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Gonorrhoea Home Test Kit

The YourSelfTest Gonorrhea Test Kit can detect a gonorrhoea infection using a sterilised swab. Results are visible within 15 minutes.

If you suspect you have gonorrhoea or just want to get tested, you can order the YourSelfTest Gonorrhoea Test Kit using our secure online service. All personal data is handled safely, and test kits are shipped the next working day using discreet packaging.

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Gonorrhoea Home Test Kit

This is a swab test used for gonorrhoea. It can be used by men or women.

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The YourSelfTest Gonorrhea Test Kit can detect a gonorrhoea infection using a sterilised swab. Results are visible within 15 minutes.

If you suspect you have gonorrhoea or just want to get tested, you can order the YourSelfTest Gonorrhoea Test Kit using our secure online service. All personal data is handled safely, and test kits are shipped the next working day using discreet packaging.

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26 April 2021
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Product information

The YourSelfTest Gonorrhea home screening kit is a test you can take at home to check if you have gonorrhoea. This same brand also offer other test kits for varying sexually transmitted infections easily purchasable from our online clinic. The gonorrhoea test requires a swab sample, and provides a result within 15 minutes.

Gonorrhoea is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacterium called Neisseria gonococcus. You may have heard it referred to colloquially as ‘the clap’. The bacteria is mainly found in vaginal or penile discharge.

The infection is spread through unprotected sex: including oral, vaginal or anal sex and use of sex toys. Unprotected sex is when a barrier method such as a condom isn’t used.

Gonorrhoea can infect the cervix, urethra and the rectum. In less common cases, in can occur in the throat or eyes.

It can also be spread from a pregnant woman to her baby, and may result in blindness in the newborn baby. It is vital if you’re pregnant and suspect you might have gonorrhea to get tested and treated where infection is found.

Physical contact that does not include sex, like hugging or kissing, will not spread gonorrhoea.

Gonorrhoea doesn’t always cause symptoms. Around one in 10 men infected will not experience any clear symptoms, and neither will one in five women. Where symptoms do occur, women might notice unusual vaginal discharge which may be thick or watery, green or yellow. Bleeding between periods or heavier periods are also an indicator, as is pain when urinating or in the stomach area.

In men, a similar discharge may be visible and a pain or burning when passing urine. The foreskin or testicles may also become swollen.

If you test positive for gonorrhea it is vital to seek treatment. Gonorrhoea is treated usually with a dual dose of antibiotics. The first line is an injection, which must be given in clinic, in conjunction with an oral tablet. If someone isn’t able to have the injection (for example, if they have a phobia of needles) the alternative is combined oral dose of azithromycin and cefixime.

Ordering your home gonorrhoea test kit online is simple with our secure pharmacy service. We ship all test kits by next day courier in discreet, secure packaging. Because this particular test doesn’t need to go to a lab, you can expect to see your result within 15 minutes of completing your sample collection.

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Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021

This test kit includes:  

  • A sterile cotton swab
  • A test cassette in unique packaging, showing a use by date
  • Two buffers, marked ‘Reagent 1’ (red cap) and ‘Reagent 2’ (yellow cap)
  • A plastic test tube with nozzle cap
  • And a set of instructions

If any of the listed contents are missing, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Gonorrhoea Home Test Kit


Read and follow all necessary instructions carefully. Failure to do so may render the test results unreliable or inconclusive.

