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Urinary Urgency

Urinary urgency is a condition characterised by a sudden and very desperate need to pass urine. In many cases, urine may be discharged before a person can reach the toilet.

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Urinary urgency is defined as a sudden, intense necessity to urinate. It sometimes results in the passing of urine before the person experiencing symptoms can reach a toilet to relieve themselves. Often, it is the result of an overactive bladder, and there are a number of reasons why it might happen.

Sometimes, a person’s lifestyle may be the main cause. For instance, if someone consumes large amounts of caffeine or alcohol on a frequent basis, then this can be a contributing factor. In others, the condition may be a secondary result of an underlying illness, such as a urinary tract infection. Inflammation in the bladder can cause surrounding muscle walls to become contracted, resulting in the above symptoms. Certain medications can cause it too, such as diuretics and antidepressants.

The likelihood of someone getting urinary urgency increases as they get older, but it can affect young people too. As with many illnesses, you are more at risk of developing the condition if those in your family have a history of it.

Medication is available, which can help to alleviate symptoms of urinary urgency, in the form of Detrusitol. This can be obtained as standard tablets, or as XL capsules which have a modified-release function. The acting component in them is a substance called tolterodine, which is a type of drug called an antimuscarinic.

In the body, a chemical called acetylcholine, which works as a neurotransmitter, tells the detrusor muscle to become tense. The detrusor muscle lines the bladder, and in the case of urinary urgency, this tension is increased, sometimes causing involuntary contractions which are hard to predict. The result is discomfort and the desperate need to pass urine frequently.

The active constituent in Detrusitol, tolterodine, relieves urinary urgency by blocking the passage of these signals, which are sent to the bladder. Subsequently, the detrusor muscles to relax, and this eases symptoms. Detrusitol is available with free delivery from our reliable UK pharmacy. The product is a branded medication manufactured by Pfizer.

We only offer prescriptions renewals for Detrusitol, to patients who are already taking it. The service we offer is not suitable for patients who are seeking urinary urgency treatment for the first time. If are having symptoms and have not seen doctor, make an appointment with your GP in person.

Getting access to the repeat treatment you need is simple. Just take our short doctor-reviewed questionnaire. It only takes a couple of minutes. Once your items have been approved, we’ll dispense and ship them to you in secure packaging. Each order is dispatched by tracked courier, so that you won’t ever have to wait more than one working day to receive your items.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Several routes of treatment are available to those experiencing urinary urgency. Your doctor may suggest cutting down on certain things, such as caffeine or alcohol, which can contribute towards increased frequency. They may also choose to conduct various tests, to discover whether symptoms are a result of an undiagnosed condition.

Medications for urinary urgency available from our pharmacy include Detrusitol, and Detrusitol XL.

Please note that we only offer treatment for urinary urgency on a prescription renewal basis to patients already taking it under the instruction of their GP.

How do they work?

In both of these drugs is a functioning component called tolterodine. This works by blocking the passage of neurotransmitters which cause the muscles lining the bladder to contract, and facilitating the relaxation of these muscles. Subsequently, pressure on the bladder is eased and the urgent need to urinate diminishes.

What are the side effects?

Not everyone who takes these tablets will get side effects. But, the most common of those which do occur are dry mouth, headache, and indigestion. You can find out more by consulting our page for these products.

Can I take them with other medications?

It may not be safe to use Detrusitol in conjunction with certain other treatments. Let your prescriber know if you are using any other prescription, non-prescription or remedial products during consultation.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Both Detrusitol and Detrusitol XL contain the same functioning agent, and work in a similar way to combat symptoms. The only difference is that the standard tablet is taken several times per day; whereas the XL capsules are taken once a day and have a prolonged action.

Should I take Detrusitol or Detrusitol XL?

It depends on the type your doctor issues you. The standard tablet is taken in multiple daily doses, while the XL capsule is taken as one daily dose. Talk to your GP during your face-to-face consultation for further guidance if you want to know more about the options available.

Are there different side effects?

These items contain the same active ingredient, and should therefore not vary too much in terms of possible side effects.

Is it right for me?

Once your regular GP has helped you to determine the best course of treatment, you can renew your prescription if necessary by using our secure service. It doesn’t take long, and every case is carefully checked by a registered doctor. Once approved, your order will be prepared by our UK-based dispensing pharmacy, and delivered to your door within one working day.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022

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