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Allergies are characterised by autoimmune responses to certain stimuli. These reactions can cause inflammation and swelling in the affected region.

  1. Can vary in severity
  2. Reactions flared by certain triggers
  3. Effective treatment is available

However serious your allergy is, it helps to be prepared should a reaction occur. Our secure service can help you buy the prescription allergies treatment you need quickly and efficiently.

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  1. For use in those with anaphylactic allergies
  2. Used to treat severe reactions
  3. Should be carried by people with anaphylactic allergies at all times



  1. Simple-to-use nasal spray
  2. Gets to work in 8-24 hours
  3. Manufactured by GSK


  1. Allergy relief
  2. Available as nasal spray or nasule drops
  3. Useful in reducing swelling and irritation


  1. Used in severe allergies
  2. Simple to administer
  3. Emergency treatment for anaphylactic shock


  1. Relieves allergic rhinitis symptoms
  2. Easy-to-use spray
  3. Administered daily


  1. Available as tablets and oral solution
  2. Effectively eases allergy symptoms
  3. Once daily treatment


  1. Easily-administered nasal spray
  2. Effective relief from allergic rhinitis
  3. Ideal for those who don’t like pills


  1. Emergency pen
  2. Administers adrenaline
  3. Treats severe allergic reactions


  1. Simple to apply eye drop
  2. Taken twice a day
  3. Used in allergic conjunctivitis
Allergy Pens for Schools

Allergy Pens for Schools

  1. We offer an adrenaline pens for schools service
  2. Free expiry alerts when you sign up
  3. Emergency treatment for anaphylactic shock


  1. Effective at fighting irritation
  2. Easy to use treatment
  3. Applied twice a day

Allergies are characterised by the body’s overreaction to a trigger. This might be an item present in the environment, such as pollen, animal fur, or a dust mite. It might also be a particular food, or a type of medication.

When the body comes into contact with these stimuli, the immune system mistakenly perceives it as a threat, and reacts in an overly defensive manner. The immune system then releases chemicals in an effort to protect the body from what it interprets as an infection. These are called antibodies, and are an effective line of defense when tackling a genuine illness. However, when they are released in response to an allergen, they can cause inflammation. This can lead to swelling in the affected area, such as in the nose (rhinitis) or around the eyes (conjunctivitis), and result in further symptoms.

There are a number of tests available which can help to determine whether or not an allergy is present, and these will usually be carried out by a doctor.

Certain measures can be taken to limit exposure to airborne allergens. For instance, if you are allergic to dust mites, then regularly cleaning any fabric surfaces in your home which can harbor them, such as curtains or upholstered items, can be an effective preventative approach. Persons with hay fever (or who are allergic to pollen) may be able to reduce contact by checking weather reports before they go out, and staying indoors as much as possible when pollen levels are high.

However, those who are increasingly sensitive to these allergens or unable to avoid exposure may require prescription treatment.

Optilast and Xyzal are examples of antihistamine drugs. Administered as an eye drop, Optilast is used for allergic conjunctivitis; whereas Xyzal tablets treat rhinitis. They work in different areas of the body, but contain similar active ingredients, which reduce the effects of an inflammatory chemical the body releases called histamine. In doing this, they help to relieve swelling and discomfort in the areas affected.

Flixonase and Avamys are treatments called corticosteroids. These are applied as a nasal spray, and aim to reduce inflammation in the nose by stopping defensive chemicals from being released. Again, this helps to reduce swelling and reduces nasal symptoms.

More severe allergic reactions may result in something called anaphylaxis. This is characterised by a more drastic response, causing the sudden swelling of the airways to a point where it may be very difficult to breathe. Another symptom of anaphylaxis is a severe drop in blood pressure, which can cause heart failure. The most common triggers tend to be certain types of food (which might be nuts or shellfish), medicines, or insect stings.

Treatment for anaphylactic reactions is required quickly, to prevent serious harm. Adrenaline is applied to the body via an injector in these cases. The ingredient in EpiPen works by rapidly shrinking blood vessels, raising pressure, and enabling the heart to beat faster. It also alleviates swelling in the airways and helps the user to breathe normally. Hospital treatment will be required afterwards, to make sure that symptoms do not return. It’s advisable for people with anaphylactic allergies to carry two adrenaline pens, in case they need to apply a second dose to treat the same reaction.

