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Derbac-M is a medication which acts as an insecticide. These are used in healthcare because they target the nervous systems of small, parasitic mites and insects. This includes scabies, pubic lice and head lice.

You can order Derbac-M online from our UK pharmacy. Take our medical questionnaire to have you symptoms assessed by one of our qualified doctors or prescribers. Once approved, you’ll receive your treatment within one working day from our UK pharmacy.

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Derbac-M is a medication which acts as an insecticide. These are used in healthcare because they target the nervous systems of small, parasitic mites and insects. This includes scabies, pubic lice and head lice.

You can order Derbac-M online from our UK pharmacy. Take our medical questionnaire to have you symptoms assessed by one of our qualified doctors or prescribers. Once approved, you’ll receive your treatment within one working day from our UK pharmacy.

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Product information

Derbac-M contains malathion, an insecticide. It works by targeting the nervous system of small insects and mites. When used correctly, it can help to eradicate infestations of scabies and lice, both of the scalp and pubic regions. It is manufactured by GR Lane Health Products Ltd. Derbac-M is used to treat the following conditions: 

Derbac-M for head lice

Head lice and nits are common and highly contagious parasites which can live on the scalp, though have been observed in other regions such as the eyebrows or other facial hair. They are more common in young children and families. Head lice are not related to dirty hair, nor do they prefer unhygienic environments. They’re spread through close physical proximity. 

Symptoms of head lice will include itching of the scalp. Sometimes it can become intense or irritable and it may feel like something is moving in your hair. They can also cause sores or scabs on the scalp. 

Head lice are small, parasitic insects which survive by feeding on blood. They are observable to the human eye, which makes detection somewhat easier than other conditions of an infestational nature. A grown adult louse will be around the size of a sesame seed. 

Head lice can be detected and treated using a number of methods, including ‘wet-combing’. This is when a fine-toothed comb is dragged along wet hair in an effort to remove lice and eggs. Often, this process needs to be repeated several times to ensure complete removal. 

A number of topical solutions and liquids are also available to treat head lice. Often, these will be applied to the head and scalp and left for a number of hours before washing out and then combing to remove the dead lice. Derbac-M is one such topical liquid. Due to the highly contagious nature of head lice, it’s recommended that all people living in one household are treated at the same time. 

Derbac-M for scabies 

Scabies are small mites called Sarcoptes scabiei. Like head lice, scabies are parasitic. This means they use a host, humans in this instance, in order to survive or procreate. 

Scabies survive in the skin, by burrowing underneath surface tissue. Scabies will typically aim to burrow in certain places, such as the wrists, webbing of the fingers, feet, elbows, back, buttcks, breasts and genitals - though they can be observed anywhere on the human body. 

Using sharp frontward pincers, they burrow into the skin, feeding on moist, dead tissue. Once deep enough, they lay their eggs, or lavre. Once hatched, infant mites then feed on the tissue until they’re ready to emerge fully grown. 

Symptoms can include thin, silvery lines, sometimes with a ‘dot’ at the end. This can show the trail where they have burrowed in the skin. People may also notice a red, rash, sometimes on the hands, though it can appear anywhere. This can develop into small red dots. One of the main symptoms is itching, especially observed at night. 

Derbac-M for pubic lice

Pubic lice, colloquially referred to as crabs, are small lice that live on rough, course areas of hair. Typically, this can include the genitals. However, pubic lice are not limited to this region as they can also be found underneath the armpits, chest hair, abdominal hair, back, facial hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. They spread through body-to-body contact, and are usually transmitted through sex. 

Symptoms are the same for men and women, and can include itching, particularly noticeable at night, swelling, inflammation and irritation in infected areas, black ‘powder’ in the underwear, or blue, small spots of blood on the skin’s surface - caused by bites. Itching is usually an allergic reaction to lice saliva. 

Pubic lice are just about visible to the naked eye, at around 2mm in length when fully grown, though they won’t be visible to everyone. If you’ve come into contact with pubic lice, we highly recommend seeking tests for other sexually transmitted infections. Any sexual partners you’ve encountered in the last 3 months should also be notified and test subsequently. 

Pubic lice do not ‘choose’ where to spread depending on person hygiene. They can affect clean and unclean regions alike. Using condoms and other barrier methods will not protect against pubic lice. Occasionally, pubic lice can spread through the shared use of fabrics like towels and bedsheets. 

Can I order scabies and lice treatment online? 