  1. This Gonorrhea test kit is for single use only, so it is important that all steps are followed and executed carefully.
  2. Upon arrival and before use, store this kit at between 2-30°C. If the date printed on the foil pouch has expired, this test kit cannot be used and a new one should be purchased.
  3. We recommend you use your Gonorrhea test kit upon receiving it and reading the instructions carefully.
  4. Do not open the foil pouch until you intend to take the test.
  5. Wash your hands prior to using this test kit with soap and warm water and avoid all contact with your eyes, nose or ears. It’s also important you do not smoke, drink or eat when taking the test. .
  6. Make yourself comfortable and take a moment to relax yourself.
  7. If you are a woman, open the vagina using your fingers and insert the swab until it lies underneath the cervix. If you notice discharge, you may use the swab to remove it first. If you do not know how to locate your cervix, it lies toward the back of the vaginal canal and should feel like a small doughnut with a similar texture to that of your nose.
  8. If you are a man, insert the swab into the urethra (the opening at the end of your penis) no more than between 2-4cm. This process should not be painful, though it may cause mild discomfort.
  9. Once inserted, rotate the swab for around five to 10 seconds to collect a sample.
  10. Next, place the swab into the plastic test tube.
  11. Add eight drops from the bottle marked ‘Reagent 1’ into the test tube. Squeeze the plastic tube around fifteen times and rotate the swab to mix the sample with the liquid.
  12. Hold the cotton swab in the test tube for two minutes.
  13. Now, as before, add eight drops from the bottle marked ‘Reagent 2’ into the tube and repeat the process of compressing the tube fifteen times and turning the swab while inside.
  14. You may now remove the cotton swab, ensuring any liquid it has collected is squeezed back into the test tube. Finish by sealing the test tube with its cap.
  15. Open the sealed pouch containing the results cassette.
  16. Squeeze three drops of your sample out of the test tube and into the small cavity marked ‘S’, located at the bottom of the cassette.
  17. Now wait for 15 minutes. It is important you keep the time accurately, so use a watch or phone to help with this.
  18. Results should appear within 15 minutes.
  19. Where the cassette says ‘C’ (Control line) and ‘T’ (Test line) is where your results will read.
  20. A positive result will feature two coloured lines appearing next to both ‘C’ and ‘T’. If your test kit confirms the presence of gonorrhoea, it is important not to panic. Consult with your GP or GUM clinic about the next steps and treatment. Because you’ve been exposed to Gonorrhoea, you might have caught other infections too so you’ll need to be tested for all STIs.
  21. People who aren’t able to have the first line treatment (an antibiotic injection) may be able to conveniently order treatment from our online pharmacy, but it is always best to have first line treatment if possible, it’s more effective and is less likely to lead to an infection which is resistant to antibiotics . All we require is photographic evidence of your gonorrhoea test result and photo ID. Please note, your cassette may not display your results permanently, so we recommend you have a phone or camera handy in the event of a positive reading.
  22. If one coloured band appears only on line ‘C’, this is a negative result for gonorrhoea. Though you may wish to carry out a second test to be absolutely conclusive. So whilst being negative for Gonorrhoea is good news, it doesn’t tell you whether you’ve caught anything else so make sure you test for all STIs if you’ve been at risk of catching Gonorrhoea.
  23. If a coloured band appears next to ‘T’, or no band appears whatsoever, this is an inconclusive result. This might be because one or more of the steps above wasn’t followed correctly. If this happens, you should arrange to be re-tested.  

Detailed and illustrated instructions can be found on the information leaflet inside the packet.


Page last reviewed:  26/04/2021
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

Gonorrhoea Home Test Kit


How does the YourSelfTest Gonorrhea test kit work?

A sample is collected using a swab and mixed with antibodies in a test tube. Then a few drops of the finished liquid are deposited onto a cassette reader that generates a result within 15 minutes. It is easy to use and instructions are provided on the information leaflet inside the packet.

How long after coming into contact with gonorrhoea does it take for this test to detect it?

Gonorrhoea is detectable on a test between 2-6 days. For the most accurate result, wait for 6 days before taking this test. 

Do I have to wait a long time for lab results?

No, you won’t have to wait for lab results whatsoever. This is a home screening kit which allows you to check for gonorrhoea in the comfort and convenience of your home. Results are available within 15 minutes.

What should I do if I test negative for gonorrhoea?

You should continue to practice safe sex and get tested regularly. We recommend annual STI tests, or whenever you change sexual partner.

What should I do if I test positive for gonorrhoea?

Firstly, don’t panic. If you test positive it is vital you consult with your GP and set about finding treatment as early as possible.

Can it be cured?

Yes. Antibiotics can treat the infection in the majority of cases and remove it completely.

Can I get gonorrhoea twice?

Yes. Like a lot of infections, successful treatment doesn’t make you immune. You can get gonorrhoea again, so we advise safe sex and regular testing.

Should I get tested?

If you display any symptoms, have recently had unprotected sex or have changed sexual partner recently, we recommend you take an STI test..

Tests are available that can check for the presence of more than one STI if you’re looking for routine testing. However, if a sexual partner has told you they have a gonorrhoea infection, or if you have symptoms suggestive of gonorrhoea and want to check for this infection specifically, tests such as this one can check for gonorrhoea alone.

To get your gonorrhoea test kit online, complete our short order form. Test kits are shipped from our UK pharmacy by next-day parcel.

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