• Lidocaine/Prilocaine

EMLA is a skin cream which provides a numbing effect on the area it is applied to. It is prescribed off-label for premature ejaculation.

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EMLA is a cream developed by AstraZeneca, which is used to provide anaesthesia to the skin. It is most typically applied before a minor skin procedure which requires the surface of the skin to be anaesthetised, such as an injection, treatment of an ulcer, wart removal or skin graft. The cream is also prescribed off-label for the treatment of premature ejaculation in men.

  1. Aids male sexual stamina.
  2. Quick and easy to apply.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is not an easy condition to give a definitive description of, as sexual appetites vary from couple to couple. It is generally not described as being present just because the male partner climaxes before the female partner does. The best way to exemplify PE is as a condition where the male partner, on a consistent basis, experiences ejaculation within two minutes of sexual penetration commencing.

There are a number of possible contributing factors when it comes to premature ejaculation, and the condition is typically categorised into two distinct types: primary PE and secondary PE.

The primary type is also referred to as ‘lifelong’ premature ejaculation. This is when the man experiencing the condition has done so persistently throughout their sexually active life.

Causes of primary premature ejaculation are mostly psychological. Some believe this might be what doctors refer to as ‘conditioning’, whereby the person experiencing the problem may have taught themselves to ejaculate quickly from an early age, or a person’s upbringing might have influenced their attitude to sex.

Secondary premature ejaculation is when symptoms develop during adult life, after a history of otherwise normal ejaculatory function.

This might be the result of an undiagnosed condition, such as prostate disease or an overactive thyroid. But it may also be the result of stress, or sexual anxiety. In newer relationships, nervousness or an eagerness to perform can cause the male partner to be more susceptible to premature ejaculation.

Treatments for PE typically aim to reduce sexual sensitivity in the person experiencing the condition, allowing for prolonged sexual contact. When applied to the penis, EMLA does this numbing by the nerves underneath the skin.

Pain and pleasure are experienced when nerve receptors are supplied with stimulation, and the appropriate signal is then transmitted to the brain. The two functioning ingredients in EMLA, lidocaine and prilocaine, interrupt this process by stopping these signals at the site of application, thus allowing the user more control over when they ejaculate.

It is important when buying any treatment to ensure you do so from a regulated pharmacy. At Treated.com, we work with GMC-registered doctors who will not prescribe any medicine they deem unsafe for the user.

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Active Ingredient

EMLA is an acronym of the AstraZeneca’s cream, standing for Eutectic Mixture of Local Anaesthetics. There are two local anaesthetics in the treatment: prilocaine and lidocaine. When EMLA is used before a minor surgical procedure involving the skin, these agents provide numbness at the applied site, and prevent feelings of pain.

When used to prolong sexual contact in the case of premature ejaculation, the mixture is carefully spread on the skin of the penis using the covering dressing provided. The treatment inhibits oversensitivity and tempers the transmission of some pleasure signals to the brain which the user might experience during sex; providing the user with the capacity to ‘go’ for longer periods without climaxing too early.

Clinical studies indicate that the application of EMLA cream can extend the time until an ejaculation is reached from 1.5 minutes to 9-12 minutes.

The cream usually gets to work within 15-30 minutes when applied under a dressing to the genitals, but you should always use the amount advised by your doctor, for the specific duration which they have specified. If you are unsure, read the patient information leaflet, and do not exceed the stated dose.

You should always use a condom when using EMLA or at least be very careful to wash off the cream after leaving it on for the time your doctor specified, because it could make your partner’s vagina numb.

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How to use Emla

When using EMLA, it is important to observe the application instructions supplied with the medicine. Doing so will help to maximise its efficacy and narrow the likelihood of side effects.

  1. Prior to first use and when used on the genitals, a qualified healthcare professional such as a doctor or nurse will need to show you how to correctly apply EMLA.
  2. Do not directly apply the cream using your hand. Use the covering dressing and applicator provided as instructed by your doctor or nurse. 
  3. Never apply more than the amount specified by your prescriber.

For more detailed instructions, consult the patient information leaflet supplied or ask your physician.

Download EMLA Cream patient information leaflet

Emla side effects

No medicine is completely risk-free when it comes to side effects. For your own safety, we strongly advise that you read the patient information leaflet in its entirety before using this product, and follow the demonstration provided by your doctor or nurse. We also recommend that you become familiar with the possible side effects so that you can seek medical attention right away in the event that you experience them:

Common (1 in 10 people or less):
Swelling, redness, itching, mild burning sensation, or paleness at the site of application.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):
Tingling sensation.

Rare (1 in 1000 people or less):
Allergic reactions, red dots, eye irritation.

This is not a complete list of side effects associated with the treatment. For a more detailed account of possible side effects and what to do if they occur, please refer to the leaflet supplied, or ask your prescribing doctor.


Taking it with other medicines

When undergoing consultation for any treatment, it is vital to let your doctor know if you are using medicines for any other conditions. Sulphonamides, medications for irregular heartbeat and other local anaesthetics may interact with or decrease the effectiveness of this medication.

Conditions to look out for

EMLA may not be suitable for you if you have or have had anaemia, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, methaemoglobinaemia, atopic dermatitis, or other conditions.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

New or expectant mothers should consult with their doctor prior to use, as special application may be required.

Driving and machinery

The correct use of EMLA should not influence your ability to drive or operate machinery.

Q&A: our Emla discussion forum

Can I still drink alcohol?

Technically yes, but as alcohol can directly affect sexual performance, we would advise against it. We would also recommend that you do not drink alcohol prior to using EMLA, as it requires very careful application.

Will I still be able to drive?

This treatment should not affect your capacity to drive. But if you experience any side effects, such as an allergic reaction, which may make it unsafe for you to drive, then you should avoid doing so.

How should I store it?

Below 30 degrees. Do not allow the treatment to freeze. You should also store it safely out of the reach of children.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

EMLA Cream contains prilocaine, lidocaine, polyoxyethylene, hydrogenated castor oil, Carbomer 974P, sodium hydroxide and purified water. If you know or suspect that you may be allergic to any of these ingredients, do not use this treatment.

Is it available over-the-counter?

No. As it has very particular instructions, you can only buy EMLA with a prescription from a doctor. At Treated.com, we work with registered physicians, who can draw up a prescription for you if they are satisfied that the product which you are looking to buy is suitable for you.

Is it right for me?

We understand how frustrating it can be for a couple when premature ejaculation presents an obstacle to sexual intercourse. For this reason, we provide an online consultation service staffed by qualified doctors, who are on hand to review any orders you make through our site. Simply fill out our questionnaire, and our doctor will assess your suitability for the treatment based on the answers you provide. Once your order has been endorsed, we will dispense your medicine and deliver it to you the following business day.

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