COVID-19 antibody test

Professional use only

The Coronavirus antibody test is used to check the blood for unique signs of immunity against the disease. It requires a venous sample, and is available to order for professional use in a clinical setting.

When you buy the Coronavirus Antibody test online, you’ll receive your sample collection kit in one working day. Samples are analysed at our partner pathology lab, and we’ll send you an SMS and email to let you know when the results you have ordered are ready.

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COVID-19 Antibody Test (Professional use)

Sample collection kit for clinical use only. You'll be asked for your practitioner registration number when ordering.

COVID-19 Antibody Test (Personal use)

Finger prick blood test for antibodies to COVID-19. Not currently available.

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Please note: this service is not to be used in an emergency. Call 999 if you need urgent medical attention.
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The Coronavirus antibody test is used to check the blood for unique signs of immunity against the disease. It requires a venous sample, and is available to order for professional use in a clinical setting.

When you buy the Coronavirus Antibody test online, you’ll receive your sample collection kit in one working day. Samples are analysed at our partner pathology lab, and we’ll send you an SMS and email to let you know when the results you have ordered are ready.

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Product information

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody test from Abbott is used to examine a sample of blood to identify the presence of antibodies for this particular virus. This type of test does not look for the virus itself; instead it looks to see whether the body has produced an immune response to the virus. The presence of antibodies shows that the person has been exposed to the virus before. 

It’s a lab test, and can only be ordered and carried out on a patient by a healthcare professional. When you order a sample collection kit from us, you’ll be asked to provide your practitioner registration number (for example your GMC number). You’ll receive the kit in one working day. 

In this kit will be a postage paid, self-addressed envelope for you to send the sample back. Blood analyses are usually turned around in 1-3 days at our partner lab.

All antibody tests have to go through rigorous approval tests to check sensitivity and specificity to ensure there is only a very small chance of error. Our partner pathology lab is one of the largest in the UK and also processes tests for public health providers.

Why have you stopped offering the fingerprick test?

We have paused offering the sample self-collection option for this test, on instruction from our partner pathology lab. While they are confident that this type of sample collection does not reduce the accuracy of the test, the UK authorities have requested that further validation work is done to ensure this. It is our expectation that it will resume once validation work has been completed by the laboratory, which shows that using this sample collection method produces reliable results.

Where did Coronavirus (COVID-19) come from?

Coronaviruses are viruses that typically only infect animals. The 2020 global pandemic has been caused by a strain known as COVID-19 which has been transmitted from animals to humans. It can cause a number of symptoms including a high temperature (feel hot to touch on the chest or back), a new, persistent cough (coughing a lot for longer than an hour, or 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours, or an existing cough that gets worse), fatigue and a general feeling of being unwell. People may also experience a change to their sense of taste or smell, or a loss of taste or smell. 

The majority of people who get COVID-19 will make a full recovery without the need for treatment. But in some cases it can lead to more severe symptoms, including breathing problems, and some people go on to develop pneumonia. More serious cases require hospital admission and ventilator support. Treatments are being explored in different countries, but there’s no universally recognised medication that’s known to suppress the virus, and currently no vaccine.

What does the Coronavirus antibody test show?

It’s an IgG antibody test that can determine if someone has been infected with Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) before.

This strain of coronavirus is new, so we don’t know for certain whether previous infection with the virus means someone is immune (and if it does, how long this immunity lasts for). At the moment, it is thought that people who have the infection are less likely to get it again, but even those who test positive for antibodies should still exercise caution. That means continuing to follow government guidelines on handwashing, social distancing and isolation if anyone in a person’s household develops symptoms.

Can I buy the Coronavirus (COVID-19) antibody test online? 

Yes, if you’re a healthcare professional looking to collect a sample in a clinical setting. When you order your sample collection kit from our UK pharmacy, you can expect to receive it in one working day by secure courier. We work with a UK accredited laboratory in order to provide a safe and accurate testing service for patients and healthcare professionals.

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Page last reviewed:  30/07/2020

In your sample collection kit for this test, you’ll receive:

  • a needle
  • a needle shield
  • a gold top vacutainer
  • an alcotip swab
  • a plaster
  • a protective packing wallet 
  • a self-addressed mailer
  • and sample request form(s)

Please note that you will need to supply and use your own tissues, tourniquets, gloves, or anything else you feel necessary to carry out sample collection safely.

Contact us if anything is missing from your sample collection kit.

Page last reviewed:  30/07/2020
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:


With all tests, it is important to follow the sample collection instructions carefully. You’ll receive a copy of these with the test. Once you have placed an order for a sample collection kit you will receive a confirmation email with important information about the test. Please make sure you read it before collecting the sample. 

