information.

Is it right for me?

Talk to your GP. How itchy skin is treated depends on the specific cause.

Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018

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