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Starting from $529.00
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NuvaRing is a soft little piece of plastic. It’s got the same hormones as the combined pill and is inserted once a month to prevent pregnancy.

Talk to a healthcare professional online and get a NuvaRing prescription, plus regular deliveries right to your door. Birth control is under control with Treated.

Starting from $529.00
Here’s what's included in the price:
Answer a few questions about your health so we can get to know you better.
Free express shipping
Your treatment delivered in secure packaging, in 2-5 business days.
We’ll check in with you regularly to see how your treatment is going.
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What is NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is a flexible piece of plastic you insert once a month to prevent pregnancy. It stays in place for three weeks and then you take it out for a one-week break. There are two hormones in the ring that are released into the body, so it works like the combined pill.

One advantage of NuvaRing over combined oral contraceptive pills is that you don’t need to take it every day. One ring lasts for three weeks, followed by a week-long break, which adds up to an entire month of coverage.

How does NuvaRing work?

NuvaRing is a relatively small, soft ring that sits in the vaginal canal. It releases versions of progesterone and estrogen, two hormones that naturally occur in the body. These hormones change whether you ovulate and how menstruation happens. NuvaRing is very, very good at preventing pregnancy.

Into details? We are too. Like we mentioned, NuvaRing changes how ovulation happens. In fact, it stops it. Since no egg is released by the ovary, it can’t be fertilized. NuvaRing also keeps the wall of the uterus from growing thicker with your cycle (thick wall = bad) but makes the mucus in your cervix grow thicker (thick mucus = good) so sperm can’t get through. Both of these things make it less and less likely that an egg could be fertilized and, even if fertilized, that it could lead to pregnancy.

Is NuvaRing better than the pill?

Women who don’t want the hassle of a pill every day may find NuvaRing a more low-maintenance option. It only needs to be inserted once a month and then taken out three weeks later, which saves a lot of time and remembering.

NuvaRing’s effectiveness is the same as the pill’s, but you could argue that it’s actually better. With less room for error (since you don’t have to remember it every day), you’re getting closer to “perfect” use.

Another added benefit of a birth control ring is that your protection levels don’t change if you’re sick and experience vomiting or diarrhea. Because the pill is taken orally, what goes on with your digestive system can impact your protection. With NuvaRing? That stomach flu just got a little bit less stressful.

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How to use NuvaRing

NuvaRing is inserted into the vagina. We recommend you see your doctor or gynecologist in person before inserting NuvaRing for the first time, as it’s a little tricky and you want to make sure you’re doing it right. After that, you can insert it on your own — once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it shouldn’t take long at all. The package insert that comes with NuvaRing has more detailed info on how to insert it, but here’s the gist.

With clean hands, compress the ring between your thumb and fingers and carefully insert the tip inside the vaginal canal. Push higher until it’s firmly inside and you’re comfortable. You should be able to feel with your fingers that it’s still in place.

NuvaRing must be removed after exactly three weeks. To remove it, clean your hands and hook the ring onto one of your fingers. Then gently pull it out. NuvaRing comes with a small bag you can use to discard it. Always dispose of your NuvaRing into a trash can and not into the toilet.

If you can’t find NuvaRing when it’s time to remove it, see a doctor. It isn’t possible for the ring to become lost inside the body, so don’t panic — you might just need a little help getting it out.

How effective is NuvaRing?

If you use NuvaRing exactly right, according to the instructions, it’s almost guaranteed to prevent pregnancy. If you make a mistake with it every now and again, the effectiveness drops a little, but still gives you a high level of protection.

With “perfect” use, NuvaRing is thought to be more than 99% effective. In birth control terms, this means that fewer than one in 100 women using NuvaRing perfectly would become pregnant in a year.

“Typical” use, which is little closer to how real people use birth control in real life (like occasionally forgetting to insert the ring on the right day) brings the effectiveness down to 91%. This means that nine in 100 women using NuvaRing over 12 months would become pregnant.

The best way to ensure NuvaRing is as effective as possible is to follow the instructions as closely as you can.

Medically reviewed by
Ms Laurenmarie Cormier
Nurse Practitioner
on August 02, 2022.
Meet Laurenmarie  
This page was medically reviewed by Ms Laurenmarie Cormier, Nurse Practitioner on August 02, 2022. Next review due on August 01, 2024.

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NuvaRing: FAQ

Have something specific you want to know? Search our info below, or ask our experts a question if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Who can use NuvaRing?

Most women should be able to use NuvaRing. It’s a type of combined birth control, much like the pill.

But combined birth control (read: birth control with both estrogen and progestin, the synthetic form of progesterone) may not be a good choice for women with certain health factors. This includes women who get migraines or who are at increased risk of getting a blood clot. If combined birth control isn’t right for you, the doctor may recommend a progestin-only pill instead.

Is NuvaRing safe?

NuvaRing is considered a very safe method of contraception. Because it doesn’t have a lot of estrogen compared to other types of combined birth control, there’s a lower risk of estrogenic side effects like heavy bleeding, water retention and nausea. It’s quite common to get side effects when starting a new birth control method, but they’re usually mild and go away on their own after a month or two.

However, any birth control containing estrogen may slightly increase the risk of certain health problems. Complications from NuvaRing are extremely rare but serious side effects are possible, so you should speak to a doctor if you notice anything that concerns you.

What are some alternatives to NuvaRing?

There are several types of birth control ring available including NuvaRing, Annovera and EluRyng. NuvaRing and EluRyng are similar in concentration, meaning they have the same active ingredients at the same dosage.

Annovera is slightly different, and has a higher progestin concentration and a lower estrogen level. It’s a better choice for women who want to use the birth control ring but have a slight sensitivity to estrogenic side effects.

For women who don’t want to use a vaginal ring, the combined pill or the birth control patch may be a better option. They’re just as effective as the birth control ring, but you need to take the pill daily and change the patch weekly.

What should I do if NuvaRing doesn’t work?

If NuvaRing falls out, refer to the package insert that came with it and speak to your doctor.

If it has been out for less than three hours, you should still be protected against pregnancy if you reinsert it. If it’s been longer than three hours or you’re not sure when it fell out, you will need to use condoms for a week after reinsertion to stay protected.

NuvaRing vs. Annovera: which is better?

Annovera has a different mix of hormones, with a higher progestin level but a lower estrogen level. For women who experienced mild estrogenic side effects such as heavy bleeding, feeling sick, cramps or fluid retention when using combined birth control, Annovera may be a better option than NuvaRing.

NuvaRing may be better for women who want to lower their risk of progestogenic side effects, like vaginal dryness or lower libido.

The doctor will be able to help you find the right birth control and make recommendations for you.

Why should I buy NuvaRing with Treated?

Treated offers a subscription service for many types of hormonal birth control, including NuvaRing. After an online consultation with a licensed doctor, you’ll be able to buy NuvaRing online and get it delivered to you. Even better? You get refills on a schedule you set, so you don’t have to worry about running out of birth control again.
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