Sibilla is a type of drug used in endometriosis. It contains a hormone that works to prevent the growth of endometrial tissue in parts of the body outside of the womb. In doing so, it helps to reduce pelvic discomfort and other symptoms often present in endometriosis.

Sibilla currently isn’t available, but there are a number of alternative medications that can provide effective treatment for endometriosis: Qlaira, Norethisterone and Medroxyprogesterone. Simply fill in our online questionnaire and our pharmacy prescriber will review your answers. Orders are shipped next-day by special courier. 

On this page, we’ll discuss:

  • what Sibilla is used for
  • how it works in the body
  • what side effects it can cause
  • who might not be able to use it
  • whether you can buy Sibilla, and what alternatives are
  • and where you can get these from.

What is Sibilla used for?

Sibilla is a hormonal medicine. It can be used for the treatment of endometriosis. This is a condition where endometrial tissue grows in parts of the body outside of the womb.

The endometrium is another name for the lining inside the womb, or the uterus. During the menstrual cycle, this lining becomes thicker, in preparation to receive a fertilised egg. When an egg becomes inseminated, it travels to the womb and implants on this wall, and begins to develop into a foetus.

The development of this wall lining is caused by a fall in progesterone in the body. Progesterone is a type of hormone produced by the ovary, and plays a vital role in a woman’s reproductive processes.

If fertilisation of an egg does not occur, during menstruation this womb lining is shed and exits the body through menstrual bleeding.

However, in women who have endometriosis, this tissue will develop in places external to the womb, such as in the fallopian tubes or the ovaries. Then, when the lining of the tissue builds up with blood (as it does inside the uterus), there is no route for the blood to exit the body easily. This can cause a range of symptoms such as pain, heavy periods, diarrhoea and constipation, and can even result in problems conceiving.

The condition more commonly develops in younger adult life, but can be present in women of any age.

How does Sibilla work?

Sibilla contains a type of hormone called dienogest. This is a synthetic version of progesterone. It works by replacing levels of the hormone in the body which naturally dip before endometrial tissue starts to develop a lining, in preparation to receive an egg.

This helps to limit the growth of the uterine wall lining (and of similar tissue found elsewhere in the body in endometriosis). In doing so, it reduces the amount of blood that needs to escape from the body during menstruation, and this helps to limit endometriosis symptoms such as pain, inflammation, diarrhoea and heavy periods.

What side effects can Sibilla cause?

Like most medicines, Sibilla has the capacity to cause side effects in some users. This includes headaches, breast pain, weight fluctuations, mood swings, sleeping problems and migraines, amongst others.

Because it contains a progesterone, people who use it may have a slightly higher risk of developing a blood clot than those who don’t. Women taking drugs containing female sex hormones such as this one can also sometimes have an increased risk of certain types of cancer, when compared to women who don’t take them.

If you want to know more about the side effects a treatment can cause, consult the leaflet provided with your medicine, or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Who might not be able to use Sibilla?

Hormonal treatments are not suitable for everyone. Women who are at increased risk of developing a blood clot, or who have:

  • a family history of cancer
  • a chronic condition like diabetes or liver disease
  • a heart condition
  • high blood pressure
  • depression

or other conditions may be advised to either not use the treatment at all, or only use it under strict caution from a doctor.

Where can I get Sibilla?

Presently, Sibilla is not available to buy online.

You can however purchase one of our alternative medications: Qlaira, Norethisterone and Medroxyprogesterone, which offer the same relief from symptoms of Endometriosis. Fill in our online form and our GPhC registered pharmacist will review it. Orders are dispensed on a next-day delivery basis and we provide a special courier service.

Can I buy a Sibilla alternative online?

No. Visanne is no longer available through our consultation and prescription platform. 

By filling in our online questionnaire however, you can choose from a number of alternative treatments for Endometriosis: Qlaira, Norethisterone and Qlaira. Your answers will be reviewed by our pharmacy prescriber and if the medication is suitable, it will be delivered to you the following day by special courier. 

If you have not seen a doctor about your symptoms before, or are not taking treatment and want to find out which option might be best for you, make an appointment with your GP.

Page last reviewed:  24/12/2020