Asthma inhalers for schools


Having ready access to asthma inhalers on school premises is vital when a pupil has an asthma attack. If you’re a staff member working at a school, our service enables you to order reliever inhalers online, so you can ensure your school is prepared.

To buy asthma inhalers for your school online, click ‘Start now’ below to be taken to our order form. Once your order has been confirmed, you can expect to receive it by secure parcel in one working day.

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Product information

Ventolin and Salbutamol inhalers for schools

Salbutamol is a type of medicine called a ‘reliever’. It helps to open the airways when asthma symptoms flare, making it easier to breathe. The medicine is given through an inhaler. It is available from our pharmacy under the Ventolin brand (made by GlaxoSmithKline) and as Easyhaler Salbutamol (made by Orion).

In 2014, the UK government introduced a change in legislation enabling schools to hold salbutamol inhalers on site for use in emergency situations. This are cases in which a pupil with asthma, or who has been prescribed asthma medication:

  • cannot access their own inhaler,
  • has their own inhaler but this is not functioning or has run out.

Schools purchasing asthma inhalers for this purpose do not need a prescription.

The named person(s) in the school storing asthma inhalers should be trained on how to support a pupil experiencing an asthma attack. For an inhaler to be used in such cases, a school must have the written consent of the child’s parent or guardian.

Examples of a consent form and a written notification to a parent explaining that an emergency inhaler has been administered can be found on pages 21 and 22 of the Department of Health guidance.

The storage of inhalers by schools on the premises for emergency use is discretionary. Schools are not required to carry inhalers on site, and staff cannot be required to undertake the training needed to administer an inhaler.

However, there are benefits to having emergency inhalers available, and having multiple staff trained in their provision.

As well as improving safety for pupils at risk, it may mean that the pupil doesn’t have to endure a trip to hospital to get the appropriate treatment if they start to develop symptoms. It also helps to reassure parents of pupils with asthma that there are procedures in place to protect their child should their own inhaler malfunction. The scheme also helps school staff to be confident that they can adequately handle a situation where a pupil develops asthma symptoms or has an asthma attack.

You can read the Department of Health guidance in full on the UK Government website.

How does online ordering work?

School staff can purchase salbutamol inhalers from our UK pharmacy. After you have clicked ‘Start now’, you’ll be taken to our simple order form.

You will need to provide us with a signed letter from the headmaster (or principal) of the school before we can dispense and send your inhalers. You can either:

  • upload a scan of this letter when filling out the online order form;
  • or place your order first without uploading it, and one of our staff will call you to arrange provision of this letter.

You can also post this letter to us at the following address:

HR Healthcare

Unit 18, Britannia Way

Waters Meeting



Please note that this letter must:

  • be on letter-headed paper, carrying the details of the school the inhalers are being ordered for;
  • include a statement from the headteacher (or principal) explaining that they would like to order asthma inhalers for use in the school;
  • explain what purpose the inhalers are being ordered for;
  • state the name, dose and quantity of the inhaler(s) required (for example, 3 x Easyhaler Salbutamol, 100mcg)
  • contain the signature of the headteacher or principal, along with the date on which the letter was signed.

Once your order has been confirmed, our pharmacy will dispense your inhalers and send these to your school by secure next-day parcel.

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Information on how to administer salbutamol asthma inhalers can be found on our Easyhaler Salbutamol, Salamol, Airomir and Ventolin pages.

However, you will need to ensure that designated staff members have received training on how to support a child with asthma and administering a salbutamol inhaler.

Government guidelines on the use of emergency asthma inhalers in schools provide further information on what to do if a pupil has an asthma attack, and the training required.

Page last reviewed:  27/06/2019
Side effects

More information on:

  • side effects
  • taking the inhalers with other treatments
  • who shouldn’t use these inhalers
  • and considerations for people with medical conditions

can be found on our Salamol, Airomir, Ventolin and Salbutamol pages.

If there is anything you are not sure about, please contact our customer care team.

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Detailed information on how to store the inhalers can be found on our pages for:

These pages also contain information on the ingredients found in each treatment.

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