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Get Tested. Stay Healthy.

Getting tested has never been more convenient. Our testing service enables you to collect your sample at home and find out your result quickly and efficiently.
  • Order your test kit

    Order your test kit

    We’ll deliver it to you in 24 hours

  • Collect your sample

    Collect your sample

    You can do this at home without having to go to a clinic

  • Rewceive your result

    Receive your result

    We only provide test kits with a high level of accuracy

  • Get the advice you need

    Get the advice you need

    Our doctors can help if your result indicates you need treatment

Need help? Call our friendly support team on 0207 043 0716

Our advisors are available to chat from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Test yourself at home

All of the test kits we offer enable you to collect your sample at home, and some can even give you a result in minutes. Your kit will come with everything you need to take your sample, along with detailed instructions.

We only work with reputable pathology labs

When you order a test kit where the sample needs to be analysed, this will be undertaken at one of our specialist partner laboratories. Simply post your sample back using the freepost envelope provided.

Results posted to your secure patient area

After your sample is analysed at the lab, we’ll upload your result to your secure patient area, and let you know by email or SMS that it’s ready. If our doctor needs to speak to you about your result, they’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time to talk.

We’re here to help

Whatever your result, if you need further guidance on what to do next, our clinical team is ready to assist you. They can provide advice on treatment, or where to go if you need more specialist help.

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