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SwimCount Male Fertility Test

SwimCount is a sperm quality test for men which is suitable for home use and provides a highly accurate result in 30 minutes. 

You can purchase the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test kit using our secure pharmacy service online. Products are delivered to your door within 24 hours by special courier.

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SwimCountMale Fertility Test

This test allows you to provide one sperm sample. It provides you with a result in 30 minutes. 

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SwimCount is a sperm quality test for men which is suitable for home use and provides a highly accurate result in 30 minutes. 

You can purchase the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test kit using our secure pharmacy service online. Products are delivered to your door within 24 hours by special courier.

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09 February 2022
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Dr Daniel Atkinson

(GP Clinical Lead - GMC No. 4624794) 09 February 2022
Product information


The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test enables men to determine the fertility level of their sperm quickly and easily. The kit contains a test device with a sample well, where the semen is deposited using a small syringe, and the result is available after 30 minutes. 

The device is made up of two chambers. Only motile (swimming) sperm can move from one chamber into the other. The sperm are marked with a dye in the second chamber that creates the blue colour in the result window. The greater the motility of the sperm in the test sample, the deeper the colour blue will be. 

The purpose of this test is to assess the volume of motile sperm cells per ml in the sample of semen. This is what’s known as the concentration of motile sperm cells per ml. The larger the number of motile sperm cells per ml, the more significant the likelihood of making a woman pregnant naturally. 

The test will provide you with one of three results: Low, Normal (Mid) or Normal (High). If the outcome of your test is ‘Low’ (less than 5 million motile sperm per ml), your motile sperm count is less than the typical number for fertile men, in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. It is recommended that you see your GP for additional testing and review. 

It should be noted that a ‘Low’ result is not necessarily definitive evidence that you are unable to make a woman pregnant naturally. Your GP can provide input on the next stages. 

WHO guidelines state that if your test result is ‘Normal (Mid)’ and between 5-20 million motile sperm per ml, your sperm count is either at the normal amount for fertile men or above the typical number. Men with a sperm count within this spectrum have a strong likelihood of making their partner pregnant via natural means within 12 months. 

Should your result display that your fertility status is ‘Normal (High)’, with a concentration of more than 20 million motile sperm per ml, WHO guidance indicates that men with a motility total in this range have a high probability of making their partners pregnant using natural measures within a 12 month period. 

The quality of your sperm can be impacted if:

  • You have been ill - especially if you have had a high fever. In such an event, it is advised that you re-test your sperm quality only once you have recovered. 
  • You have taken anabolic steroids, or other medications consisting of testosterone.
  • You have, or you have had in the past, any of the following:: undescended testicles as a baby; varicocele (swollen veins in the testicles); surgery to the groin, for example, hernia repair; mumps (as an adult) or cancer treatment.

Should you have concerns regarding any of the above circumstances, discuss them with your GP, who can provide information on the next steps.

Although there is little evidence to support specific measures which can be taken to bolster your sperm quality, ceasing to take anabolic steroids (having consulted your GP first) usually brings male fertility back in line. Taking showers, as opposed to long, hot baths, may also improve the quality of your sperm, along with maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, giving up smoking and lowering your alcohol intake. 

If your sperm sample is not of a thin and watery consistency within 30 minutes of depositing it into the collection cup, do not assume that the sample is unsuitable for the test. Certain samples take longer than 30 minutes to liquify, and you can wait for a more extended period if this is the case. 

In the event that your sample hasn’t liquified within three hours however, you should discard your sample, rinse out the collection cup with water and leave to dry. Avoid using soap when cleaning the cup. You should then wait for 48 hours before providing another sample. If this sample produces the same outcome, consult your GP.

Besides waiting for a minimum of 48 hours before retesting, if you’re seeking a potential change in the quality of your sperm in light of lifestyle changes, you should allow at least 10 weeks to pass before conducting another test. It takes 10 weeks for new sperm to be created, so any lifestyle changes will only become apparent after this duration.

As many as one in six women may experience difficulties becoming pregnant and male fertility is only one of a number of reasons for this.. Such factors are not identified by this test. If you and your partner have been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for 12 months, consult your GP for additional tests and evaluation. 

