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Contraception is available in a range of forms, including the combined pill, minipill, contraceptive patch and vaginal ring. If you aren’t currently taking contraception, our doctor or family planning nurse will able to help you decide on the most suitable form.

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If you’re looking to buy your regular contraceptive treatment online, take our questionnaire to start your consultation with our doctor. Once approved, your order will be dispensed at our UK pharmacy and shipped by next-day courier.

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In medicine, the term contraception is given to those products that prevent pregnancy as a consequence of sexual intercourse. There are two main types: barrier contraception, such as condoms, caps and diaphragms; and hormonal contraception, which can take the form of pills, patches and insertable devices. While condoms serve a purpose in preventing the spread of STIs, the sole objective of hormonal contraceptives is to avert the user from becoming pregnant.

When a man and woman engage in sex, the male partner, upon reaching climax, releases sperm into the vagina of the female partner. This sperm travels through the womb, and when conditions are suitable, fuses with an egg released by the ovary. This process is called fertilisation. The fertilised egg then travels along the fallopian tube to the uterus, where it implants and develops into an embryo.

Depending on the method employed, contraception usually involves one of two popular approaches. Barrier contraception prevents sperm from entering the womb by blocking it, and thereby preventing it from fertilising an egg. Hormonal contraception, however, prevents pregnancy in a different way.

In the female body, certain hormones called progesterone and oestrogen work to manage the reproductive system. They regulate the development and release of eggs from the ovary (ovulation) and they also help to get the womb ready for implantation, by managing conditions in the uterus. The process as a whole is referred to as the menstrual cycle.

Hormonal contraceptives work by synthesising the action of these hormones. In doing so, they prevent the release of an egg from the ovary, and effectively alter the uterine lining so that an egg is unlikely to implant. Some also increase the density of vaginal mucus, so that sperm cannot travel as freely inside the womb.

There are many different types of combined pill on the market. While they all contain agents which mimic the action of the same natural hormones in the body, they all act in slightly different ways; and this can affect which type a user chooses. Some women opt for this contraceptive method as it can be used to delay the menstrual bleed and also help treat acne in certain cases. 

Mini pills are so called because they only contain one active ingredient as opposed to two, usually a synthetic version of progesterone only. This is more typically the pill of choice for those users who have certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, or are more susceptible to clots.

Emergency pills are one-dose tablets which are used when a primary contraceptive method hasn’t worked; for instance, if a condom has split, or if the user has forgotten to take their regular pill.

Intrauterine devices, or IUDs, are non-oral medicines which provide synthetic hormones via a vaginally inserted device. Mirena is a small, flexible plastic appliance which, when inserted, can remain functional for up to five years; however, these devices need to be inserted by a doctor or nurse, who will also need to perform tests beforehand to ensure no infections are present. For this reason, Mirena is not available to buy through our service.

Vaginal rings are another insertable form of contraception, however you can install these yourself, as they do not need to be fitted by a healthcare professional. Nuvaring is a bendable ring which is placed inside the vagina, and prevents pregnancy through the release of synthetic hormones (progesterone and oestrogen). It is removed after three weeks of use, and a new one is inserted after a week off, at the beginning of the next four-week treatment cycle.

At Treated.com, we know it can be hard finding the time to get your prescription renewed. For this reason, we provide a secure, simple-to-use consultation platform. After you have selected your treatment and clicked to order, you will be presented with our short questionnaire. Once you have completed this, a qualified doctor will examine your answers. If your prescription is approved, our UK-based pharmacy will prepare your treatment to be delivered to your preferred address via next day courier.

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