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Threadworm infections can be easily picked up and cause uncomfortable itching around the anus.

  1. Affects adults and children 
  2. Can disturb sleep 
  3. Combated with Vermox treatment

Threadworms medication is available to buy from our secure online pharmacy. However, please note that all members of the household will also require treatment. Anyone under 18 will need to see their doctor in person.

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  1. Effectively combats worm infections
  2. Available as a chewable tablet or liquid
  3. Relieves symptoms by killing the source

Threadworms, also known as pinworms, form part of the group of parasites known as roundworms. They can infect humans and live in the large intestine for up to six weeks. The female worms exit the anus each evening in order to lay their eggs and continue the infection cycle. Some people will feel an uncomfortable itchy sensation around their bottom. Threadworm infections are extremely contagious as the eggs can be transferred to various surfaces, where they are likely to come into contact with another human.

A threadworm infection can be picked up by anyone. However, children under the age of 10 are the most likely to be found with an infection. This could be due to their reduced hygiene awareness and the fact that toys and equipment in childcare facilities are often shared. When one person in a household has a threadworm infection there is a very high possibility that the rest of the household will contract it too. For this reason the whole family should receive treatment at the same time.

Whilst most threadworm infections are not likely to cause serious health complications they can be uncomfortable to live with. It is a good idea to treat an infection as soon as one is spotted, as persistent infections can sometimes result in weight loss, loss of appetite, insomnia and skin problems.

The female threadworms crawl out of the anus during the night to lay their eggs in the surrounding area. The mucus produced by the worms when laying their eggs can cause some people to experience an itchy anus. It is important to avoid itching as much as possible as it can contribute to the spread of the infection. The eggs can survive away from a human host for up to two weeks and so they are very easy to come into contact with without knowing it. Many people do not realise that they have threadworms as sometimes there are no symptoms. It might only be discovered when the small threadworms are noticed in their poo.

Threadworm infections are often treated with an antiparasitic medication known as Vermox. This medicine contains the active ingredient mebendazole. It is available in both chewable tablet form and as an oral suspension. In order to kill the threadworms the usual dose is one tablet or five millilitres of suspension taken on one occasion. If a reinfection is highly likely then the doctor may recommend a second dose around 7-14 days after the first has been taken.

The medicine works to kill off any living worms, it does this by stopping them from being able to absorb the glucose which they need to survive. It is important to remember that the treatment cannot target any eggs that have already been laid. As a result, each member of the infected household should also adopt a rigorous hygiene regime. This involves regularly changing all bed clothes, carrying out a thorough cleaning of the whole house especially the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, avoiding eating in the bedroom and not sharing towels.

In households where threadworms are present, each person will require treatment. If you are ordering Vermox online from our site, the other people in your household will need to seek treatment themselves or order from us individually. Please note that we do not provide treatment to anyone under 18. Persons under the age of 18 will need to have a face-to-face appointment with their GP.

If you want to purchase Vermox medication from our online pharmacy, you will need to take our questionnaire. Your answers will be checked by one of our doctors to make sure that the treatment is safe for you. Approved orders are dispensed by our UK pharmacy and shipped by tracked next-day courier.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Types of Treatment

Threadworm infections can be difficult to overcome without treatment. This is because the chances of reinfection are high as the tiny eggs can be unknowingly transferred to a range of surfaces. There are effective treatment options available which, when adopted alongside a strict hygiene regime, can leave the person infection free within two weeks.

One line of threadworm treatment is the brand Vermox which is available as an oral suspension or tablet. It is an antiparasitic medicine which belongs to the group of drugs known as anthelmintics.

How do they work?

Vermox contains the active ingredient mebendazole which stops the worms from being able to absorb the sugars that they require for survival. The lack of sugar eventually kills the worms at which point the body is able to expel them from the bowel. The treatment does not destroy any eggs that have already been laid, therefore stringent hygiene steps must be followed to avoid reinfection.

What are the side effects?

When using Vermox treatment you might experience side effects such as stomach ache, diarrhoea, wind, dizziness or a rash. For more information consult the Vermox product page.

Can I take them with other medications?

It may not be suitable for you to use Vermox in conjunction with certain other treatments. Let the prescriber know if you are using any other prescription, over-the counter or herbal products during consultation.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Both the suspension and tablet forms of Vermox use the same functioning agent, mebendazole. The tablets can be crushed or chewed if swallowing them whole is difficult.

Should I take Vermox?

Whether Vermox is suitable for you depends on the general state of your health. When making an assessment our doctors need to take into account your past medical history and any medications you are currently taking or have recently taken.

Are there different side effects?

Common side effects of this treatment include stomach pain, diarrhoea and flatulence. Find out more by clicking on the page for this item.

Is it right for me?

Let our qualified doctors help you to find out. Complete our quick questionnaire and a GMC-registered physician will review your answers. If your chosen item is safe for you to use a prescription will be issued to our UK-based pharmacy, who will send your items by next day delivery.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022

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