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Estradiol (as hemihydrate)

Progynova is a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) containing the active ingredient estradiol, which treats conditions associated with the menopause. It is manufactured in the UK by Bayer.

Our service is perfect if you don’t have time to renew your repeat prescription in person. To buy Progynova online, complete our consultation, and one of our doctors will review your case online.

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The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

The price below are inclusive of your consultation, prescription, the medicine itself and secure next-day shipping from our UK pharmacy.

Progynova TS
£48.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Elleste Solo
£31.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£40.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£38.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
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Elleste Duet 1mg
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Elleste Duet 2mg
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£39.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£39.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Evorel Conti
£40.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Evorel Sequi
£39.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Estraderm MX
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£38.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£34.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£54.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£51.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£49.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£49.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£29.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Elleste Solo MX 40
£33.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Elleste Solo MX 80
£33.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£33.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
FemSeven Conti
£38.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Nuvelle Continuous
£55.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
Menopause SELFCheck
£9.98 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£63.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery
£32.00 + Free 24 Hr Delivery

Progynova is a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) containing the active ingredient estradiol, which treats conditions associated with the menopause. It is manufactured in the UK by Bayer.

Our service is perfect if you don’t have time to renew your repeat prescription in person. To buy Progynova online, complete our consultation, and one of our doctors will review your case online.

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14 April 2021
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Dr Daniel Atkinson

(GP Clinical Lead - GMC No. 4624794) 14 April 2021
Product information


Progynova is an oestrogen only HRT, which is used to medicate the symptoms of the menopause and is made by Bayer. It is available as a tablet or a transdermal patch, both of which are available in two strengths. While the tablet is for use as a continuous form of HRT, the patch can be used continuously or cyclically. The patch form of the therapy is known as Progynova TS.

The menopause is a natural series of events that takes place as a women reaches middle age and sometimes referred to as the climacteric. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, though it can happen earlier or later. As the ovaries cease egg production, the monthly menstruation cycle becomes erratic before stopping altogether, and the levels of the female sex hormone oestrogen decline. A number of psychological and physical symptoms come about as a consequence of these changes, which can last a number of years after your periods have stopped.

At least some of these symptoms are experienced to some degree by most menopausal women. These include sudden, feverish bouts of heat (hot flushes), palpitations, stiffness or aching in the joints and muscles, sudden shifts in mood and sleeplessness.

Although these symptoms can be a nuisance, many women find that they do not provide too much of a hindrance to their lifestyle. But in instances where these symptoms become too intense, a course of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) may be recommended. Progynova is one of products used in HRT and you can buy it in the form of tablets or patches online from our UK based pharmacy.

Progynova contains the active ingredient estradiol, which the primary form of oestrogen, the female sex hormone. The tablets contain a form called estradiol valerate, and the patches a form called estradiol hemihydrate. The treatment works by supplementing the receding levels of oestrogen in the bloodstream, thus alleviating the symptoms the deficiency of hormones creates.

You may also be given Progynova if you are a postmenopausal woman at risk of developing osteoporosis, the disease which causes the loss of bone strength. Because of the risk of side effects however, you will only be prescribed HRT for this condition if you are unable to take other forms of medication.

As these items only contain estradiol, they are recommended for use by women who have already had their wombs surgically removed (the process known as a hysterectomy). Increased levels of oestrogen in the body can lead to accelerated growth of the womb lining (Endometrial hyperplasia) and this can cause the development of womb cancer. If you have not had your womb removed you may be prescribed this medicine as part of a course of combined HRT, where you would use a treatment containing progestogen alongside Progynova for the last 12-14 days of each monthly cycle. This reduces the risk of the lining of the womb becoming too thick.

If you’re looking to renew your repeat prescription, it takes just a matter of minutes to buy Progynova or Progynova TS online with Treated.com through our safe, straightforward service. Take our consultation. Your case will be assessed by our doctor, and following approval, your order will be dispensed at our GPhC-registered pharmacy. Delivery on all orders is made by tracked parcel.

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Page last reviewed:  14/04/2021


You should read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine prior to use and follow the instructions given to you by your consultant. This will minimise the possibility of side effects and allow the treatment to work effectively as possible.

Use the treatment as directed by your prescriber

Refer to the leaflet for instructions on when to start taking the medication.

For the tablets:

Take one tablet each day with water. Start with the corresponding day of the week on the top row of the pack, which is coloured blue.

Follow the arrows printed on the pack until you reach the end.

You should try and take the tablet at the same time each day.

If you forget to take your tablet and it is still more than 12 hours before you are due for your next dose, take it and continue as normal the following day. If it is less than 12 hours until your next dose, skip the one you have missed and continue as normal the following day.

Never take a double dose to make up for any skipped days.

For the patches:

Remove protective lining from patch and apply to clean, dry, unbroken area of skin on the buttocks or lower body. Replace patches every seven days (unless directed otherwise).

Use a different area of skin each time. Do not place on the breasts and avoid placing on the waistband.

The patched can be reapplied if it falls off before it is due to be changed. If it won’t stick, simply apply a new patch and continue the treatment schedule as normal.

If you forget to change your patch, simply apply a new one and carry on the same treatment schedule as before. Do not wear more than one patch at a time.

The above is only a summary of the directions you will need to follow. Please refer to your patient information leaflet for a complete set of instructions before starting the treatment. 

