Our Service & Limitations

Our Service

Treated.com is an online clinic service. We offer patients private consultations, prescription issue, and medication dispensing and delivery. We are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.


The Process

1. Patients can find the medication they need or the condition they need treatment for by selecting or searching for it our website. Once they have found the medicine they need, they can opt to ‘Buy Now’, and will then be taken to our medical questionnaire.

2. Our medical questionnaire has been written by a practising doctor and a prescribing pharmacist. It asks patients questions relating to their health in general, to the condition they are treating and to the medication they are seeking to buy.

The lengths of our questionnaires vary depending on the condition or medication they relate to; but many of them are around 30-40 questions long in total.

3. After the questionnaire has been completed, the patient will be asked to provide their name, delivery and payment details.

4. Once the patient submits their questionnaire, this is then assessed by one of our practising doctors. The doctors we use are all registered with the General Medical Council.

Based on the answers provided, the doctor will then either:

  • approve the order
  • or decline the order

In some cases, the doctor may ask the patient to supply more information before making a decision. This may be done via the messaging facility in the patient area on our website. A notification will always be sent to the patient by text or email if the doctor requires further information.

If the order is declined, the patient will be notified by email. This email will explain why the order has been declined, and advise the patient to see their GP in person. In these cases, the patient will not be charged.

If the order is approved, the doctor then sends a notification to the patient, providing advice and safety information relating to their medication.

5. Once the patient confirms they have read and understood this information, an electronic prescription is issued by the doctor, and this is then sent to the dispensing pharmacy.

(The order remains on hold until the patient has confirmed that they have read and understood this information. If they do not do so within 10 days, the order is automatically cancelled.)

6. Once they have received the order, the pharmacist will then assess the prescription and the questionnaire completed by the patient. They will then also either:

  • approve the order
  • decline the order
  • ask the patient to supply more information before making a decision
  • or liaise with the doctor before making a decision.

Once again, if the order is declined by the pharmacist, the patient will be notified by email and told why. The patient will then be advised to see a healthcare professional in person. Once more, the patient will not be charged if their order is declined by the pharmacist.

If the order is approved by the pharmacist, the medication will be dispensed at our pharmacy, which is based in the UK and regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

7. Once the medication is packed and ready, it will be picked up by one of our courier partners (DPD, UPS, TNT or Royal Mail) and shipped to patient’s address by next-day tracked delivery.

The patient will be supplied with a tracking number via email or text, depending on their preferred contact method, so that they can track their item.

8. To receive their parcel, the patient must present a valid, government-issued photo ID to the delivery driver. This can be a passport or a full UK or EEA photocard driving license.

9. Once the item has been delivered, the patient will then be invited via email to provide feedback on their experience on our TrustPilot page.

If the patient is not happy with the service or they encounter a problem with their order, they can contact our customer service team who will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We are unable to accept returns or offer refunds on medications as it is prohibited by law. However, we are able to offer refunds to patients in some cases if there is a problem with their medication, or if they encountered problems with our service.


Products we sell

All of the treatments we sell on Treated.com are sourced from reputable medicine wholesalers. We only sell medications legally approved for use by the MHRA.

Some of the medications we sell we may not be able to issue on an ‘initial treatment’ basis. This is particularly the case for medications which treat ongoing chronic conditions, as primary diagnosis for these will need to be done by a physician in person. However, we do offer patients prescription renewals for such items, if treatment has already been started by their doctor or specialist. We will always state on our website where this is the case.

In some cases, we may offer treatment for a condition ‘off-label’. This means that the medication has not been specifically licensed to treat the condition in question, but that some doctors do issue it for this purpose. We will always clearly state where we offer a medication ‘off-label’. You can read more on off-label prescribing on our information page.


Storing and processing patient information

Any information the patient provides when using our service is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. All personal information provided by the patient is stored on a secure server.

We will only notify a patient’s GP about an order if they provide their consent to do so.  

Our payments are handled by CLiQ Payments. We will not store or handle patient’s bank or credit card details at any time.

When our doctors require further information from the patient, they will ask the patient to provide this using our secure chat facility.

You can read more on our information processes on our How we handle your data page.

More guidance on protecting personal information online can be found on our information page.


Limitations of our service

Our service primarily aims to provide accessibility and convenience to patients who:

  • cannot for certain reasons see a doctor in person
  • cannot for certain reasons obtain medication from a pharmacy in person

However, there are limitations to the service we offer.

Consulting with a doctor online is by no means a like-for-like alternative to seeing a doctor in person. A face-to-face consultation with a GP or specialist is always a more preferable option to consulting with a doctor online, as an in-person consultation may be able to identify issues which an online consultation cannot.

It is also important to note that a patient’s regular GP will also have complete access to their medical history, and be more familiar with the patient. Our doctors do not have access to a patient’s medical history.

Our consultation facility requires that patients disclose their medical history to our doctors; so, provided the patient provides accurate and truthful information, our doctors will be able to develop an idea of a patient’s medical profile. However, patients should not consider this an equal substitute to seeing a doctor in person, who knows them and is familiar with their medical profile.

We would therefore always recommend that patients have an in-person consultation with their regular doctor or specialist if they are able to.

Lastly, our service is a private one. The prices we display are inclusive of consultation, prescription, medication and special delivery.

However, the prices we charge will typically be higher than those patients would pay if they are entitled to levied (or free) treatment on the NHS.




We value your feedback. You can tell us your thoughts and share your experiences with us by clicking on ‘Report a problem’ in the footer of this page, or by contacting our customer care team.

If you would like to know more about how to make a complaint, please read our complaints page.

Each year we ask people who have used our service to participate in a patient satisfaction survey. You can find the results of this survey, and information on how we have addressed feedback here.

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