Angina (Chest Pain)

Angina is the term used to describe chest pain related to arterial flow problems around the heart. It occurs when these arteries become stiffened or tight.

  1. More common in people aged 55 and over
  2. Can be triggered by physical exertion
  3. Treatment can help to ease blood flow

Please note that angina treatment is not available to buy from our online pharmacy.

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  1. Facilitates blood flow to the heart
  2. Relieves chest pain
  3. Not available from our pharmacy


  1. Relaxes blood vessels
  2. Alleviates chest pain
  3. Not available for purchase


  1. Treats high blood pressure and angina
  2. May sometimes be used in combination with other medications for various heart conditions
  3. Tablets to be swallowed whole with water


  1. Prescribed to treat hypertension and angina
  2. Tablets should be swallowed whole with food & water
  3. Typically taken twice a day


Angina pectoris is the name given to incidents of chest pain related to poor arterial flow around the heart. This is usually a tight or dull pain, referred to as an angina attack. The condition is broken down by doctors into two categories: stable and unstable angina.

Cases of stable angina may come about due to a known trigger, such as exercise. After taking treatment and having a rest, pain may dissipate. Unstable angina are those instances where the cause of an attack is not obvious, and symptoms do not go away after a period of rest. In such instances, urgent medical attention is advised, as persistent chest pain may be indicative of deteriorating heart function.

The condition, due to its arterial nature, is more common in older patients. At present, the NHS estimates that as many as 8 per cent of men and 3 per cent of women in England over the age of 55 are affected. For those over the age of 65, these figures rise to 14 per cent of men and 8 per cent of women.

Getting treatment for the condition is important, as when left unaddressed it can lead to dangerous complications, such as a heart attack or stroke. Those looking to prevent angina from becoming more serious can adopt certain practices to improve their long-term health prospects, such as: eating a more balanced diet and reducing saturated fat intake; stopping smoking; and undertaking light exercise.

Medications for the condition primarily aim to make life easier for the heart. In angina, the arteries around the muscle are hard and often narrowed, which has a restrictive effect on blood flow in the area. To function properly, the heart needs a steady oxygen supply. When the arteries become blocked, it is forced to beat with more vigour in order to get the oxygen it needs.

In Amlodipine and the branded version, Istin, the active constituent works by reducing the effect of calcium on arterial muscle walls. This stops these muscles from becoming too tense, allowing them to relax. As a result, the arteries are allowed to dilate, and this helps blood flow to and from the heart more easily, relieving angina symptoms.

To buy angina treatment from our online pharmacy, all you need to do is take our short health assessment. One of our doctors will review the responses you give, and issue a prescription if suitable. This will then be sent electronically to our dispensing pharmacy to be prepared and shipped. We only ever use secure next-day parcel to deliver medications, so that you don’t have to worry about your items getting lost, or arriving late.

Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018
Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment

It depends on the severity of angina present, and how significant the risk of a heart attack or stroke is.

A person with no previous history of angina who experiences chest pain should seek immediate medical advice from their doctor or hospital.

Someone who is considered high risk may be advised to undergo surgery in addition to having prescription treatment.

Those who are low risk are more likely to be given treatment, and encouraged to implement certain lifestyle improvements.

Prescription medication may be issued in the form of a calcium-channel blocker, such as Istin, or the generic version of this, amlodipine.

How do they work?

Calcium-channel blockers, sometimes referred to as calcium antagonists, work by slowing down the delivery of this mineral to the arterial muscle walls. This helps them to relax, thus widening the arterial pathways and permitting blood to flow to the heart more freely.

What are the side effects?

The side effects of these medications may vary slightly, but more commonly they include headaches, flushing and dizziness. Refer to the product pages for more information.

Can I take them with other medications?

It depends which other treatments you are using. The list of contraindicatory products for Istin and Amlodipine is quite a long one. Again, you can find out more by checking the information the respective pages.

Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018
Question and Answers

What’s the difference between the medications?

These two products are essentially the same medication, only one is the branded version, and the other is a generic.

Should I take Istin or Amlodipine?

Both are established treatments for angina symptoms. Whether you can use them or not will be determined by your medical profile, and if you are using other medicinal products. If you have recently been diagnosed with angina, your doctor may choose to start you on one particular medication and monitor your response.

Are there different side effects?

The difference between the two products in terms of side effects is minimal, as they are both the same drug. These include headaches, flushing and dizziness.

Refer to the product page for each item for more detailed information.

Is it right for me?

You are not able to order treatment for angina from our UK pharmacy. You should discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Page last reviewed:  13/06/2018

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