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Testogel topical treatment is used to treat men found to have low testosterone levels. It is usually applied directly to the shoulders once a day, to relieve symptoms of low mood, loss of libido and muscle weakness.

Testogel is not currently available from our online pharmacy. To renew your prescription, please speak to your doctor. 

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PLEASE NOTE: This treatment is not available through our online pharmacy service. This page is for information only. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to the condition(s) this medication treats, we strongly recommend that you see your GP in person.

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05 August 2020
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Dr Daniel Atkinson

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Product information

Testogel is a topical treatment used to alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men, also known as male hypogonadism. The gel is only indicated for men who have a confirmed diagnosis of hypogonadism through a blood test, and show clinical signs of low testosterone.

What does testosterone do?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is linked to several important mechanisms. It help to maintain healthy and functioning reproductive organs (the testes and the prostate) and plays a role in the maintenance of healthy bone and muscle.

Low testosterone levels can interfere with several aspects of everyday life and cause a range of symptoms, including low mood, loss of libido, a reduction in muscle mass and erectile dysfunction. If the condition is left untreated it can also lead to a decrease in bone density, known as osteoporosis.

Testosterone levels tend to slowly decrease as men get older. Therefore the symptoms are often put down to ageing but it is important to have them investigated and treated when necessary.

How are low testosterone levels treated?

Some men with detected low levels may not need treatment if they are not experiencing any symptoms. But in those who are experiencing symptoms, treatment may be recommended.

Male hypogonadism can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy such as Testogel. The topical treatment is absorbed transdermally to help restore testosterone levels. A thin layer of gel is typically applied on a daily basis to the upper arms and shoulders.

As of March 2018 Testogel is to be supplied in a pump mechanism so that prescribers are better able to advise patients of dosage adjustments, dependent on their blood test results.

How does Testogel work?

Testogel contains the active ingredient testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone known as an androgen which is produced by the testicles and is linked to many of the male characteristics. Using Testogel helps to restore normal levels of testosterone, thereby reducing associated symptoms.

How can I get Testogel online?

Testogel is not currently available through our online service. If you would like to renew your prescription, please consult your doctor. 

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of male hypogonadism, but haven’t been tested yet, we recommend you speak to your doctor. They will be able to refer you for testing and provide further support.

You can also order a home test kit for testosterone from our site.

Page last reviewed:  05/08/2020

Only use this treatment as directed by your prescriber and read the patient information guide before you commence treatment.

  1. Prepare the pump as per the instructions provided in the supplied leaflet.
  2. A typical dose might be 2.5 g of gel applied once daily.
  3. Each depression of the plunger supplies 1.25 g of gel. Therefore a 2.5 g dose of gel can be obtained from the pump by depressing the plunger twice.
  4. Gently spread the gel onto clean and dry skin of both the upper arms and shoulders.
  5. The gel does not need to be rubbed into the skin.
  6. Leave the gel to fully dry for at least three to five minutes before getting dressed.
  7. Wash your hands thoroughly after application.
  8. Do not apply to the genital area.

The directions supplied here are only intended as a guide. More detailed information can be found the leaflet provided.

Page last reviewed:  05/08/2020
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:
Side effects

Side effects

It is important to make yourself familiar with the potential side effects of any medication you are going to be using. Full details of the side effects associated with Testogel can be found in the enclosed patient guide.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):

Mood changes, skin reactions, increase in red blood cell count and changes to the prostate gland.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):

Increased blood pressure, inflammation of the veins, flushing, diarrhoea, bloated stomach, fluid retention, pain in the testicles, pain in the mouth, development of breasts and tender nipples.

Frequency unknown:

Reduced number of sperm, abnormal body hair growth, tiredness, difficulty passing urine, depression, anxiety, headache, dizziness, weight gain, tingling skin, blood clots, difficulty breathing, feeling sick, sweating, muscle or bone pain, muscle weakness and feeling unwell.

Please read the patient information guide for a full and detailed list of the potential side effects caused by this treatment.


Taking it with other medicines

The prescribing doctor will require information about any medication you are currently taking or have recently taken. In particular, you must let the doctor know if you are taking anticoagulants or corticosteroids as these may interfere with your treatment.  

Conditions to look out for

Please provide the prescribing doctor with information about your medical history. It is particularly important for them to know if you currently have or have ever had any of the following conditions: high blood pressure; heart, kidney or liver disease; epilepsy; migraines or diabetes.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

This treatment should not be used by women.

Pregnant women should avoid coming into contact with the application site as this treatment may cause side effects which are potentially harmful to their baby.

Men using this treatment should familiarise themselves with the patient information leaflet to avoid the transfer of the product to others.

Driving and machinery

You should still be able to drive or operate machinery when using Testogel. If you become unwell while using it, do not drive and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Page last reviewed:  05/08/2020
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Can I still drink alcohol?

This treatment is not known to interact with alcohol. However, drinking alcohol can exacerbate the symptoms you experience due to low testosterone, such as erectile dysfunction.

Can I use this medicine if my partner is pregnant?

Women should not come into contact with Testogel, particularly if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it can have potentially harmful effects on an unborn baby.

Make sure you take appropriate precautions to ensure that it does transfer to the skin of your partner.

How do I store it?

Make sure that your treatment is stored in a safe place away from children.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

Testogel contains the active ingredient testosterone. It also contains carbomer 980, isopropyl myristate, ethanol 96%, sodium hydroxide and purified water.

If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients do not use this product.

Is it available over-the-counter?

No. You need to obtain a prescription via our online consultation service in order to make a purchase of this product.

How can I buy Testogel online?

If you have symptoms of low testosterone but haven’t been tested, it’s best to speak to your doctor. They will be able to give you advice on getting tested. You can also purchase a testosterone testing kit online from us.

If you have confirmed low testosterone levels and you are experiencing clinical signs of low testosterone, then Testogel may be recommended by your doctor.

To buy or renew your Testogel prescription online with our UK pharmacy, complete our consultation. Your answers will be reviewed by our doctor, who will generate a prescription on approval. The treatment will then be dispensed at our pharmacy and shipped to you by next-day parcel.

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