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Mini Pills

The minipill is an oral contraceptive tablet. It is a single-hormone treatment, which provides an alternative to the combined pill.

  1. For those who are oestrogen sensitive
  2. Taken without a 7-day break
  3. Still highly proficient at preventing pregnancy

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  1. Single active ingredient
  2. Can be used while breastfeeding
  3. Branded 99% effective treatment
Cerelle Pill

Cerelle Pill

  1. Breastfeeding women can use it
  2. Highly efficient preventative method
  3. Progesterone-only pill


  1. One a day use
  2. Highly effective at preventing pregnancy
  3. Single hormone pill


  1. Effective contraceptive treatment
  2. Progesterone-only pill
  3. Can help to prevent bleeding


  1. Progesterone-only pill
  2. Suitable while breastfeeding
  3. High level of effectiveness


  1. Single hormone pill
  2. Taken once daily
  3. Effective contraceptive


  1. Suitable for breastfeeding users
  2. Progesterone based pill
  3. Almost as effective as the combined pill
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  1. Form of progesterone-only pill
  2. Low dose for those who are hormone-sensitive
  3. No longer sold


  1. Can be taken while breastfeeding
  2. Lower risk of side effects
  3. Effective at preventing pregnancy

The progesterone-only pill, or minipill, is a form of contraceptive medication. It is referred to as such because it does not contain oestrogen, like combined pills do. This makes it a more suitable alternative for those who might be sensitive to oestrogen, and at increased risk of experiencing associated side effects. Some minipills can also be used by women who are breastfeeding, and they can also relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension.

Progesterone is a natural hormone, and works to regulate the processes the female body goes through when preparing for a baby. Each month, levels of the hormone rise and fall, and these movements trigger certain actions. Ovulation is one such event which takes place when levels of progesterone decrease, and this sees the release of an ovum (or egg) from the ovary.

The hormone also causes the lining of the endometrium to shed. Its absence creates a build up of this lining; and when this lining is thick, it is easier for a fertilised egg to implant and develop in the uterus.

The minipill contains a synthetic version of progesterone, which is usually desogestrel, levonorgestrel or norethisterone. These often work by replacing progesterone levels when they decrease, and effectively tell the body that ovulation has already taken place. With some minipills ovulation does not happen; while with most, the endometrial lining does not build up to a point where it can receive an egg. They also alter conditions in the fallopian tube and at the neck of the womb, to make it harder for sperm to travel and reach an egg.

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Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022
Types of Treatments

Types of Treatment

The list of hormonal contraceptive products available on the market is a long one. In addition to regular combined pills, you can buy patches, rings and coils which perform the same function.

Another form of hormonal contraception available is the progesterone-only pill, or minipill. As opposed to containing both progesterone and oestrogen, these pills, more commonly known as ‘minipills’, contain just one active ingredient. Some people find the minipill is an option when the combined pill doesn’t suit them due to side effects, and some minipills can even be used by women who are breastfeeding.

How do they work?

By mimicking the function of progesterone, these pills avert pregnancy by interfering with the release of eggs during ovulation. They also cause the lining of the endometrium to remain thin, and this makes it harder for an ovum to attach itself. Some minipills also work to increase the density of vaginal fluid, and this makes it harder for sperm to travel inside the womb.

What are the side effects?

The minipill can still be responsible for causing side effects in others, so it is important to read the patient information leaflet prior to using this type of product. The most common side effects of these medicines are breast pain, acne or slight weight fluctuations.

Can I take them with other medications?

Some medicines may make the minipill less effective and vice versa, so you should tell your prescriber about any other treatments you are taking during consultation.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022
Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

Whereas combined pills contain versions of both progesterone and oestrogen, the progesterone-only pill contains just that. Both the combined pill and the mini pill, when used correctly, are over 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.

Should I use minipills or another form of treatment?

Your GP will help you decide if the minipill is the most appropriate form of contraception for you.

Whether you take minipills or not depends on your medical condition, and how susceptible you are to potential side effects. For instance, you may find that combined pills cause you unwanted effects, and opt to try using a minipill instead. Some minipills can be taken by women who are breastfeeding. 

For some women who smoke, or are more at risk of a blood clot due to being overweight, the mini pill may be more suitable than the combined pill. Again, if you’re unsure, your doctor will be able to help you decide on the right treatment.

Are there different side effects?

Yes. It is vital to maintain an awareness of the side effects a product might cause, so you can get medical attention quickly if necessary. Consult the relevant product pages to find out more about the associated side effects of the minipill.

Is it right for me?

Speak to your GP to find out. They will be able to assist you in choosing the right pill. Our service enables you to get your pill prescription renewed quickly and easily. Fill in our questionnaire, and a doctor will review your responses. Once your treatment has been approved and a prescription issued, we’ll make sure you get it the following working day.

Page last reviewed:  22/04/2022

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