You can order your SwimCount Sperm Quality Home Test Kit online from our GPhC-regulated pharmacy. Test kits are shipped from our UK pharmacy within one working day, in secure packaging. 

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Page last reviewed:  09/02/2022

This kit contains the following items:

  • SwimCount test device
  • Semen transfer device
  • Semen collection cup
  • Instructions for use

If any of the above items are missing from your test kit, please get in touch with us. 

Page last reviewed:  09/02/2022
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

SwimCount Male Fertility Test


Prior to using the test kit, make sure that you closely follow the instructions to avoid compromising the test outcome. 

  1. This test is for single-use only
  2. Ensure that you have a watch, clock or stopwatch available so that you can monitor how much time has elapsed. 
  3. Store the kit at 18-30°C and do not use the product beyond its expiry date, as displayed on the side of the packaging.
  4. Collect your sperm sample after a minimum of 2 days, but no longer than 7 days, following your last ejaculation. 
  5. Deposit your sperm sample in the plastic cup as supplied. 
  6. Make sure that you collect the entire sperm sample, and do not use a condom or lubricant, as they could affect the sperm cells. 
  7. Allow the sperm sample to sit for 30 minutes.
  8. Using the syringe, stir the sample 10 times.
  9. Collect 0.5ml of the sample with the syringe. Avoid trapping air bubbles inside the syringe as this will impact on the volume of the sample. 
  10. Put the test device on a flat surface during the test process. Carefully add the sample from the syringe to the sample well. 
  11. Slowly pull the slider forwards until you hear a ‘click’ sound. The function window will display the number 30, with an arrow pointing downwards.
  12. Ensure that the device is on a flat surface and wait for 30 minutes.
  13. After 30 minutes, pull the slider back in the opposite direction until you hear another ‘click’. The function window should now show a small magnifying glass icon.
  14. The test outcome will be visible in the circular window situated between the two coloured columns. The darker the colour blue, the greater the number of sperm with strong motility are present in the semen sample. 
  15. You should check your test result within five minutes of pulling the slider back.
  16. Dispense of the device with normal household waste.
Page last reviewed:  09/02/2022
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:

SwimCount Male Fertility Test


How does it work?

The kit comprises of a sample well, in which the sperm sample is deposited using the small syringe. The slider on the SwimCount device is then adjusted and a result is provided in 30 minutes. 

Does it need to go to a lab?

No. The SwimCount device provided will show the result within half an hour wherever you choose to do the test.

What type of sample do I need to provide for the sperm quality test?

A sperm sample (0.5ml). You should wait for 30 minutes after collecting the sample for the sperm to liquify.

What does it mean if my result is 'Normal (Mid)' or 'Normal (High)?'

If your result is either ‘Normal (Mid)’ or ‘Normal (High)’, you should have a strong chance of making a partner pregnant within 12 months. 

What if my result is low? 

If your result is ‘Low’, your motile sperm count is less than that of fertile men. You should consult your GP, who will be able to guide you on the next stages. 

How accurate is the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test?

The test kit is highly accurate. With a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 91%, the kit provides a superb indicator of the amount of motile sperm per ml. 

To put this into context, if the test reveals that your sperm have more than 5 million motile sperm cells, it is 96% likely that the test result is accurate. If the test determines that your sperm have fewer than 5 million motile sperm cells per ml, it is 91% likely that the outcome is correct. 

What should I do if I’m uncertain as to my result?

If you’re unclear as to what your result is, you can contact the SwimCount helpline at info@swimcount.com for assistance. You may also re-do the test but you should wait for a minimum of 48 hours before doing so. 

The test didn’t work or test kit components were damaged. What should I do? 

If the test hasn’t worked or if any of the product contents are damaged or missing, contact SwimCount at info@swimcount.com

Who should get tested?

Men who are having difficulties making their partners pregnant using natural methods should get tested, to help establish if this is due to their sperm quality. 

Fill in our short form online to buy your SwimCount Sperm Quality Test. We’ll send your test kit by special next-day delivery once your order is complete.

Page last reviewed:  09/02/2022
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