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We used to be EveAdam. Now we're Treated.

We used to be EveAdam. Now we're Treated.

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For the past year we’ve been working hard to bring you what you’re seeing right now. We hope you like it. (We think you will.)

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On long term treatment? Then it’s understandable if you think that repeat medications equals fuss, because historically they have. The standard procedure when you needed a top-up of meds was:

  1. Call your doctor’s office
  2. Sometimes have a consultation
  3. Pick up your prescription
  4. Take this to a pharmacy
  5. Wait for it to be dispensed
  6. Get your medication. 

With the original Treated, we set out to change that. We shifted all of the above so it happened online. We reminded you when your treatment was due to run out so you could order more. In your patient account, we added a ‘Reorder’ button that took you to a consultation with our clinician.

But we wanted to make this even easier. 

So with EveAdam we made many of our medications available on a flexible subscription. 

This meant you could set your shipping schedule at the start, and choose how often you get your medication delivered. No need to place repeat orders. And no need to take a whole consultation every couple of months when you need a refill.

The great news is that, now, we’ve combined both of these in one place.

Flexible subscriptions if you want convenient refills, or one-time medications if that’s all you need.

The ‘flexible’ part is being able to change things whenever you want. This includes changing your delivery schedule, but also being able to switch doses or treatments any time you like, with the help of our clinicians. You’ve got the option to skip deliveries too, or put your treatment on pause for as long as you need.

Unlike some subscriptions, we won’t make you call us up to pause it or make changes. 

Everything to do with managing your subscription, you can do with the press of a button in your account.

When your next treatment is about to be sent, we’ll email you to let you know too. You’ll get the option to edit your treatment, or skip your delivery – so you won’t ever get any unexpected parcels because you forgot to cancel.

Treatment isn’t just about getting your medication and taking it. There’s more to it. Sometimes medications work well, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they can give us side effects, or just not be as effective as they were before. Our bodies change over time, and so does what we need out of a medication. And sometimes, there are extra things we can do to help a medication do its job.

That’s where our aftercare comes in.

Whether you get one-time medication from us or a subscription, we’ll check in with you afterwards to see how things are going. You’ll get the chance to tell us whether the medication worked well, or about any side effects you had. 

If you’re on a subscription, our experts will get in touch with little bits of advice to help you get the most out of your medication. And you’ll be able to enter health data and tell us how things are going with your medication, so we can give you the personalised advice and suggestions you need. 

Example: if you’re taking a goal based treatment for weight loss or stop smoking that’s working well, it helps us to know things are on the right track. But if things aren’t going as you expected, it also helps us to recommend other options that might work better.  

Another example: the best way to know if skin or hair treatments are working well is to take a look. So with our aftercare you can take and upload pictures for our clinician to look at, so they can give you bespoke advice.

If you’re on a more expensive medication that’s working, we’ll also suggest cheaper options that should work just as well wherever we can.

We’ve all had questions for a doctor before. Not huge things that need a one-hour appointment. Sometimes it’s just little things about our health that mount up over time. And then when we do see a doctor, we drop a payload of questions about anything and everything.

Imagine if you could access a doctor and ask them a question about anything, any time you like? 

Soon, you’ll be able to do that with us. If you’re on a subscription, or for a set time after you’ve had a one-time medication with us, you’ll be able to login and drop our clinicians a message, asking them anything you like. It doesn’t have to be about the medication you’ve had with us, or even related to it. They’ll give you any advice they can, and tell you if they think you should get something checked out in person. 

We’ll have further updates on this soon.

As well as all the above, you can still expect the high level of service from us you’re used to. If there’s something you can’t find, or you’ve got an opinion about the new us – good or bad – we want to know. 

Reach us by email, or drop us a message in your account. 

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