Female Chlamydia Test

The Female Chlamydia Test from SELFCheck uses a swab sample and displays a result in 15 minutes.

You can buy the Female Chlamydia Test online using our secure pharmacy service. All orders for test kits are shipped by next-day parcel, in discreet packaging.

We also offer a lab test for chlamydia suitable for both men and women.

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Female Chlamydia Test

This is a swab test for chlamydia. It is only suitable for women.

Order now, and get it by Saturday 14th December

The Female Chlamydia Test from SELFCheck uses a swab sample and displays a result in 15 minutes.

You can buy the Female Chlamydia Test online using our secure pharmacy service. All orders for test kits are shipped by next-day parcel, in discreet packaging.

We also offer a lab test for chlamydia suitable for both men and women.

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Product information

The Female Chlamydia Test is a home screening kit from SELFCheck, used to test for chlamydia in women. It contains a swab which is inserted into the vagina to collect a sample, which is then dipped into a small bottle of liquid. This liquid is then squeezed into a cassette, which tells you your result after 15 minutes. Please note, it is only suitable for women. Men seeking to buy a chlamydia test online can order from our chlamydia lab test kit page.

Chlamydia is the most commonly contracted STI in the UK, with around 200,000 cases reported in GUM clinics each year. It is most common among young adults (people aged 16-24). The condition can be spread through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, or through sharing sex toys.

It’s caused by a bacteria called C. Trachomatis. Around half of men who contract the infection display no noticeable symptoms, and about seven in 10 women who contract chlamydia are symptomless. It is therefore quite common for people to have chlamydia and not realise until either: a partner tells them; or the infection is picked up through routine STI screening.

When it does cause symptoms, these can vary from person to person. In women, most commonly these symptoms will include discharge from the vagina, pain during urination, bleeding after sex, bleeding between periods and abdominal pain.

If it isn’t treated, chlamydia can lead to more serious problems, including loss of fertility and pelvic inflammatory disease. These risks are significant even when no symptoms are present, so it’s essential to get tested for chlamydia if you think you may have come into contact with it.

Treatment for chlamydia is fairly straightforward. If you have a positive result you’ll be prescribed an antibiotic medicine, typically Doxycycline, to treat it. Oral antibiotics are effective at treating chlamydia in the majority of cases. Women who are pregnant may be advised to take an alternative, such as Erythromycin; as Doxycycline is contraindicated in pregnancy.

Testing for chlamydia with the SELFCheck test kit is simple, and it only takes around 20 minutes in total to know your result. If you suspect you may have chlamydia, you should have a test as soon as possible, so that you can get the treatment you need if you are positive. Treatment for chlamydia is also available from our site for those who do get a positive result.

Order your SELFCheck chlamydia screening kit through our online service, and you’ll receive it in one working day. We’ll ship your Female Chlamydia Test kit in secure, unmarked packaging, to help ensure your privacy.

Sex after chlamyida 

For your own protection and that of others, it is important not to have sex until you are sure chlamydia has been completely eradicated. There are some steps you can take to do this. Firstly, after a course of treatment is complete, wait for three weeks. This waiting period allows for the infection to be completely removed. Then, after this period, take another test to confirm there is no longer a presence of chlamydia before having sex again.

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Page last reviewed:  04/12/2019

This kit contains:

  • a sterile applicator
  • a test cassette
  • a buffer bottle
  • and some instructions.

If you receive your kit and any of the above are missing, please contact us.

Page last reviewed:  04/12/2019
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Female Chlamydia Test (Self Test Kit)


Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully when performing this test. If you do not, the reliability of the test may be affected.

Please note that this test kit is only for use in women.

