Spedra is the brand name for the medication avanafil. It is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, a relatively common condition that affects many men in the UK and globally. It is the newest of several PDE-5 inhibitor treatments for the condition, and is similar to Cialis and Viagra.

As is the case for all erectile dysfunction medications, it is essential that you take the medication correctly in order to get the most out of the treatment. The following is a straightforward guide to how to take Spedra and what to avoid during its use. But you can find more detailed info in the leaflet that comes with your medication.

How to take Spedra

Spedra is an easy to swallow tablet, which should be taken with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food, but it might take longer to take effect when taken on a full stomach. Heavy meals, such as those that contain a lot of fat, will slow its effects further and should therefore be avoided to get the most from treatment.

When to take Spedra

This will depend on whether you have taken Spedra with a meal and what the dosage of the pill you’ve been prescribed is. For example, on an empty stomach, Spedra 50mg tablets should be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. For 100mg and 200mg, it can be between 15 and 30 minutes. It is not possible to predict how taking Spedra with food might alter these times as everyone reacts differently to medication, but it is likely you will need to take it earlier. It should be noted, however, that one of the main advantages for taking Spedra is its fast-acting response time when compared to other PDE-5 inhibitor treatments, such as Viagra.

How long Spedra is effective for

Typically speaking, the effects of Spedra can last up to five hours, although this may depend on the person taking it. This can be factored in if taking the medication with food.

The right dosage for Spedra

It is important that you do not exceed the prescribed dosage as this can increase the risk of side effects, and taking a higher dosage does not necessarily mean the treatment will become more effective. Spedra comes in 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. It might take some patience to find the right dosage for you and your doctor will want to monitor its use to ensure that you are getting the correct treatment.

Frequency of use

As Spedra is well tolerated by most, it can be used quite frequently under supervision from your doctor. If you are not getting the most from your treatment you should ask your doctor to adjust the strength of the tablets or choose another medication that might be more suitable for you. You should always stick to the instructions given to you by your prescribing clinician. Do not take Spedra more than once a day.

Spedra and sexual arousal

Spedra does not cause sexual arousal to occur, it only helps you to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual activity. If you are not experiencing sexual arousal, then it is unlikely you will notice the effects of the medication.

Other considerations

Some other medications, such as certain antibiotics, may also cause the medication to become less effective, so it is important that your doctor knows of any other treatment you are receiving.

Another consideration is alcohol consumption, which can significantly impede the effects of the treatment, particularly when large amounts are consumed. In some, consuming alcohol alongside erectile dysfunction treatment can greatly heighten the risk of side effects, particularly in those over 45 years of age.

Page last reviewed:  24/07/2020