Menopause (HRT)

The menopause is characterised by a series of natural changes in a woman’s body, most typically taking place during her mid-late 40s or early 50s.

  1. Natural part of the ageing process
  2. Cause of oestrogen deficiency
  3. Symptoms can be treated with HRT

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  1. Branded Novartis product
  2. Simple one a day pill
  3. Provides relief from symptoms
Elleste Duet

Elleste Duet

  1. Easy one a day pill
  2. Proficient relief from symptoms
  3. Available in two strengths
Elleste Solo

Elleste Solo

  1. Alleviates symptoms of the menopause
  2. Comes as a tablet or a patch
  3. Can help protect against osteoporosis
Estraderm MX

Estraderm MX

  1. Patch is applied twice a week
  2. Second line treatment for osteoporosis (in MX 50 and 75)
  3. Provides effective treatment in easing menopausal symptoms


Patch is applied twice a week

Available in five strengths

Treats a variety of menopausal symptoms

Evorel (Conti or Sequi)

Evorel (Conti or Sequi)

  1. Available in two preparations
  2. Branded, easy-to-apply HRT
  3. Ideal for those who don’t like tablets


  1. Simple, non invasive course of treatment
  2. Patch applied once a week
  3. Administers effective relief of symptoms


  1. One tablet, taken once a day
  2. Treats menopausal symptoms
  3. For use as combined HRT


  1. Continuous one a day tablet
  2. Adept relief from symptoms
  3. Helps prevent osteoporosis


  1. Loaded in a helpful calendar pack
  2. Easy and efficient daily tablet 
  3. Adept at easing menopausal symptoms


  1. Continuous HRT tablet
  2. Easy to follow course
  3. Made by a popular brand


  1. Adept relief from menopausal symptoms
  2. Simple to take course of tablets
  3. Dispensed via a calendar pack
Nuvelle Continuous

Nuvelle Continuous

  1. Lowers the risk of osteoporosis
  2. Combats menopausal symptoms
  3. Continuous and simple to use pill


  1. Bottle issues 64 measured doses
  2. Odourless gel, non-greasy and non-staining
  3. Non invasive, continuous form of HRT


  1. Effective prevention of symptoms
  2. Available in a low dose
  3. Branded HRT pill
Prempak-C Tablets

Prempak-C Tablets

  1. Sequential course
  2. Easy to take tablet
  3. Branded item from Pfizer


  1. Available in patch or tablet form
  2. Patch only needs changing once a week
  3. Tablets issued in printed memo strip


  1. Each dose supplied in individual sachet
  2. Non-invasive treatment
  3. Effectively alleviates menopausal symptoms


  1. Dispensed in a calendar device
  2. One per day pill
  3. Effective alleviation from symptoms


The menopause is a process which occurs in every woman’s life when they reach a certain age, and is a completely natural part of getting older. During it, a woman’s reproductive system will undergo various changes. The ovaries will begin to stop producing an egg every month, meaning that conception is less likely to occur. Another characteristic is the gradual decrease of menstrual bleeding, which after a time comes to a total halt; this is due to a change in the frequency at which the lining of the uterine wall builds up and sheds.

Hormone production is also affected during the menopause. The amount of oestrogen present in the body will diminish, and this can result in a number of symptoms. These tend to be wide-ranging, and can be emotional or physical in nature. They can also significantly vary in their severity. A lot of people may only encounter them to a mild or moderate extent; whereas others may find that they pose a more considerable problem.

Those who feel that symptoms are causing an obstacle or distracting them from their everyday life may be able to find help in the form of hormone replacement therapy. This is available in several different forms, and the product you use will be determined by which stage of the menopause you are going through, and whether or not you have had surgery to remove all or part of your womb.

Single-hormone treatments contain oestrogen only. These help to reduce menopausal symptoms and are more typically applied in cases where someone has had their uterus removed during a hysterectomy.

Combined HRT consists of both oestrogen and progesterone. It treats symptoms in the same way, but is given to those who have not had womb removal surgery. This is because oestrogen, when permitted to rise to a certain level, can cause the lining of the uterus to exponentially thicken, consequently posing a risk of endometrial cancer. Progesterone is issued to keep oestrogen levels from rising too high, and thus helps to limit the associated risks.

Combined treatments are also supplied in two different forms: continuous or sequential. In a continuous course, a month’s supply of tablets will contain 28 identical doses of hormones; however in a sequential course, the dosages of pills in a one month cycle will consist of two or three different amounts. This is because the distribution of hormones may need to be adjusted, depending on which stage of the menopause the user is experiencing. Continuous HRT is recommended more often for those who have not had a bleed for at least a year; whereas a sequential course is typically prescribed at an earlier stage.

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Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

There are several different types of hormone replacement therapy, but those most commonly used are: oestrogen-only tablets, such as Elleste Solo; combined continuous HRT, such as Evorel Conti or Nuvelle Continuous; and sequential treatments, such as Novofem or Clinorette. It can also be obtained in low doses, as Premique or Kliovance.

The product you use will depend on whether or not you are still having menstrual bleeding, and if not, the amount of time elapsed since your last bleed occurred. Those who have had a year or more since their last period will likely be recommended continuous therapy; whereas those who are still bleeding intermittently or have only been period-free for a few months may be issued sequential HRT.

How do they work?

The primary aim of HRT is to help restore fallen levels of oestrogen to reduce symptoms, so artificial versions of this hormone are present in all of the above products.

However, combined versions also contain progesterone, for the purposes of providing hormonal balance. If oestrogen levels rise unopposed in persons who have not had part of their womb surgically removed during a hysterectomy, an increased risk of endometrial cancer may develop. Progesterone reduces the risk of this by stopping oestrogen levels from spiralling out of the control.

Oestrogen-only versions are more typically used by those who have had their uterus removed, and do therefore not present a risk of developing endometrial cancer.

What are the side effects?

More common side effects of HRT include breast tenderness and irregular menstrual bleeding. It is important to check those associated with your individual product before use, as they may vary between different forms of treatment.

Those who are more likely to have side effects may be advised to use a low-dose alternative.

Can I take them with other medications?

Hormone replacement therapy may cause interactions with treatments for epilepsy, antivirals, and various other drugs. Check the relevant product pages for more information.

Page last reviewed:  08/09/2017
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

They are mostly provided in tablet form, apart from Evorel, which is a transdermal patch. Some are single-hormone, while others are combined treatments; and of these, some are sequential doses and others are continuous. Selected products are also available in a low dose form.

Which one should I take?

Those who have not received menopause treatment before should see their doctor initially. They will be able to help determine which is the best course of treatment for you. You should also have regular reviews with your doctor to ensure the treatment you are on is still safe and effective.

The treatment they issue will usually depend on how far along in the menopause you are, and if you have had an operative procedure to remove part of the womb. If you have, then an oestrogen-only course, such as Elleste Solo, may be suggested.

Those who have not undergone surgery and who have not had bleeding for around six months may be prescribed sequential combined pills, such as Clinorette.

Evorel Conti or Nuvelle Continuous may be prescribed to those who have not had a bleed for at least 12 months.

Check our product pages to find out more.

Are there different side effects?

The side effects for these products do not vary substantially, but you should still consult the information provided before purchase.

Is it right for me?

Talk to your GP for advice on which menopause treatment is most suitable for you.

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