Page last reviewed:  14/04/2021
Side effects & Warnings

Side Effects

It is very important that you are aware of all of the possible side effects of using this medicine. Although you may not experience any, some may require you to seek out immediate medical advice. You should go and see a doctor right away if you: experience symptoms of jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes); show signs of a sharp increase in blood pressure (feeling dizzy, fatigue, headaches); exhibit signs you may be having a blood clot (breathing difficulties, chest pains, painful redness and swelling in the legs); become pregnant; or experience migraine headaches for the first time.

Progynova TS (patches):

The most frequent side effects that can appear within the first few months of treatment are pain and tenderness in the breasts and irregular breakthrough bleeding. These symptoms are usually temporary but if they persist you should see your doctor.

Common (1 in 10 people or less):

Depression, feeling sick, headaches, flatulence, fluid retention, weight gain, irregular periods, dizzy spells, or skin rashes.

Uncommon (1 in 100 people or less):

Anxiousness, mood swings, sleep disturbance, changes in libido and mood, pins and needles, trembling, palpitations, migraines, hypertension, blocked nose, hair loss or accelerated hair growth, urinary complications, or changes in the lining of the womb.

Progynova (tablets):

You may experience some unanticipated vaginal bleeding during the first few months of treatment but this should subside as you proceed with the course. If it continues then please see a medical practitioner.

Other side effects of the tablets include breast discharge, soreness, enlargement and tenderness, menstrual problems, digestive conditions, skin rashes or discolouration, loss of hair or excess hair growth, headaches, anxiety, retention of fluid, or increased size of fibroids in the womb.

These lists of side effects are not comprehensive. Consult your leaflet for a complete list.


Taking it with other medicines

When you fill out your online consultation, please remember to tell us about any prescription or nonprescription medicines you are already taking. The following have been noted to potentially interact with this treatment: anticonvulsants for epilepsy, antibiotics for tuberculosis and antiretrovirals for HIV infection as well as treatments that contain the herbal extract St. John’s Wort.

Conditions to look out for

You should not use either version of Progynova if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have, or have ever had, any of the following:breast or oestrogen sensitive cancer; unexplained vaginal bleeding; untreated endometrial hyperplasia; heart attack; angina; stroke; porphyria; a blood clot or associated disorder; a liver disease from which you have not yet made a full recovery; or are allergic to any of the ingredients, including estradiol. You should also not take the tablet form of this medicine if you are intolerant to lactose, or have the conditions glucose-galactose malabsorption or Lapp lactase deficiency.

Your prescriber will take extra care issuing you with this item if you have or have ever experienced: womb fibroids; a history of endometrial hyperplasia; endometriosis; an increased risk of developing blood clots or an oestrogen sensitive form of cancer; asthma; epilepsy; hypertension; a disorder of the liver; lupus; diabetes; gallstones; migraines; fluid retention linked to the heart or kidney; high levels of triglycerides; or otosclerosis.

Regular check-ups

It is crucial to have regular reviews with your GP when using this treatment, to make sure it is having the desired effect. Thiese should take place at least once a year.

HRT and cancer

Detailed information on HRT and cancer risk is provided in the accompanying leaflet.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Progynova must not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant, stop taking this treatment and tell your doctor.

Driving and using machines

No inhibiting effects on driving or machine use capacity have been observed in those taking this treatment.

Lactose intolerance

Progynova contains lactose and sucrose, so you will need to tell your prescriber if you have an intolerance to any sugars during consultation.

Page last reviewed:  14/04/2021

Can I still drink alcohol?

Alcohol will not interfere with the effectiveness of this medicine.

Will I still be able to drive?

There is no evidence to suggest that Progynova will affect your driving, but if you experience any side effects which could potentially make driving unsafe then you should refrain from driving and speak to your doctor.

Can I take the medicine while pregnant?

If you become pregnant while using Progynova you should stop using it and see your doctor at once.

How should I store it?

It should be stored below25°C in a place where it cannot be reached by children. Do not use once the expiry date has passed. Unused medicines should be disposed of responsibly.

Am I allergic to anything in the medicine?

Progynova in tablet form contains: estradiol valerate, lactose monohydrate, maize starch, talc, magnesium stearate, sucrose, povidone 25,000, povidone 700,000, macrogol 6000, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, glycol 85%, carmine, montan glycol wax, and purified water.

The ingredients of the patches (Progynova TS) are: estradiol hemihydrate, isooctyl acrylate, ethyl oleate, vinyl acetate copolymer, isopropyl myristate, acrylamide, and glycerol monolaurate on a polyester release liner.

You should not use these items if you are allergic to any of these ingredients.

Is it available over-the-counter?

These treatments are available by prescription only.

However, you can now buy Progynova and Progynova TS online from our UK pharmacy if, after reviewing your case via online consultation, our qualified medical professional approves a prescription for you.

Is it right for me?

Your GP will discuss HRT options with you during a face-to-face consultation, and issue an initial prescription for treatment as appropriate. When using HRT, you will need to go for regular check-ups with your GP in person, to ensure it is working as it should.

How to buy Progynova online

We can help you renew your prescription for Progynova and Progynova TS online. If approved, your order will be dispensed by our UK based pharmacy and delivered in secure, discreet packaging by tracked courier within one working day.

Page last reviewed:  14/04/2021
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