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Weight Loss

Obesity is a significant health issue in the UK, affecting around 25% of adults. It is a major contributor to heart disease and diabetes.

  1. Being overweight can lead to serious illness
  2. BMI of 30 or above indicates obesity
  3. Alongside diet and exercise, treatment can also help

Prescription weight loss medicines, when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise programme, can be effective in helping you reach a healthy weight. Our UK-based pharmacy ships all orders by tracked courier, in secure, discreet packaging.

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  1. Easy to use injector pen
  2. Used as part of a weight loss plan
  3. Reduces feelings of hunger


  1. Weight loss treatment
  2. Adjusts the body’s absorption of fats in foods
  3. Typically taken with each main meal


  1. Three-a-day tablet
  2. Taken with a meal
  3. Effective generic medicine


  1. Effective weight loss pill
  2. Combination treatment
  3. Simple to take tablet


  1. Reduces fat absorption in the gut by 25%
  2. Suitable for those with a BMI of 28 or above
  3. Simple tablet treatment


  1. Easy to use injector pen
  2. Type 2 diabetes treatment
  3. Can aid weight loss

Poor health related to being overweight is a problem which is becoming ever more prominent in the UK. The NHS estimates that as many as one in four adults in this country are affected by obesity alone, as well as one in five children aged 10-11. While being overweight can cause low self-esteem and result in a reduced quality of life, it is also a catalyst for serious physical illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even some types of cancer.

Doctors determine whether someone is overweight by calculating their body mass index (or BMI). A person’s BMI is their weight in kilograms divided by their height in metres, and then this figure is divided by their height in metres again:

BMI = (weight in kg ÷ height in m) ÷ height in m

BMI can also be calculated using imperial measurements. This is done by taking a person’s weight in pounds, dividing this by their height in inches, dividing this sum by their height in inches again, and then multiplying the sum of this by 703:

BMI = ((weight in lbs ÷ height in inches) ÷ height in inches) x 703

People with a BMI between 20 and 25 are considered to be at their ideal weight; whereas those between 25 and 30 are classified as overweight; and those at 30 or above fall into the obese category.

A number of health and lifestyle factors can contribute to someone being unhealthily overweight. High calorie intake, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits can all play a part in causing someone to gain weight. Over time, this added mass can restrict the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body, and put extra strain on the body’s organs, leading to serious illness.

Treatment for those who are overweight or obese is usually issued in the form of a comprehensive weight loss programme. This might include a controlled and balanced diet, an exercise regime, motivational support, and sometimes weight loss medication.

Xenical, formerly made by Roche but now marketed by Cheplapharm, is also available as Orlistat, in its generic form. The active constituent in these medications works in the digestive tract. When we digest food, certain enzymes facilitate the absorption of fat into the body. These are called lipases, and help the digestive system to store fats as energy. By limiting the activity of these enzymes, Orlistat prevents fat from being absorbed into the body. Rather than being stored, the fat is then excreted in faeces.

Alli is another treatment containing orlistat which is used for weight loss. This contains half the dose of that found in Xenical and generic Orlistat, and is available in pharmacies over the counter. Before someone is able to buy Alli, they will still need to consult with a medical professional at the pharmacy, to make sure it is suitable for them. When you buy Alli from our online pharmacy, you will therefore still need to take our medical questionnaire.

Xenical and Orlistat reduce fat uptake from meals by around a third, while Alli reduces fat absorption by around a quarter.

Anti-obesity pills such as these can be useful for those with a BMI of 28 or above who are motivated to get their weight down to healthier levels. They are effective when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Mysimba contains two active ingredients, bupropion and naltrexone. The former works on dopamine receptors, to lower appetite and manage the way the body expends energy; whereas the latter also works in the brain to reduce food cravings.

Saxenda, an injection taken every day, works by mimicking the activity of an enzyme released in the digestive system, which tells the brain we’re full; thereby reducing appetite.

