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Low Testosterone

Low testosterone levels or male hypogonadism occurs when the testes fail to produce enough of the male hormone testosterone. The condition can result in poor sexual function, changes in mood, low energy and a lack of strength.

  1. Testosterone is a vital male sex hormone
  2. Low levels can cause several symptoms
  3. Testosterone replacement therapy can help

If you have test-confirmed low testosterone levels, you can use our private consultation service to purchase your testosterone treatment online.   

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Testosterone testing kit

Testosterone testing kit

  1. Detects low testosterone levels in men
  2. Simple to use lancet
  3. 24 hour turnaround time at our partner lab upon receipt


  1. Simple to apply gel
  2. Supplements testosterone levels
  3. Not currently available through our service


  1. Restores testosterone levels
  2. Easy-to-apply gel
  3. Not available from our pharmacy


  1. Straightforward gel treatment
  2. Supplements testosterone levels
  3. Prescription only

Low testosterone or male hypogonadism is the name given to the condition when the male sex glands fail to produce sufficient amounts of the sex hormone, testosterone. The production of testosterone takes place in the testicles, and is controlled by the brain’s pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

What causes low testosterone levels?

It is generally thought that the production of testosterone decreases slowly over time. However, for some men the drop in hormone levels can happen more suddenly and cause unwanted symptoms. You may be more at risk of late-onset hypogonadism if you are obese or have type-2 diabetes. Several potential causes for low testosterone include a mumps infection, an injury to the testicles, other testicular diseases and testicular cancer treatment.

What symptoms can low testosterone cause?

A lack of sex hormones can result in a range of different symptoms. If diagnosed early on in life it can lead to delayed puberty and small testes.

In male adults testosterone deficiency can potentially leave patients feeling in a low mood, fatigued and irritable. It can also impact libido, erectile function and muscle mass. It is important to note that these symptoms can also be caused by numerous other conditions, therefore patients should ideally speak to their doctor if they have concerns.

How are low testosterone levels diagnosed?

In order to confirm a case of low testosterone two blood tests are required. These should be carried out by the same lab.

Do low testosterone levels require treatment?

It is possible for low levels of testosterone to not cause any symptoms or have any other effects on the body. In such cases, treatment may not be required.

But in confirmed cases where low levels are having an effect, then treatment may help to benefit the patient and reduce symptoms.

Untreated low testosterone levels in adult males can lead to complications such as infertility, osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction.

There is no cure for low testosterone but treatment can be used to help restore hormone levels and alleviate symptoms. Treatments such as Testogel, Testim and Tostran should only be used by patients presenting with clinical signs of low testosterone that have also been confirmed by two blood tests carried out by the same laboratory.

How can I get treatment online?

If you do not have a recent blood test result to confirm your hormone levels you can purchase the test from our site.

Patients with confirmed low testosterone levels are able to purchase treatment from our online pharmacy. If you are looking to buy your treatment for low testosterone online, then you can do so through our consultation service. A doctor will review your prescription request and, once approved, issue it though our dispensing pharmacy. Your order will then be delivered by next-day courier.

Page last reviewed:  10/06/2020
Types of Treatment

Low testosterone levels are diagnosed using a blood test.

Low levels can be combated by using testosterone replacement therapy such as Testogel, Tostran or Testim.

These are forms of testosterone replacement therapy.

How do they work?

Each of the above treatments are topically applied gels containing the active ingredient, testosterone. This is a synthetic version of the male sex hormone. It is applied directly to the skin on the shoulders in a thin layer, and absorbed through the dermis to help the body restore testosterone levels.

These gels should not be applied to the genital area.

What are the side effects?

Testosterone gel can cause skin reactions at the application area such as dryness or acne. Please read the patient information leaflet in full before you commence treatment.

Can I take it with other medications?

This type of testosterone treatment may interact with oral anticoagulants, corticosteroids or insulin. During your consultation it is important that you declare all prescribed and over-the-counter treatment that you are taking or have recently taken.

Page last reviewed:  10/06/2020
Questions and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

All these gels work in the same way, helping to restore testosterone levels in men with low testosterone and other clinical symptoms.

The main difference between the different gels are the manufacturer, and the containers they come in.

Since March 2018 Testogel has been supplied in a pump so that the gel can be administered more easily. Tostran is also supplied in a pumpable canister.

Doses are measured per pump.

Testim is supplied in single dose tubes.

Should I take testosterone replacement therapy?

Men experiencing low levels of testosterone may wish to seek treatment. In some cases, men with low testosterone may not present any symptoms, and not require treatment.

If you are experiencing symptoms, it is important to have a confirmed diagnosis of hypogonadism prior to commencing treatment. This is so that you do not end up with excess amount of testosterone in your system which can lead to other unwanted symptoms.

Are there different side effects?

All medical treatments have the potential to cause unwanted side effects. You should take some time to read over the full list of side effects in the supplied patient information leaflet or click the link on the separate product pages.

Buying testosterone replacement therapy online

If you think that you might be experiencing low testosterone symptoms, it’s best to get tested to see if low hormone levels are the problem. You can do this through your regular GP, or by ordering a test kit online from us.

If you’ve already had a confirmed diagnosis and want to buy or renew your treatment, you can do so by ordering your testosterone replacement therapy online through our service. Take our questionnaire to start your consultation. 

Page last reviewed:  10/06/2020

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