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Chlamydia Lab Test Kit

The Chlamydia Test Kit contains everything you need to get tested from home, and results usually come back within two days of receipt at the lab. We’ll post your result in your secure patient area once ready.

Order your Chlamydia test kit online from our UK pharmacy, and you’ll receive it in just one working day. (We also offer a women only test kit for chlamydia, which provides a result at home in 15 minutes.)

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Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea combined test

This tests for both chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

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Please note: this service is not to be used in an emergency. Call 999 if you need urgent medical attention.
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The Chlamydia Test Kit contains everything you need to get tested from home, and results usually come back within two days of receipt at the lab. We’ll post your result in your secure patient area once ready.

Order your Chlamydia test kit online from our UK pharmacy, and you’ll receive it in just one working day. (We also offer a women only test kit for chlamydia, which provides a result at home in 15 minutes.)

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Product information

The Chlamydia Test Kit can be used to screen for chlamydia, without having to go to a GUM clinic. Once you have the kit all you’ll need to provide is a urine sample. This is then sent to our partner lab, The Doctors Laboratory, for analysis. The turnaround time for this test, from receipt at the laboratory, is two days. When your results are ready, we’ll text or email to let you know you can access them in your secure patient area.

In the event of a positive result, our doctor will advise you on treatment. We also work with the SXT Partner Notification service, which can help you inform your partners about your result.

There are three types of Chlamydia test kit available to buy from our UK pharmacy:

  • a chlamydia-only test kit
  • a combined chlamydia and gonorrhoea test kit
  • and a 7-in-1 test kit, which tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mycoplasma genitalium, gardnerella vaginalis, trichomonas vaginalis, ureaplasma, and herpes simplex 1 and 2.

When you buy the Chlamydia test kit online from our UK pharmacy, you’ll receive it via secure courier within one working day.

Chlamydia: key information

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection, with around 200,000 cases reported by GUM clinics in England alone each year. It can affect men or women, but women tend to be more commonly diagnosed. It can be transmitted through vaginal, anal or oral sex, or by sharing sex toys.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of chlamydia is its capacity to be symptomless. It’s estimated that around half of male cases and up to 80% of female cases will cause no physical signs, so it’s not uncommon for the infection to go unnoticed.

In those cases where chlamydia does cause symptoms, in women these may be:

  • urinary pain
  • abdominal pain
  • bleeding during or after sex
  • irregular menstrual bleeding
  • vaginal discharge

and in men:

  • urinary pain
  • burning or pain in the urethra
  • white discharge from the end of the penis
  • testicular pain

Like gonorrhoea, chlamydia can also occur in other parts of the body, such as the eyes and rectum. In such cases, pain and discharge might occur. Chlamydia can also infect the throat, but this is not likely to result in symptoms.

Why you should get tested

The only way to know your chlamydia status is to get tested.

When not treated, chlamydia can cause complications such as infertility, or pelvic inflammatory disease in women. The infection can also be very easily passed onto other sexual partners; so it is crucial to get tested and, where necessary, the appropriate treatment. This is typically given in the form an antibiotic.

If you’re not in a monogamous relationship and sexually active, it’s a good idea to get tested on a regular basis (at least once a year). If you think you may have come into contact with chlamydia, or if one of your previous sexual partners gets a positive result, then you should get medical advice as soon as possible.

In some cases, if you know for certain you have been exposed to chlamydia or if your symptoms strongly indicate a chlamydia infection, you may be advised to take treatment right away before your test result is ready. However, even in these cases, you will still need to be tested too, so that your partner(s) can be notified.

Is the home test kit accurate?

Yes, provided you collect your sample correctly. The tests we offer use the same technique as that practiced in NHS hospital labs and, with perfect use, are as just as accurate.

You can now buy your chlamydia test kit using our secure online pharmacy platform. Simply click ‘order now’, and you will be presented with a short questionnaire from our doctor. This is just to make sure that you are ordering the right test. Once your order has been confirmed, you can expect to receive your test kit at your chosen address within one business day.

Sex after chlamydia 

Once you have sought treatment for chlamydia, there are some steps to take before you can resume sexual activity. This is to ensure your safety and that of any sexual partner. After you have finished your course of treatment, we strongly recommend waiting three weeks before taking a second test to confirm there is no longer a presence of chlamydia. This waiting period helps to ensure any trace of chlamydia bacteria have been removed from the body. If your second test is negative, you can then resume sexual activity.