At Treated.com, we’re here to make access to your regular weight loss treatment simple, safe and convenient. Take one of our questionnaires today and a qualified practitioner will review your answers. After your prescription request is approved, our UK-based pharmacy will dispense and ship your medicine by secure courier.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

There are five medications available for those who are obese or overweight here at Treated.com, and they are:

  • Alli, made by GSK;
  • Xenical, made by Cheplahparm;
  • Orlistat, which is a generic treatment;
  • Mysimba, marketed by Consilient Health,
  • and Saxenda, from Novo Nordisk.

Alli, Xenical and Orlistat are tablet treatments which contain the same active ingredient, called orlistat, and work in the same way. Whereas Xenical is a branded drug, Orlistat is the generic version. Alli contains half the amount of the active ingredient (60mg) of the other two medications (120mg). Only those who have a BMI of 28 or above are suitable users.  

Mysimba is a tablet treatment containing bupropion and naltrexone, and Saxenda is an injection containing liraglutide. These are both new treatments, licensed for use in patients who have a BMI of 30 or over, or have a BMI of 28 or over in addition to a metabolic disease (such as diabetes or high blood pressure).

How do they work?

In various ways.

Unlike other tablets which are assimilated into the body via the bloodstream, the agent orlistat performs its function in the gut. It works by restricting the activity of certain enzymes which extract fats from food, and absorb them into the body. Instead of being stored, these fats are then excreted in stool.

The ingredients in Mysimba work by reducing food cravings and appetite. Liraglutide, the agent in Saxenda, performs a similar function.

What are the side effects?

You should check the product page or patient information leaflet for specific details relating to side effects, but those more commonly associated with this type of medicine include abdominal pain, headache, or diarrhoea.

Can I take them with other medications?

Some pharmaceutical products may interact with weight loss medicines, and are not recommended for use in conjunction with them. For instance, acarbose and ciclosporin should not be taken alongside orlistat. Tell your prescriber which, if any, other treatments you are currently using during consultation.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Alli, Orlistat and Xenical perform the same function. Orlistat and Xenical contain 120mg of the active ingredient and reduce fat uptake by approximately one third, while the non-prescription option, Alli, contains 60mg of the active ingredient and reduces fat uptake by roughly one quarter.

Mysimba and Saxenda work differently, both helping to reduce appetite. The former is a tablet, whereas Saxenda is a once-daily injection.

Which should I take?

It depends on what you’ve tried before, whether it was helpful, and what your weight loss goals are.

For instance, Alli is a milder version of Xenical and Orlistat, and might be preferable for those who are only marginally overweight, but have been unable to get to a healthy BMI through diet and exercise alone.

People who have tried Xenical and Orlistat before but found these ineffective might be advised by their doctor to try Mysimba or Saxenda.

If you haven’t taken weight loss treatment before, we recommend you speak to your doctor in the first instance, so that they can help you to identify whether treatment is necessary. They will also need to give you advice on eating a healthy diet, and getting the right exercise; these practices will need to be used in addition to any medicine they prescribe for your weight loss programme to be effective.

Are there different side effects?


The recorded side effects for Xenical and Orlistat may differ slightly, because they may not have been tested on the same group. However, as both medicines are the same, the risk of side effects will be very similar if not identical.

The risk of side effects for Alli, as it is not as potent as the two stronger versions of this drug, will typically be lower.

Mysimba and Saxenda contain different ingredients, and therefore have a different safety profile to the above.

Refer to our product pages for more information.

Getting weight loss treatment online

Before ordering weight loss medication online, it’s advisable to see your GP first. They will be able to help you devise a weight loss plan, and give you advice on diet and exercise. If they think treatment could help you, they will be able to initiate a prescription for this.

You can buy your weight loss medication online using our secure consultation service. Take our questionnaire to have your request reviewed by our doctor. Once your order has been authorised by our prescriber, your medication will be dispensed and shipped from our UK pharmacy.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022

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