  1. Before doing the test, ensure you have a clock or watch with a second hand ready to view.
  2. Do not urinate for at least one hour before performing the test.
  3. Please note that if your result is positive and you want to order chlamydia treatment online from us, you will need to take a picture of the displayed positive result with a form of photo ID to upload during your secure consultation. If you plan to order treatment online, it is advisable to have your camera or phone and a photo ID ready before administering the test, because the result is not displayed permanently.
  4. The buffer bottle contains a hazardous substance and should be handled with caution.
  5. Get into a comfortable position.
  6. Gently and carefully insert the swab into the vagina, until it reaches the cervix (neck of the womb). If you are unsure where your cervix is, gently insert the swab into the vagina until it reaches a soft stop. Do not force the swab any further. The cervix has a firm but not hard consistency, a bit like the tip of your nose.
  7. Rotate it for around 30 seconds.
  8. Slowly pull out the swab.
  9. Dip the swabbed end of the applicator into the buffer bottle and ensure it touches the bottom.
  10. Rotate the swab inside the bottle, and then squeeze out the swab against the inside wall of the bottle several times.
  11. Wait, keeping the swab inside the bottle for five minutes.
  12. When the time is up, squeeze out the swab and extract it from the bottle.
  13. Shut the sample bottle and gently shake it.
  14. Snap off the end of the cap.
  15. Open the foil pack containing the test cassette.
  16. Apply two drops of solution from the bottle into the cassette compartment marked ‘S’, taking care to ensure none of the fluid comes into contact with the reaction field.
  17. Wait for 15 minutes.
  18. The result may not be as easy to see if you leave it for any longer than this. A test left for longer than 20 minutes is not considered reliable.
  19. If two purple lines appear with 15 minutes in the results window at both the ‘C’ and ‘T’ levels, the result is positive. If your result is positive, you will usually see these lines before the 15 minute mark.
  20. A negative result is indicated by one purple line at the ‘C’ level. The result is only negative if this is the only line present after the 15 minute period.
  21. If your results window displays no purple line at ‘C’ level, or only a line at ‘T’ level, or if the whole window turns purple, it is considered invalid. This might be because the instructions were not followed, or because the swab was damaged prior to use.
  22. After you have finished, you should dispose of the test safely in household waste and wash your hands.
  23. If your test is positive, you should seek treatment as soon possible and refrain from having sex until you are sure the infection is gone.

More detailed instructions can be found in the leaflet provided with the test.

Page last reviewed:  04/12/2019
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Female Chlamydia Test (Self Test Kit)


How does it work?

The test mixes the swab sample taken from the vagina with antibodies, which can identify the presence of C. Trachomatis bacteria, which causes chlamydia.

Does it need to go to the lab?

No. This test does not need to be analysed in a lab. The result will be displayed on the cassette.

How long does it take?

The test takes about five minutes to perform, and up to 15 minutes to produce a result.

What kind of sample do I have to give for this chlamydia test?

The kit comes with an applicator, which you use to swab the inside of the vagina.

What happens if I’m negative?

You don’t have to do anything else. Continue to practise safe sex and get tested routinely (ideally every year or so) if you’re sexually active, or right away if you think you may have come into contact with the infection at a later date.

What happens if I’m positive?

You should seek treatment. You can get this from your GP, or you can order it online from us.

Please note that when you order chlamydia treatment from Treated.com, you will be asked to provide evidence of a positive result. So we would recommend having a camera ready to take a picture of your result, with a photo ID in the frame, if you plan to get chlamydia treatment online.

How accurate is the female chlamydia test?

This particular test demonstrated a diagnostic sensitivity of 85.7% and a diagnostic specificity of 98.3% in a clinical study involving 596 participants, when compared with the PCR test method. This means that, compared to the method most widely used in GUM clinics, this test correctly detected positive cases of disease in 85.7% of cases, and correctly ruled out disease in 98.3% of cases.

In another study conducted with 56 participants, 54 correctly interpreted their result.

Is chlamydia curable?

Antibiotics can successfully clear the infection. Doxycycline is currently the first-line treatment for chlamydia.

When can I have sex again? 

After you have waited for three weeks once treatment is concluded and taken a second test to confirm there is no longer a presence of chlamydia.

Can you get chlamydia twice?

Yes. There is, in theory, no limit to how many times you can catch chlamydia. Just because you have received treatment for it once does not make you immune to getting it again.

Who should get tested?

Anyone who thinks they may come into contact with chlamydia, or has had unprotected sex with someone whose STI status they do not know, should get tested as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to get tested regularly (for example once a year) if you’re sexually active with more than one person.

To get your Female Chlamydia Test online, complete our short order form. Test kits are shipped from our UK pharmacy by next-day parcel.

Page last reviewed:  04/12/2019

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