If you are looking to buy allergy treatment our online service can help. Our secure consultation facility enables you to get the item you need, delivered to your door fast. All orders are reviewed by GMC-registered doctors or GPhC registered pharmacy prescribers, before being dispensed by our trusted pharmacy. Delivery on all treatments is made by express parcel, so that you don’t have to wait to get the allergy relief you need.

It is of paramount importance when buying allergy treatment online to ensure you do so from a registered UK pharmacy. This will ensure that the medication you are purchasing is safe, legal and has been approved for you by a doctor. You can check credentials of the site you are using by looking for the GPhC and CQC logos, and clicking on these to see their registered entry.

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Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

Due to the varying nature of allergies in terms of severity, you can buy allergy treatment in a wide range of forms.

Among the most common are antihistamines. These are available as Optilast, which is an eye drop, or Xyzal, which is a tablet.

Corticosteroids, such as Flixonase and Avamys are another type of remedy for allergies. These are supplied as nasal sprays.

For conjunctivitis caused by an allergen, a doctor may also suggest using a drug called a mast cell stabiliser, such as Rapitil. This is provided as an eye drop solution.

For more severe, life-threatening reactions, resulting in anaphylactic shock, emergency treatment with an injectable adrenaline, in the form of an EpiPen, may be required. It is recommended that people with life-threatening allergies carry two adrenaline pens at all times, in case they need to administer a second 5-15 minutes after the first, to treat a single reaction.

If you are buying allergies treatment for the first time, we would advise that you consult a GP or specialist first to ensure that you understand the nature of your allergy, and that you are purchasing the correct medication.

How do they work?

Antihistamines work by reducing the effects of a chemical which the immune system releases in response to an allergen, such as pollen or dust mites. It is this chemical which results in the inflammation and swelling which characterises an allergic reaction. By countering its effects, antihistamines effectively combat symptoms.

By blocking the release of inflammation-inducing substances by the immune system cells in the nasal passages, sprays containing corticosteroids work in a very similar way, to limit the severity of an allergic response caused by seasonal or perennial stimuli (such as pollen or animal fur).

Drastic allergic reactions are more typically triggered by exposure to certain foods, such as nuts or shellfish, or wasp or bee stings. In these cases, swelling and respiratory problems come about as a result of a severe dilation of blood vessels, and a marked fall in blood pressure. The way adrenaline works when applied via an EpiPen is to constrict these blood vessels. This keeps the heart beating strongly, and stops swelling in the airways so that breathing is easier.

What are the side effects?

It depends on the application method, and the type of drug you are using. The most common side effects of nasal sprays are nosebleeds and headaches. Eye drops may cause a burning sensation in the eyes after application. The side effects of EpiPen include dizziness, sweating and headaches.

Refer to the relevant page for each product to find out more.

Can I take them with other medications?

Some medicines may inhibit the function of these products. When buying allergy treatment you should let your prescriber know when undergoing consultation if you are taking any other medicines, so that they can weigh up the potential risks and benefits; and if necessary, modify your administration to make your prescribed course more suitable.

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also discuss the use of this medication with their doctor before taking it.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022
Q&A: our allergies forum

What’s the difference between the medications?

Mainly, the types of allergy they are used to treat: nasal sprays and tablets are used to relieve rhinitis, which is an allergic reaction affecting the nose and airways; eye drops can reduce the effects of conjunctivitis caused by an allergen; whereas adrenaline is only used in cases of anaphylactic emergency.

Should I take nasal spray, tablets, eye drops or EpiPen?

When buying treatment for allergies the product you choose will be determined by the nature of the allergy you have.

Optilast and Rapitil are for allergic conjunctivitis.

Nasacort, Nasonex, Flixonase and Amavys are used to treat rhinitis.

EpiPen, Jext and Emerade are for anaphylaxis only.

Refer to our product pages to find out more.

Are there different side effects?

Yes. The most common among the majority of these items is headache, dry throat and sore throat. However, other side effects may occur as a result of the application method. Nasal sprays may be more likely to cause nosebleeds; whereas eye drops may sometimes induce a slight burning sensation in the eyes.

Is it right for me?

If you aren’t sure, check with your GP or consultant allergist which medication is most suitable for your allergies.

You can buy or renew the allergy treatment you need quickly and easily by filling in our online questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes. Once complete, a member of our clinical team will review your case. Authorised orders are dispensed at our UK pharmacy, before being shipped by secure parcel. Delivery is made on all items by the very next working day.

Page last reviewed:  26/04/2022

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