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A range of home test kits are available through our service. Some allow you to provide a sample which you can send to our partner lab for analysis, and your results are then sent to your secure patient area. Others provide a result at home, in a matter of minutes.

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Select the option you require below to find out more and buy your home test kit online. We ship all test kits from our UK pharmacy by next-day delivery, in confidential packaging.

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Liver Function Test Kit

Liver Function Test Kit

  1. Finger prick blood test
  2. Can help to identify several medical conditions
  3. Turned around at our partner lab in 4 hours
Stomach Ulcer Test

Stomach Ulcer Test

  1. Doesn’t need to go to the lab
  2. Get your result at home
  3. Detects bacteria in a blood sample
Bowel Health Test

Bowel Health Test

  1. At home stool test
  2. No lab analysis needed
  3. Results in 5 minutes
Multi Drug Test

Multi Drug Test

  1. Tests for a range of drugs
  2. Gives individual results in 5 minutes
  3. No lab required
Gluten Sensitivity Test

Gluten Sensitivity Test

  1. Tests for coeliac disease
  2. Get your result in 5 minutes
  3. Lab analysis not required

You can access a variety of test kits from our UK pharmacy. Among these are the SELFCheck female chlamydia, cholesterol level, blood glucose, menopause, multi drug, bowel health, urine infection, stomach ulcer and gluten sensitivity test kits. The BioSURE HIV test is another kit which provides a result at home in minutes.

We also work with a reputable UK-based pathology lab to provide a sample testing service, for conditions such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV, and other STIs. Our laboratory test offering also includes a testosterone level test, liver function test and a HbA1C test.

The time it takes to get a result can vary. Home or ‘self’ testing kits tend to turn around a result in a few minutes or less. In most cases, it takes about a week for someone using one of our lab tests to get their result, after placing their order and sending back their sample.

Why should I get tested?

Testing is usually conducted to either:

  • help identify an underlying illness or health condition, and aid or inform diagnosis;
  • or to monitor how well someone undergoing treatment is responding to their treatment plan.

Some tests are conducted on a regular basis among high risk groups. For example, it’s usually recommended that people over the age of 40 have their cholesterol and blood sugar monitored on a regular basis, either annually or every couple of years, as this age group is more likely to develop high cholesterol or diabetes.

Other tests, such as STI tests, are taken ‘on-demand’ if someone suspects they may have come into contact with an STI after having unprotected sex. But it’s a good idea for people who lead sexually active lives and are not in a monogamous relationship to be tested regularly too (once a year is considered ideal for most).

Allergy or sensitivity tests can help to identify cases where a person is allergic or intolerant to something. The gluten sensitivity test, for example, provides an accurate indicator of whether someone has coeliac disease.  

Getting your test kit online

Going to a clinic in person to be tested isn’t always convenient, and not everyone finds it easy to take time off work for a routine check. Home testing provides a useful solution for those who can’t get to clinic, and enables them to provide a sample at home.

Order your test kit online using our secure pharmacy service. We’ll send your test by 24 hour courier in private packaging, and you’ll normally receive it in one working day.

Page last reviewed:  20/12/2018
Types of Test Kit

What test kits do you offer?

We provide test kits for a variety of conditions, and for general health check-ups.

These include kits for infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, and stomach ulcers caused by bacteria.

The blood glucose test, HbA1C test, liver function test, testosterone level test and menopause test are some of the solutions we offer for people monitoring an existing condition, or who require testing as part of their ongoing treatment plan.

We also offer a gluten sensitivity test, which can give someone an indication of whether they have coeliac disease.

What kind of samples do they require?

The test kits we offer generally require either a blood or urine sample. A blood sample is taken by pricking the end of the finger with a small lancet provided in the kit.

Do they need to go to the lab?

Some of them do, but not all of them.

For example, most STI tests, such as the gonorrhoea test and combined STI tests do need to be analysed at the lab. The HbA1C test, testosterone test and liver function test also need to be seen in a laboratory.

Lab test kit results are normally turned around in a few hours by our pathology partners. So when you take into account the time it should take the test kit to reach yoo, and the time it takes for your sample to get to the lab, you’ll likely be able to get your result within around 7 days of first placing your order (as long you don’t delay collecting your sample).

We offer two different types of HIV test: one goes to the lab, while the other doesn’t need to. The unisex chlamydia test we offer uses a urine sample which needs to be analysed at the lab; however we also offer a SELFCheck kit for female chlamydia, which uses a swab sample and gives a result at home.

Examples of test kits that don’t need to go to the lab are the cholesterol level test, blood glucose level test, and the menopause test.

Where do my results go?

When you take a lab test, your result is sent to us electronically from our pathology partners when it is ready. We’ll then notify you so that you can log in to your patient area to view it.

How long do the home test kits take to give a result?

It varies. Some display a result in less than a minute, while others might take up to 10 or 15 minutes.

What happens after my test?

Those who have ordered a lab test will normally be given guidance on what to do next from our doctor, if their result indicates that they need further tests or treatment.

If you’ve tested yourself using a kit which doesn’t involve a lab, you’ll need to refer to the leaflet provided with the kit for further advice when you get your result.

How accurate are they?

The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity rates are high across all the tests we offer, usually ranging from 90% accurate and above.

However, lab tests do tend to be more accurate than self tests, as there is less room for error when exposing the sample to a testing agent, or interpreting the result.

Page last reviewed:  20/12/2018
Questions and Answers

Which test kits give me a result at home?

The BioSURE HIV test, and SELFCheck blood glucose, cholesterol level, menopause, bowel health, stomach ulcer, gluten sensitivity, multi drug, urine infection and female chlamydia tests all produce a result in minutes.

What test kits go to the lab?

The testosterone, HbA1C, liver function, gonorrhoea, unisex chlamydia, HIV, 7-in-1 and 4-in-1 STI tests we offer require lab analysis. This undertaken by TDL pathology.

When will I get my result?

Usually no more than a few minutes for the SELFCheck kits.

From the point of placing your order, it should take a total of 5-7 days on average for you to receive your result when using our lab testing service. Your result is posted to your secure patient area.

How can I order my test kit online?

Find the test kit you need, and select ‘buy now’. You’ll be asked to fill in our short order form, and your kit will be sent out from our UK pharmacy by next-day parcel.

Page last reviewed:  20/12/2018

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