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Editorial Policy



The content on Treated.com aims to:

  • Provide accurate and easily consumable information for patients on medicines and medical conditions
  • Make health an accessible subject for the general public
  • Promote a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle
  • Encourage the safe and responsible use of medicines


Sourcing reliable information

We strive to provide information on medicines and conditions which is accurate, current and consumable.

Information on the way medicines work, side effects and contraindications is only sourced from reliable and reputable organisations.

Examples of reliable sources we use include:

  • The patient information leaflet produced by the manufacturer of the medicine, as published on the Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC)
  • The British National Formulary (BNF)
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • and NHS Choices

While we cannot provide information on any given condition or medication in its complete entirety, we will refer users to reliable sources, such as those above, for further information.


Commitment to impartiality

Treated.com does not endorse any one particular brand, product or medicine over another.

We may notify users that a particular brand, product or medicine exists, and provide information on this. However, patients should always be invited to discuss the use of a brand, product or medicine with their doctor; particularly in the first instance.

In any information provided on a medicine or product, we may quote data from research and studies carried out in clinical settings. We will always strive to provide as balanced an account as possible, and invite the user to explore the quoted research further, with credited links, where appropriate.

Where no general consensus has been reached, or where further studies are considered necessary before a definite consensus can be reached on the use of any medicine or medical issue, we will state this.


Promotion of services

Treated.com provides a service, and as such may advertise and promote this through content on its own platforms and external carriers.

The content on Treated.com may provide information on services offered by external entities, such as health charities and other government organisations. However, it will not use its content to endorse any one commercial service over another.


Medical terminology

We strive to make our content accessible for users, while maintaining accuracy.

Whenever we use medical terminology in our content, we will immediately go on to explain this in terms as close as possible to plain English, with links to further information from reliable sources where required.


Commitment to healthy living

Treated.com is committed to promoting and increasing the awareness of healthy lifestyle practices. Our content will therefore:

  • encourage patients to maintain an open and honest relationship with their doctor
  • advise patients about lifestyle changes which they might consider instead of or as well as taking prescribed medication
  • encourage patients to seek medical attention or further advice from their GP where required
  • advise patients to speak to their GP or usual healthcare professional before adopting any particular diet or exercise plan
  • inform patients of the general consensus regarding a medicine or medical condition, with references to the above reliable sources where possible
  • utilise input from specialists or spokespeople in particular fields of health where available
  • only repeat claims or theories which are supported by clinical evidence


Crediting sources

Where quotes, data or clinical research studies from external publications is cited, we will either:

  • state the name of the publication or site the information is quoted from
  • provide a link where possible
  • reference the author, essay title, publication and year in footnotes, where the website layout permits.


Our own research

Where Treated.com conducts its own research or analysis, the accompanying content will:

  • present the data in a manner which is easy to consume
  • explain how the data was collected
  • where formulae were used, or comparisons or calculations made, explain the methodology behind these
  • present the data to relevant healthcare commentators wherever possible and publish quotes
  • offer potential hypotheses under the advice of our reviewing clinicians to explain the data
  • be as transparent as possible in explaining any caveats relating to the research or drawbacks to the methodology.


Respecting privacy

Content on Treated.com will never disclose personal information, or details of any private correspondence between us and an individual or organisation.

We will only ever use quotes from spokespeople and healthcare professionals with their knowledge and prior consent to do so.


Sensitive issues

In our content, we will always strive to approach sensitive issues with tact and the utmost possible care. Where applicable, our content will refer the user to a trusted and reliable resource which can provide further information and assistance.


Offensive content

The content on our website discusses various medical conditions and medicines at length. We recognise the importance of exercising professionalism and tact in all subjects, including those of a more intimate physical nature.

Content on Treated.com will never produce or reconstitute information or images which could cause offence.


Our process for content production

Clinical accuracy and attention-to-detail are paramount to our content production. As a result, content on Treated.com passes through the following processes:

  1. Research and composition
  2. Proofing and editing
  3. Review by content manager
  4. Further review by clinician where appropriate
  5. Publishing


Updating content

We strive to ensure that all information published on Treated.com is up-to-date and remains relevant.

Further to the above process, all content on Treated.com is reviewed periodically, every two years.

During the review process, figures and statistics are replaced with the newest figures where available.


Feedback and complaints

Feedback on our content is welcomed from all users of the site, be they readers, patients or healthcare professionals. We are happy to discuss any feedback a user may have over email.

Users who wish to provide feedback are encouraged to get in touch with us via our customer service, or contact us on our social media channels.

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