This test is able to detect antibodies from 14 days after the development of symptoms. If you collect a sample from a patient before this, the result might be less accurate. So if a patient suspects they have had coronavirus, they should wait until at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms before sample collection.

You can find detailed instructions on collecting the blood sample in the leaflet provided.

  • Before taking the sample, wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Hold the coloured section of the needle. 
  • Twist and remove the white section.
  • Screw the needle into the holder leaving the shield on.
  • Prepare the site where the sample is being collected from.
  • Remove the coloured part of the needle shield.
  • The arm of the patient should be facing downwards.
  • Apply a tourniquet and carry out venepuncture from the sample collection site, not moving the needle more than 15 degrees in either direction.
  • Place the sample collection tube into the holder.
  • Taking the flange of the needle between your middle and index finger, and placing your thumb on the bottom of the collection tube, push the end of the holder to break the seal of the stopper. Take off the tourniquet when blood begins to enter the tube.
  • Apply gentle pressure to the flange of the holder with your thumb once the vacuum is filled and blood flow stops.
  • Disengage the stopper and needle and remove the holder.
  • If necessary, you may need to repeat the process above at a different site to draw a large enough sample. 
  • Invert the tubes as shown in the diagram 8-10 times as they become filled.
  • Do not shake the tubes as this may spoil the sample.
  • Remove the needle from the vein.
  • Push the purple lever to a click back onto the needle.
  • Discard the needle safely (this does not need to be returned with the sample).
  • Label the tubes with the patient details and complete the request form.
  • Place the tube in the packing wallet, then place this in the mailer.
  • Post the sample to our partner lab as soon as possible.

Due to high demand, turnaround time for results following receipt of samples at our lab is currently around 2-3 days.

Results will be sent into our secure system, and you’ll be asked to login to your account to view results when ready. You’ll also be able to download the lab report.

If you have any questions about taking a sample or how the test works, you can contact our team by telephone on 0207 043 0716, through the messaging facility in your patient area, or via email at customercare@treated.com

Page last reviewed:  30/07/2020
Please read the patient information leaflet for this medicine fully before use:


Is it reliable?

Yes. The test has a sensitivity of over 99% and specificity of over 97%, according to the manufacturer. 

How does it work?

When you order the COVID-19 antibody test online, you’ll receive a needle and sample collection tube to enable you to draw a sample from a patient. The sample collection should be carried out in a clinical setting. You’ll need to provide your own peripheral equipment such as a tourniquet as this is not supplied with the kit (a full list of contents can be found on the tab). Once you have drawn a sample from your patient, you can then send this to our lab by post, in the self-addressed envelope provided. You’ll be notified when the result is ready.

Where is the sample analysed?

Our pathology partners are one of the largest labs in the UK. They also process tests for the NHS.

How will I be notified?

We’ll send you an email and a text message to let you know when a result is ready. You’ll then need to log in to your account to see this.

When will results be ready?

Tests are turned around at the lab within 1-3 days, so as long as you send any samples back promptly, the whole process of ordering a kit and getting a result should take little longer than a week.

What kind of sample do I have to collect for the test?

A venous sample of blood.

Will it hurt?

The finger lancet device may feel like a small scratch or pinch. 

How accurate is the COVID-19 antibody test?

This particular test is thought to have a sensitivity of over 99% and a specificity of over 97%.

When should I administer the test?

The test is only accurate when performed at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms (or when symptoms would normally occur, if testing a suspected asymptomatic case).

If you collect a sample before this, it’s possible the patient may not have had time to develop antibodies, in which case the test would produce a false negative.

What happens if my patient tests positive for COVID-19 antibodies?

This means that they have most likely been infected previously with the virus. 

Is someone immune if they test positive for COVID-19 antibodies?

At present we don’t know for certain whether the presence of antibodies indicates immunity. So for the safety of your patient and those around them, it’s best to presume they aren’t immune from COVID-19 even if they’ve tested positive for antibodies. 

It is thought that people who have been infected with viruses before are less likely to develop them again. But because this strain of coronavirus is new to us, not enough is known to say whether people develop immunity.

In any case, if someone has COVID-19 symptoms currently, they should still follow the government guidelines on self-isolating for at least 10 days. And even if they’ve had the virus before and since recovered, they’re still required to follow the social distancing guidance. 

What happens if my patient doesn’t have Coronavirus antibodies?

This means that it is very likely they have not been infected with COVID-19 before. They should still continue to observe the latest precautions issued by the government on social distancing and, where necessary, self-isolation if they or someone in their household develops symptoms.

Getting the Coronavirus antibody test online

The testing service we offer is backed by an accredited UK pathology lab. Once you’ve ordered your sample collection kit, you’ll receive it in one working day. Samples are analysed at our partner lab, and blood results are normally turned around within 1-3 days of receipt.

Page last reviewed:  30/07/2020

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