We currently offer Derbac-M to treat scabies, head lice and pubic lice. It’s very important to familiarise yourself with the appropriate dosage and usage instructions for your particular condition. For head lice, we sell treatment with a free fine-toothed comb to aid in the removal process. 

You can order scabies and lice treatment from our secure UK pharmacy. Take our medical questionnaire, which will be assessed by one of our GMC-registered doctors or GPhC-registered prescribers. Pending approval, your treatment will be shipped using a third-party courier, for free. 

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Page last reviewed:  13/03/2021

It’s important you always take any treatment exactly how it has been prescribed. If you’re unsure, more information can be found on the patient information leaflet inside each treatment pack.

Head lice

  1. Ensure hair is dry throughout 
  2. Rub Derbac-M into the scalp, ensuring all areas of the hair and scalp are covered. 
  3. Wait for the liquid to try naturally. 
  4. Leave the treatment for 8-12 hours (preferably, overnight). 
  5. Next, wash your hair with shampoo. 
  6. While your hair is wet, brush it with a fine-toothed comb. This helps to remove nits and eggs. 
  7. This process should be repeated in seven days to ensure complete eradication. 
  8. It is recommended that everyone living in the same house receives treatment too, at the same time. 

Pubic lice

  1. Ensure the skin is dry. 
  2. Apply the liquid to the whole body, including the face, neck, scalp and ears.
  3. Avoid contact with the eyes. 
  4. Particularly ensure all hairy areas are thoroughly coated. 
  5. Leave your skin to dry naturally
  6. Do not wash for 12 hours. It might be easier to sleep while using this treatment. 
  7. After 12 hours, take a shower or bath to remove the treatment. 
  8. Repeat this process in seven days. This helps to ensure complete eradication. 


  1. Ensure the skin is dry. 
  2. Apply Derbac-M solution to the whole body, including awkward areas like the face, ears, scalp, neck, back and genitals. 
  3. Avoid contact with the eyes. 
  4. Let your skin dry naturally, then leave it for 8-10 hours. 
  5. Each time you wash your hands, reapply the solution afterward. 
  6. After 8-10 hours, remove the solution using a bath or shower. 
  7. Repeat this process seven days later. This helps to ensure complete eradication. 

If you’re unsure about using Derbac-M, speak to your pharmacist or doctor who’ll be able to provide you with further guidance.

Page last reviewed:  13/03/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:


Side effects

All medicines and treatments come with a risk of side effects, though most won’t encounter any. However, it’s important to be aware of what possible side effects can look like should they arise. 

Derbac-M can cause skin irritation and allergic reaction, including those of a severe nature. If you begin to develop any difficulty breathing, a blocked throat, wheezing, coughing, swelling of the skin, mouth, tongue, throat or lips or dizziness, you must seek urgent medical attention.

Chemical burns have also been reported in people using this treatment. 

If you are reacting to this treatment negatively, or notice any other side effects not listed above, speak with a doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible. 


Taking it with other medication

Derbac-M is for external use only. Because of this, it’s unlikely to interact negatively with any oral medications. If you use are using any other treatment for external use, make your doctor or prescriber aware. 

Other conditions to look out for

Do not use this treatment on broken skin. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients found in Derbac-M, you should also refrain from using this treatment. 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Make your doctor aware if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or trying for a baby so they can offer specific advice. 

Page last reviewed:  13/03/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:



Can I still drink alcohol? 

Yes, this treatment is for external use only so cannot interfere with alcohol consumption. 

Will I still be able to drive?

Yes, Derbac-M doesn’t interfere with the ability to drive. 

Can I take the medicine while pregnant? 

It is vital you make your prescriber or doctor aware during consultation whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. 

How should I store it?

Away from children in a dry environment, at no more than 25 degrees. 

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine? 

The active ingredient in Derbac-M is malathion. It also contains methyl hydroxybenzoate (E218) and propyl hydroxybenzoate (E219). If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about alternatives. 

Is it available over the counter? 

Yes, this treatment can be purchased over-the-counter. However, a pharmacist will still need to carry out a medical evaluation to ensure its suitability. 

How can I buy Derbac-M online? 

If you believe you may be suffering with any of the symptoms of scabies, head lice or pubic lice, you can take our medical questionnaire to have your symptoms assessed by a UK doctor or prescriber. Pending their medical approval, your order will be processed and dispensed in our pharmacy. All orders placed before 4pm are delivered the next day. 

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