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Page last reviewed:  23/08/2021

In your chlamydia testing kit, you’ll receive the following:

  1. a self addressed envelope
  2. a urine sample tube
  3. a request form
  4. a test kit box
  5. a urine collection box
  6. a protective wallet
  7. and a name label.
Page last reviewed:  23/08/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Chlamydia Lab Test Kit


With your test kit, you’ll receive a set of instructions. Make sure you follow these carefully when collecting your sample.

We’ve included a summary of the directions below to give you an idea of how the test works.

  • First thing in the morning, before you’ve had a chance to go to the toilet, is the ideal time to collect your urine sample
  • Wash your hands
  • Fill in the request form and name label (some details may already be present)
  • Stick the completed name label on the urine collection tube
  • Go to the bathroom
  • Push together the sides of the urine collection box, so that it makes an open-topped container
  • Begin passing urine into the box (the first part of your urine must go into this box) until it is half full
  • Finish urinating in the toilet
  • Carefully place the urine collection box down
  • Remove the lid from the urine sample tube
  • Using the urine collection box, fill the urine sample tube to the 9ml mark, being very careful not to get any urine on the outside of the tube
  • Screw the urine sample tube lid on tightly
  • Discard the rest of the contents of the urine collection box, and the urine collection box itself
  • Place the tube in the protective wallet
  • Insert the tube and completed request form into the prepaid envelope
  • Post the envelope to The Doctors Laboratory as soon as possible

Once you have sent your sample back:

  • The normal turnaround time for tests received at the lab is two days
  • Once your results are ready, you’ll receive a text message or email notification (whichever you selected as your preferred option) from us
  • Your results will be available in your patient area
  • If your result is negative, you don’t need to do anything else
  • If your result is positive, our doctor will advise you what to do next

If you are unsure of anything to do with this test, please get in touch with The Doctors Laboratory on 020 7307 7373 or via email samples@tdlpathology.com

If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding our service, you can contact us via your patient area, or call our customer care team.

Page last reviewed:  23/08/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Chlamydia Lab Test Kit


How does it work?

Once you have received the test kit, follow the instructions to provide a suitable urine sample. Send this to our partner lab in the envelope supplied. Following receipt, the lab will send your result to us, usually within two days. We’ll then notify you that your result is ready.

Who is your partner lab?

The Doctors Laboratory, a team of pathology specialists based in the UK.

How will I be notified?

We will text or email you to let you know when your result is ready. Then, you will need to login to your Treated.com patient area to access the result.

How long does it take?

When you order a test kit from us, you’ll receive it in one working day. After the lab has received your sample, it will take two days to turnaround. So, provided you send off your sample without delay, you can have your result in a week or less.

What kind of sample do I have to give for the chlamydia test?

A urine sample. See the directions for more information on how to collect this.

What happens if I’m negative?

If you test negative for chlamydia, you will not need to take treatment for it.

If you test negative but have symptoms which are indicative of an infection, then you may need to take a test to ensure that you don’t have any other STIs. When you order a test kit from our UK pharmacy, our doctor will ask you a few questions just to make sure you are ordering the right one.

What happens if I’m positive?

Our doctor will provide advice on getting treatment, and notifying your partners.

We work with SXT Partner Notification to give you any support you may need when informing previous partners.

Is chlamydia curable?

Yes, antibiotics can rid the body of the infection in the vast majority of cases.

When can I have sex again? 

After you have finished a course of prescribed treatment for chlamydia, we advise waiting for three weeks. This period allows for the treatment to eradicate any remaining traces of the infection. After this, we also recommend a second test to confirm there is no longer any presence of the infection. After these steps, it is safe to have sex again. 

Can you get chlamydia twice?

Yes. Even if you have had chlamydia once before and successfully treated it, this does not make you immune to getting it again. It is important to ensure you follow safe sex practices to lower your risk of getting the infection.

Who should get tested?

If you suspect you have come into contact with chlamydia, or if you develop symptoms which suggest that you may have an STI, you should get tested as soon as possible.

Generally, if you are sexually active and not in a steady relationship, then it is a good idea to get tested for STIs regularly; particularly if you have had unprotected sex.

Page last reviewed:  23/08/2021
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