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Why We Review Our Treatment Prices (and How to Save Money)

Why We Review Our Treatment Prices (and How to Save Money)

We always do our best to keep our prices low, to make healthcare more affordable. But occasionally the cost to us to provide you with treatment increases, which unfortunately has an effect on our prices.

Here’s the detail on why our prices change, and some ways you can manage your treatment with us so it costs less.

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What do our prices include?

The prices you see on Treated are inclusive of:

  • the cost of your medication;
  • consultation and platform fee;
  • any follow-up correspondence with the clinicians (for example if they call or email you to clarify anything from your consultation);
  • issuing your prescription (if one applies);
  • dispensing your treatment at the nominated pharmacy;
  • delivery of your treatment by secure courier; and:
  • aftercare from the clinician.

We don’t add delivery charges, consultation charges, prescription fees or any other ‘hidden’ costs during checkout. Everything is included in the price you see on the site.

Why do we review our prices?

When we launched the new Treated in 2022, we reduced most of our medication prices. Moving a lot of our treatments over to a subscription enabled us to do this.

Since then, we’ve reviewed our prices on a periodic basis, to make sure that you’re getting the best price we can offer.

But sometimes, costs associated with giving you treatment might change due to factors beyond our control, which we may have to reflect in our prices.

For example, the cost of treatments at the pharmacy that dispenses them sometimes changes. If this happens, we’ll take this into account when reviewing our prices to see if any changes are needed. When they’re able to find a treatment cheaper than it was before, we may be able to pass that saving on to you. But when a treatment is more expensive to source than it was before, we may need to increase the price you pay for it to cover this cost.

Delivery is included in the price you pay too. If the amount charged by the delivery provider changes, again, this may affect the prices on our site, and we may have to increase prices to cover this.

And obviously, rising cost-of-living can affect our prices too. Fulfilling your order for treatment and maintaining our website requires people. When the cost-of-living rises, the wages we pay our people also increase, so the cost of providing our service increases too.

How often do we change our prices?

We review our prices at least annually to make sure you’re getting the best value we can offer.

But sometimes we may need to review them on an interim basis, if the cost associated with one or several treatments changes.

When we increase our prices on a significant scale, we’ll always try to let you know as far in advance as possible. And if you’re subscribed to a repeat treatment, we’ll always contact you a few days before renewing your order to let you know, so you’ve got the chance to review the price of your treatment and make any changes you need to.

How can I save money on my treatment?

There are ways you can make your treatment cheaper – especially if you’re on a subscription.

If you get smaller amounts of your treatment delivered more frequently (for example one month’s supply of medication every month) you can often save money by getting higher amounts delivered less frequently (for example 3 month’s supply of medication every 3 months).

Having your treatment set up like this saves you money because it’s more cost effective for us – delivery costs only need to be covered once (instead of three times, for example) and your medication only needs to be dispensed once.

If you normally place repeat orders for treatments we offer as a one-off, you may be able to save money by getting a higher amount delivered with your first order.

If you’re on a subscription it’s really easy to skip deliveries too if you have enough medication to last, or if you’re taking a break from treatment.

Many branded treatments have generic alternatives, and these are usually much cheaper. Generic treatments contain the same active ingredient as their branded counterparts, and are tested during clinical trials to make sure they’re bioequivalent (and work in a comparable way to the branded version).

If you use a branded treatment, you might find that a generic works just as well and doesn’t cost as much. In a lot of cases, we’ll make generic treatments in addition to branded treatments available, to give you more choice.

You can do all the above from your account. Just log in, select the treatment you want to change in your dashboard, and hit ‘view treatment’. You’ll see an option to edit, and from here you can change your delivery amount and frequency, switch your treatment to something else, or skip one or more deliveries.

When you make a change request, one of the clinicians will review any changes you made, and once approved they’ll be active straight away.

If you skip one or more deliveries or pause your treatment, this takes effect right away.

And if you ever need help finding a cheaper way to get your treatment, we’re just a message away. Our team will be happy to guide in any way they can.

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